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Don’t get me wrong. The original recipe is actually really good.

But I wanted to see, if I couldn’t improve it somehow and maybe make it a little bit more European.

So the first I did was to switch out FW Black Licorice with CAP Licorice.
I find that CAP Licorice has a more true European taste to it than its counterpart FW has. It’s probably the most European style black licorice you can find on the market in current state.

I wanted to fiddle with the banana part too.
I find VT Banana Custard a much more fitting flavor to use, as it’s a little bit more gooey in texture that will support the marshmallow, plus the banana flavor is a little more candy-ish.

Changed the CAP Super Sweet to fit the more modern devices.

Skipped touching TFA Marshmallow as I find it does exactly what it should do in the original recipe.

1 day steep to polish off the sharp edges, but works perfectly fine as SnV if you don’t mind the sharpness of CAP Licorice.

VT Cinnamon Donut|WF Cinnamon Pastry - Cinnamon part of Cinnamon Roll.

WF Glazed Donut|VT Croissant|WF Shortbread Cookies|FA Cookie| JF Yellow Cake- Our Roll's bakery part.

WF Mascarpone Cream Cheese|CAP Ney York Cheesecake - Icing.

Supporting Flavours - CAP Vanilla Custard|TPA Marshmallow|Saline

Pre-Steep this in PG for some days may help the bakery notes be more balanced.

Rate and Comment if you like that recipe.


Black Vanilla is a dessert tobacco with a chocolate-vanilla note.

The base of the recipe is Black for Pipe (INW), which is a spicy dark tobacco with a smoky note. My idea was to add a vanilla and chocolate note. Bavarian Cream (TPA) usually works wonderfully with various fruits, the cream is dark and rich with a light caramel note. Sounds like the perfect flavor to give the tobacco volume and more nuances. Said and done. Even though the cream already enhanced the tobacco, the vanilla note was still not strong enough. Since my selection of vanilla flavors is quite limited, I decided to use French Vanilla (TPA). At 2.5%, the vanilla note is clearly recognizable. For the chocolate note I used Fudge Brownie (TPA). FB is a super juicy dark (very dark) chocolate brownie, which can assert itself against the strong tobacco without dominating the vanilla. I was already quite happy with the mix, but some volume and sweetness was missing. 0.5% marshmallow brought the necessary volume and also sweetness. Enjoy.

This recipe was created for the VAPEDIA Mixers Club, Edition 02/21

VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zgkx7yT

First off, thanks to Seth and Grant in the DIYorDIE Mixers Collective on Facebook for the idea and starting flavors/percentages.

I have no idea what these candies actually taste like. They look almost 'starbursty' but trying to find more information on them, all I could find are something called 'Haoliyuan Chewy Milk Candy." Although these look like little mochi balls with gooeyish centers (Possible alteration from this recipe??)

I don't have many notes as it pretty much turned out as I would have expected and like I said, I have no idea what these actually taste like, so there is no reference or authenticity here.

The mix came out oddly addiciting enough...

FA Corn - It's fucking corn, what more do you want. Shit overpowers everything so give it a few days or else it will be like vaping a freshly opened can of corn juice.
TFA Vanilla Swirl/Marshmallow - After someone ruined Vanilla Swirl for me saying it gives a 'chewy' texture, it's all I could think of using for that 'Starbursty' like texture. The Marshamallow is there to calm the bright notes from the Corn and dull everything to a more subtle state
FW Yogurt - I can't not use Yogurt for any milk/cream recipe now. There is this tinge that only yogurt can really do. Plus, it creams the fuck out of whatever you put it in.
CAP Super Sweet - It's candy afterall.

Tested on:
Hadaly/Citadel - 2.5mm 28x4/38 Ni80, 4 wrap ~.2 ohm @ 60w
Basic V2 - 3mm 26x3/40 Ni80, 5 wrap ~.35 ohm @ 45w

Marshmallow cream filled Doughnut coverd with Sugary Frosted Flakes.

Not much to explain but some good combos like Wf Glazed Donut with TPA Vanilla Custard which i like a lot and it makes it heavy, rich and buttery.
Used with Cereal 27, more than giving the cereal flake note (which it adds it anyway) it helps with the donut part quite well.

TPA Marshmallow + TPA Vanilla custard another great combo and mixed with VTA Sweet Cream makes a fluffy, dense rich and sweet cream, the type of artificial cream you get in store bought bakery.

Marshmallow Vanilla helps adding more marshmallow flavour as TPA Marshmallow does not give much marshmallow flavour per se.

I like to think this recipe tastes like a store bought donut so 0.75% super sweet makes it reaaally sweet... to me its OK as its what i intended but 0.5% is enough as its already pretty sweet.

I was asked for a simple grapefruit juice by someone I mix for, and I thought this would work.



So since the orange starburst was my favorite in the package I thought that I would try and make one into a juice and this is 95% accurate too the T and its delicious, taste chewy and amazing

Lémon cream is Chemnovatic Lemon Cream Wafer.
Can someone please update the flavors??

I used VT Glazed Strawberries because of their baked profile.
Great of the shake but best after 3 days.
Currently testing addition of FA Vienna Cream 1%.

This is a recipe that came from a desire to add some ash to a previous recipe I've done.

Since then I retired the old recipe and kicked this out. I loved the old one but this should be better, if you desire a little kick.

I hope you enjoy.

As a note day 1 steep: there is definitely a sweet honey taste as well as a slightly rough tobacco note on the inhale. On the exhale that all seems to go away and it's left with an ashy aftertaste. Based on my previous recipe without the Black Honey this should all go away with a good steep.


Another strawberry banana milkshake! Wanted to try one using MB milkshake so here it goes! This is a collab with @wolfwheeler on the DIY discord, thanks for your help bud! This is currently my favorite ADV and am very pleased with how it came out, hope you all like it as much as I do!

Note: Increased wf banana custard to 2% and added a 2nd strawberry allowing this to be a Strawberry blind friendly recipe.

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