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(TPA) Meringue

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
Buy From: bcv ecigexpress wizard

Flavor Profile: bakery dairy dessert

Used in 736 recipes at an average of 1.088%.


51 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Every lemonade ejuice I have tried seems very realistic, and while most of them are great recipes, I'm more of a Country Time gal. I like my lemonade sugary, powdery, and fake.

FA Lemon Sicily and CAP Juicy Lemon are used in conjunction to create the lemonade base. Lemon Sicily provides a bit of the tartness and the lemon mouth-feel, while Juicy Lemon helps in delivering the bright lemon mouth-punch.

TPA Meringue helps in creating the powdery, sugary vibe that you'd get from the fake lemonade mixes. It provides enough sweetness that you shouldn't need to add any sweetener to the recipe, but I won't tell you what to do. I wouldn't recommend subbing this out for FA Meringue; TPA has that unique sugary cereal taste that really shines here.

TPA Raspberry Sweet doesn't sit at the forefront but instead contributes to the overall sweetness and helps in giving the mix a bit more of a juicy appeal. It's detectable, but not overly prominent.

Use Koolada at whatever percentage you prefer, but as with any other recipe, I find that too much can mask the subtle notes.

For those who haven’t tried this popular Thai dessert, it’s a beautiful pairing of fresh ripe mango slices with sticky glutinous rice cooked in sweetened coconut milk and honey.

Once Wayne released his Yeo layer consisting of Sweet Rice by Flavor Express, this was the recipe I sought out to make. A big thank you to Wayne for his Yeo layer and learning alot about Mangoes from ID10-T.

Here is the breakdown of the recipe (my 18th version).

Mango Layer:
- Mango (FLV) - wonderful thick almost syrupy Mango. You need this Mango in your life
- Mango (CAP) - need this ripe Mango to sit on the lower spectrum.
- Mango SC (RF) - delicious nectar like Mango
- Mango (FE) - this is another nectar like Mango that sits as the top note of the Mango. This flavor in combination with Real Flavors Mango is delicious.

Wayne's Yeo Layer:
- Sweet Rice (FE) - get it now
- Meringue (TFA)
- Vanilla Swirl (TFA)

Coconut Layer:
- Sweet Coconut (FLV) - absolutely love this Coconut
- Coconut Candy (TFA) - this works so well with Sweet Coconut and completes the Coconut base

Cream Layer:
- Sweet Cream (CAP) - this is a wonderful cream for this recipe. Not to heavy and just works.
(I tried Cream Fresh (FA), but it would overpower the other layers, and does not work in this recipe like Sweet Cream does).

Mango Enhancer:
- Lime Tahiti Cold Pressed (FA)

- Honey (FA) - this needs to be used sparingly, but done right, it takes it to another level and adds mouthfeel - optional but highly recommended. 1 drop per 15ml (Original FA bottle)
- Sweetener (TFA) - used not only to add some sweetness but also the Ethyl Maltol to enhance the Mango

Mix it up and enjoy. I mix this at 60 to 70 VG and is shake and vape approved. Give it 3 to 5 days for the cream and coconut to come out. As always, feedback is truthfully wanted. This was a very difficult recipe to balance and get to the point of feeling it was ready to share with the community.

*My preferred way to vape this is in a Kayfun V5 or my other various RTA's.

No cinnamon? No strawberries? No worries, we'll get your cornflakes fixed up. Let's load this bowl... With sliced bananas.

Toasted Redux #2. Pulled the cinnamon and I pushed Cereal 27 from 3% to 5% to stand up to the banana. I dialed back Meringue from 2% to 1.5% and Cream Fresh from 1.5% to 1%. The banana flavoring I used is already quite creamy, so I didn't need as much "milk." If you're interested in the cereal/milk notes, check out Toasted.

Flavor Notes:

TPA Banana Cream is the one, simple, easy, malleable, reliable, tasty addition to the recipe. It's a sweet banana flavor that can pass as authentic enough in the right situations. One of those situations is a bowl of sugary cereal and sweet milk. It's a very easy flavor to work with. It tends to do it's own thing with everything but creams. In this recipe it melts into the cream, while the inherently starchy flavor of banana plays well with the flaky cereal. 2% is all we need. Don't want it to take over. We aren't eating a banana covered in cornflakes, even though I want to now.

This is pretty much ready to rock from the get go. Give it a few days to a week for the creams to figure themselves out and it gets even better.

Happy mixing. 👽

Cinnamon-dusted lemon meringue filling inside an Oreo cookie and Danish pastry crust.

Remix of Electric Liquid's "Frequency"

Flavor Notes:

CAP Lemon Meringue Pie is the backbone of the recipe. This is a pretty full flavor that doesn't need much emphasizing or influencing. 7% gives us a citrusy lemon filling that stands up to the chocolate crust. It doesn't tower over the crust; instead they intermingle together.

RF Cookies & Cream SC is Oreos. I've raved about this flavor for over a year. I loved the VG version, and the SC is basically identical as far as I can tell. It's a lovely chocolate flavor with almost enough cookie crunch to contrast with our pie filling. You got your freebie from the fine folks at RF, so why don't you put it to use?

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl acts as our cinnamon dusting and doughy pastry part of the crust. The cinnamon plays well with Lemon Meringue Pie. Rich Cinnamon over powered and took up too much of the flavor stage. 1% is all we need; any more and that weird Capella cinnamon becomes too much.

TPA Meringue is filling out the Lemon Meringue Pie and emphasizing that thick layer of cream on top. 1% soaks up the cinnamon and keeps that metallic taste at bay. Meringue doesn't seem to dampen the texture of bakeries and cereals as much as some other creams. That's good because it's tough striking a balance here between crunchy crust and creamy filling.

INW Biscuit is just helping the RF C&C with a little texture. 0.5% pushes that cookie crunch of the crust a little bit more without interfering in the rest of the pie.

This makes a really good shake and vape. Give the Super Concentrate a few days to settle though, and things really come together. This stuff ages like wine; squirrel a little bit away for a rainy day.

Happy mixing. 👽


this is what I get when I go too the cheesecake factory & its fuckin amazing tasty & creamy with some strawberry syrup on top


For FW Blueberry Flavor Book Entry
Click here for full notes ->

I saw this recipe on facebook as a real version so I figured I would give it a shot

Nice lemon pie pairs well with a bottle of geuze boon from belgium

ok so I thought bout this last night and creating it was the trick and matching the cap sweet strawberry and tfa strawberry ripe makes a very juicy strawberry and combining it with the banana cream makes a for good blending of fruits & I saw this flavor at the store and I thought I would try and create it and it smells amazing after mixing so I'm sure it will taste very refreshing for the summertime

So... this is a yellow mint cupcake with chocolate & cream cheese mint frosting. I was going to try t release it for St. Patricks Day but I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. I came up w/ the idea from a Fred Meyers email I got around that time. Im not much into bakeries but I think this one is pretty good & I hope you enjoy. Best after 2 weeks steep. Positive Feed back & constructive criticism is always welcome, Thanks <3

From @Queuetue : This is the gold standard of scales for the home mixer. Good price, great accuracy and repeatability, bright readable display, fast response, it comes with a cover for storage and it cleans up easily.

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