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(TPA) Marshmallow

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive bakery candy cereal custard dessert vanilla

Used in 5837 recipes at an average of 1.614%.


304 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Been working on this one a little bit. I like it enough to be my first public recipe. After trying Charlie Noble's Raspberry Ripple, I knew I needed to try my hand at it. This a pretty close to what I remember about it.
The raspberry sweet is obviously a great choice for a sweet, almost jammy raspberry, but lacked a little body. That's why I threw in the FA Berryl.
The rest is easy, just get a rich, deep, creamy vanilla ice cream. Feel free to sub out your favorite VBIC if you can't do the TPA.
I feel like the white chocolate and the vanilla shisha provide a really delicious touch to the ice cream, with the shisha providing a very nice spice vanilla note on the finish. It really does remind me of a vanilla bean ice cream with a generous swirl of raspberry puree in it.
Give this one a good 5 days to come together, but as always, the longer the better.
I mixed this at 70/30 vg/pg and vape exclusively out of a Hurricane 1.3 RTA and it's very flavorful.
I really hope you guys dig this one. Please let me know what you all think, good or bad!

Simple. Flavorful. Delicious.

JF Yellow Cake needed a slight kick in the pants to become more 'cakey'. TFA Vanilla Cupcake filled that role perfectly. Without TFA VC, this mix is 'flat'.

It took me awhile to settle on the right combination of strawberries for my topping. I wanted the taste of pie filling, as well as fresh strawberries. TFA Strawberry Ripe with TFA Tfa Strawberry works EVERY time.

TFA Whipped Cream is used here, not just for it's authenticity, but also because it allows the layers to stay in place. CAP VWC tends to obliterate layers. Yeah, it's amazingly delicious-but I wanted to keep the layers in place here.

TFA Marshmallow is something I've always found not present in most DIY Shortcake recipes. I just love it. Not only does it lend to the "mouthfeel" I was imagining...it also adds a special 'surprise' for your mouth!

If you mix this up as is(meaning no substitutions) please consider leaving an honest review under the 'review' tab.

This is quite good 'fresh', but after 5-8 days, the marshmallow, whipped cream & cake begin to pop.

I have a hard time keeping this in stock. As soon as I make it I vape it. Very difficult to steep. 'Fresh' the liquid is clear. At 20 days, it becomes a very pale yellow.

I've not tried this in a tank, as I usually use RDAs. If you tank it, and like or hate it...please leave an honest comment/review stating so. Feedback is considered very important to me.

I'd like to thank my entire crew at #E-Juice Makers for their constant support. Without them...I would not be mixing today. Love you all!!

Please do not use this recipe for commercial profit. Please do not post to other eliquid recipe sites without asking permission. Thank you.

-subLIME Bar-

This is my take on a Lime Creamsicle Bar. I've been trying to keep my recipes simple and to the point recently and I think I executed this one beautifully. This is a nice zesty lime flavored Popsicle with a decadent Vanilla Bean Ice Cream center.

Holy Vanilla/Marshmallow/VBIC - This is our Ice Cream. The holy vanilla really boosts the vanilla note and makes it extra creamy. The Marshmallow adds some mouthfeel, and great sweetness. Lastly, VBIC as a great ice cream base - It's one of my favorite flavors.

The Lime element is my go to combo - Key Lime and Lime Tahity CP. Its juicy, a bit sweet - and tart.

This is a word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word Recipe.

This is a Boston Banana Cream donut.

The Donut : to create the donut we use Capellas donut combo in conjunction with fw cookies and cream to help it out with the doughnut and to push up and balance the chocolate part of the vape.

The filling: simple we use tpa banana cream and Fa meringue to create the impression of a sweet banana filling.

And last one sweetener for me if you're going to try to recreate a sweet profile the most effective way to make it is to use sweetener, (if you want to make a real sweet lemonade, you squeeze the lemons put it in a glass ad water and a spoon of sugar, you surely can use honey and other ingredients to make it sweet but for me a spoon of sugar works great IMO), I use tpa because is easy to use cap super sweet is great but is really sweet and for the amounts that I mix is pretty hard to nail the perfect sweet in a recipe, so I give up, and use tpa is more forgiven .

Keep mixing!


The name has changed but the taste is the same. I was going for a lemon pudding filled powdered donut, but ended up with a lemon chess bar. Not expected and maybe better than the original intention.

Get that banana out of my face, I don't even want it... JUST KIDDING. Here's my take on a Banana pudding/milkshake. FA Banana is spot on for banana, very smooth wet mouth feel that for me at least really hits the spot when craving a sweet vape.

First attempt at breaking down ingredients in an actual recipe and building a profile that compliments a desert.

Same donut base as my Raspberry Donut, but with the Jam Monster Strawberry holy trinity

Same donut base as my Raspberry Donut, but much better as a blueberry

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