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From @Queuetue : I find boston rounds to be the very best bottles for mixing and temporary storage. I use them for my VG and PG as well as on the scale while I'm making a mix. With a top that's easy to fill, easy to cap and with minimal access to air, I keep a bunch on hand for unflavored base, or whatever project I may be up to for handy, quick access.

The tip is small enough to use with most top-fill RTAs or RDAs as well.

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(TPA) Meringue

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50 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This recipe was inspired by a friend who made a flintstoned clone. I decided to remix it. This is what I came up with. Again loads of credit to john m. (JFM Dev)
This recipe is basicly a fruity pebbles vape with a hint of ice cream. It is absolutely delicious and if you decide to try it you WILL LOVE IT.

If you aren't into cinnamon, strawberries, bananas, or apples I still have a few tricks up my sleeve for you. Let's try some kiwi this time around!

Toasted Redux #4: Who's the Goose? - Once again, I pulled the cinnamon and adjusted the base. Cereal 27 went up 2%, Meringue and Cream Fresh dropped 0.5%, and some kiwi slid in. Cereal and milk notes are over on Toasted.

Flavor Notes:

FA Kiwi kind of reminds me of FA Fuji. This has a more tropical vibe to it though. Kiwi isn't as crisp and crunchy as Fuji. It's creamier and more juicy. It's weak for FA, so I had to push it high. 4% carries through the cream and competes with the cereal.

This is a perfectly good shake and vape, but, as with anything, it gets better if you give it some time. Not much happens after 5 days besides the creams figuring themselves out some more.

Happy mixing. 👽

Expanding on Waynes Live,"Mix .....i have a SnowMan recipe out already for several months now.. this adds to it on the white chocolate side ...makes for a festive vape during the holidays.Just so ppl do not get the wrong idea... i have been toying with these recipes before wayne realesed his pillow talk, cuprian and the recipe from 12/16.. for almost a year... it just so happened that he came out with some very similar recipes... so his recipes inspired me to go some other routes with mine .....

Bananas are boring, strawberries are sweet, cinnamon is spicy. You're a tough sale, but that's okay! How do you like... Them apples?

Toasted Redux #3. Pulled that cinnamon, threw in some apple, and adjusted the base. Upped Cereal 27 to compete with the crispness of Fuji. Dropped Meringue and Cream Fresh a touch because the apple sticks to them and they were taking over. Makes for a nice dry cereal and tart apple cream vape. Notes for everything but apple are over on Toasted.

Flavor Notes:

FA Fuji is my guy. I needed a crisp apple to drop right next to the cereal, and there's nothing better than ol' faithful. At 2% it doesn't totally take over, but it begins to command the recipe. Fuji's tasty. I know it, you know it, we all know it. Boom.

This is good off the shake, but after 5 days it starts to become whole. Fuji will recess a bit and the creams will settle.

Happy mixing. 👽

Rose Milk clone. From what I have tasted this taste pretty close to the original. I have been debating back and forth on the cheesecake from Capellas Ny Cheescake to TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust. I Chose TFA as it seems more present. Also to get that perfect dairy element in rose milk the Vienna cream, Fresh cream and meringue make up the perfect combination to create this dairy note. The Strawberry we know is sweet Strawberry. The ice cream is HS French vanilla, but there might be more ice cream in thier like TFA vanilla Bean. Vanilla custard we know is in the recipe as he said this on live mixing when he was talking about Strawberry watermelon flavor,, but he said it was low so I chose to go at .5%.
Mix This up you will not be sorry, This is a very good Strawberries and cream recipe.

Idea: To create creamy coconut cream topped on cheese cake.
Flavors: As base used cheesecake topped with vanilla cream mixed with coconut and all that topped with meringue.

I could never find the right strawberry milk vape, so I made it. Super creamy, with the perfect blend of sweet and natural strawberries.

Sweeten to taste. Shake and vape certified.

This took me a bit to figure out, didn't last long enough to steep fully. Felt wonderful as a shake and vape.

White Peach is a brand new love of mine. It's a crisp flavor that doesn't have the odd syrupy flavor of a normal peach.
Added a bit of Strawberry to round out the fruit and boost the White Peach.
I'm one of the unlucky bunch that tastes pepper from TPA VBIC. Added in some Meringue to help lighten the vanillas and hopefully mask the pepper, which worked out well!

Overall, this was a huge success.

I wanted a Vanilla, a good vanilla, something creamy and sweet with a cookie base. This is good as a shake and vape I will let y ou know how it is when steeped.

Every lemonade ejuice I have tried seems very realistic, and while most of them are great recipes, I'm more of a Country Time gal. I like my lemonade sugary, powdery, and fake.

FA Lemon Sicily and CAP Juicy Lemon are used in conjunction to create the lemonade base. Lemon Sicily provides a bit of the tartness and the lemon mouth-feel, while Juicy Lemon helps in delivering the bright lemon mouth-punch.

TPA Meringue helps in creating the powdery, sugary vibe that you'd get from the fake lemonade mixes. It provides enough sweetness that you shouldn't need to add any sweetener to the recipe, but I won't tell you what to do. I wouldn't recommend subbing this out for FA Meringue; TPA has that unique sugary cereal taste that really shines here.

TPA Raspberry Sweet doesn't sit at the forefront but instead contributes to the overall sweetness and helps in giving the mix a bit more of a juicy appeal. It's detectable, but not overly prominent.

Use Koolada at whatever percentage you prefer, but as with any other recipe, I find that too much can mask the subtle notes.

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Flavor Notes