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Yada Yada Yada Bla Bla Bla....Blue Raspberry Marshallow Peeps Vanilla Ice Cream Wafer Cone with Rainbow Sprinkles. Steep for five days it's not gonna melt. enjoy!

Well rounded Strawberry/Apple on the inhale, with a creamy finish and excellent mouth feel. Shake and Vape Approved. Your next ADV or regular in rotation. Easy to vape without being overwhelming. Recommend adding Capella Super Sweet @ .5-1% for more flavor saturation.

Just a simple Shake in Vape mix. I love peach and this make me happy. The peaches and nectarines make a great peach flavor. The strawberry adds a bit of juicyness to the peaches. The Marshmellow helps to take away that dryness we get from certain mixes. Shake and vape this. You might just love it.

it is milkshake goddamn mango anal cunt licking would be great if it tasted like this fam

Just a Vanilla Custard Cream.
This mix is a fun mix of mine.

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Tested @ SXK Skyfall RDA Tri-core Fused Clapton (3*28/40) 0.35Ohm @45 Watt

This is a mix I made from leftovers from other mixes. I really enjoy Ry4 mixes, so that’s what I based it on. The 1st Pot Mess while being good, lacked a little punch, hence the Ry4 Asian, it gives it that little bit more depth.
The Marshmallow is used as a sweetener, because it is a little more subdued than than normal Sweetener, which I’ve used, but in a smaller amount.
This could be used straight away, but will get better after time, the longer the better.

Creamy Blueberries and Pineapple with a hint of lemon lime

Sweet, smooth and tropical. TFA Jackfruit on top of the strangeness of FLV Guanabana. FLV Sugarloaf Pineapple and VT Banana Custard supports the Guanabana and strawberry note in this Custard Apple. TFA Marshmallow to sweeten + smooth it out and CAP 27 Bears to gum it all together and take advantage of the pineapple note.

Original vanilla custard has a slights snack pak pudding cup flavor to me IMO any advice is welcome

if you want it close to the original sub red touch with juicy strawberry fa @ 3%.

you can steep flavors with pg (before adding any vg) without its cap off for a night for faster steeping. it will also taste way clear that way. steeping is complete after 7 days.

if you want you can steep it normal and try that way too.

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