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(TPA) Meringue

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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this is straight up blueberry cotton candy and very delicious mix this up and enjoy

My first take on a cereal profile. Not bad for a first go. The cream/milky notes still need some work but it's on the right track

this is gonna be a great spring time vape juicy and refreshing enjoy guys

Delicious banana cheesecake.
The banana purée is actually from cupcake world but ATF don't have it listed.
This cheesecake is very creamy with a touch of banana pudding on top. The Devon cream is used to help with the missing butter in the crust and also gives a cream cheese flavor of cheesecake to the custards.
I love this as a SNV but of course steeped for a week or so enhances the creaminess.

Basic strawberries and cream, smooth and sweet vanilla cream poured over nice ripe strawberries.

I mix at 60/40 vg/pg and 2mg of nicotine. I gave this mix a 3 day steep and expected it to need longer but it's actually delicious as is. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear some tips.

well I have been working on a good cheesecake and I thought this was amazing creamy and filling


Twisted Berry Blast. Ever get tired of the same old strawberries and cream? Well, I did. Here's a FA Forest Fruits twist on strawberries and cream.
CAP NY Cheesecake- Base for the whipped cream to lay on
TPA Whipped Cream- Sits on top of the NY Cheesecake to give it a fluffiness
TPA Meringue- Well....just because I like it
TPA Greek Yogurt - Adds a slight tangy aspect and fits well with the sweetness of the FA Forests Fruits
FA Forest Fruits - Well damn! It's just plan ole sweet mixed delicious
Shake n Vape

A sweet yet tantalizing drink from an oasis in a lost desert...


A bright, wet pear vape.

FA Pear/FA Fuji/CAP Lemon Lime : The thick broad pear flavoring brings the base while the Fuji brings the bright tartness. Lemon lime helps to mesh these two flavorings together.

INW Cactus: provides a wet/juicy density to the vape.

TPA Meringue: Brings an ever so sweet note to the mix will also taking off a little of the "pledge" note of cap lemon lime.

Definitely shake and vapeable, best giving it a few days to let everything blend and allow Lemon Lime to calm down.


A mouth watering pear custard,that is full and bold in its flavors. It is a must on the 2 week steep, the cream fresh needs time to mellow.

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