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(TPA) Meringue

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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60 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

My version of Naked 100 Go Nanas, work in progress but very close, time to share. A nice smooth creamy banana with a light touch of pastry with a hint of vanilla

One of my favorite flavors to vape. I would say this is the realest version of captain crunch i've ever made.

Chocolate cookies dipped in milk.
Double chocolate clear brings that rich chocolate flavor
Graham cracker clear gives a cookie crumble
Meringue completes it with a sweet milk flavor.
Honestly I think there was too much hype behind this e liquid don't get me wrong it's a good flavor but to me this is what it taste like chocolate graham cracker and meringue that's it personally I believe it can benefit from about a half percentage of em just to give it a little more sweetness and a little moisture kinda a dry flavor you can leave it out if you would like for a more authentic flavor.

Mango lovers, you gonna love this !

IMPORTANT ; for this mix you absolutly need the french flavor « mangue » from the brand « revolute » this is the star of the mix (imo the Best ever mango nectar flavor , and i ve got them all!) and this flavor is not in the ATF repertory so ADD 3% OF « MANGUE REVOLUTE » to the mix !!! This mix is useless without this flavor.

Simple very good mango nectar !!!
I’m in love with mango , i tried tons of possibilitys to capture my white whale and this is it ! I finally found the perfect association/mix/balance to archive the mango nectar im fall in love with.

This mix is sweet, fluffy, lightly creamy, with strong ripe mango notes on the top and light creamy/chantilly ground notes on the end.

Mango revolute : the star on the mix, like i said, the most realistic mango nectar IMO.
But this flavor isnt perfect, it lacks sugar, and it is a bit dry.

CAP sweet mango : it’s here to bring sweet and ripe notes.

Flv mango : add the creamy/fluffy stuff the revolute mango needs

TPA meringue : add light creamy / milk notes

TPA vanilla swirl : brings light chantilly notes on the top

CAN be SAV but better after 2 days.

This mix doesnt need sugar IMO but feel free to add you favorite sweetner

My best recipe by far. Strawberry cream, very smooth. Needs 7 days to be good. 14 days will be magnificent.


This recipe is a soft, creamy, chocolate milk modeled after Golden Ticket by MET4 Vapors. This is one of many iterations, but I think I'm finally done chasing the profile. It's as close as I need it.


Finally a custard I can be proud of. If you are looking for a simple vanilla custard that is creamy and smooth, then here it is. Don't worry about the banana and the hazelnut as they are just for rounding off flavor...but don't leave them out. You wont pick them out and they were just what I was looking for to fill in the gaps. Enjoy everyone.

I got the idea from Mr. Walker and just wanted too expand on it alil more and maybe give you more mouth fill

This would be a nice cold drink with sitting around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning with your loved ones

This is my favorite cookie this time of the year bcuz it has the white chocolate chunks in it with alil bit of sweetnes from the sugar cookie and the golden butter and meringue is the bakery part of it than the brown sugar adds the sweetnes too the sugar cookie

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