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(TPA) Marshmallow

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive bakery candy cereal custard dessert vanilla

Used in 4957 recipes at an average of 1.651%.


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So, if you can believe it, Walmart sells a strawberry cheesecake ice cream that's actually pretty damn good. This is my closest approximation of it. Before you turn your nose up at it, I've given out several samples of this and received nothing but good feedback. It's a very simple recipe, to be sure, but if you're looking for a creamy strawberry cheesecake this fits the bill quite nicely.

INW Biscuit does a nice job giving us the little crumbs of crust that are littered throughout the ice cream.
TPA Marshmallow, CAP NYCC, and TPA VBIC give a nice, sweet cheesecake ice cream without any sour notes and a thick, creamy mouthfeel.
FA Juicy Strawberry was my go-to here because it gives a sweet candy strawberry syrup flavor that stands up well by itself among the creams.

If you don't have Juicy Strawberry, you can probably get away with subbing a Strawberry Ripe/Sweet blend with emphasis on the sweet strawberry, but you'll lose some of the inherent juiciness that you get from FA. I don't think people who get pepper from TPA VBIC will be bothered too badly by it at 1% here, and I wouldn't recommend subbing CAP in because the slight spice that comes from TPA VBIC fills in the body that would be a little thin using NYCC alone at only 3%.

*Edit: I knew I had cribbed this cream base from somewhere, but couldn't remember where. I went back and looked, and I have to give credit to @Thadentman for his excellent work.

This is a remix of Vapetasia's Milk of the Poppy
The Profile is a Dragonfruit, Strawberry, Whipped Cream eliquid
Made on Live Mixing

Adaptation of @alisa on ELR's "Bust a Nut"

This is a very high flavour percentage recipe, and these are the reduced numbers from original.
Saline is 1 drop per 10ml.

It's a delicious juice as she makes it (give it a week or two's steep)
This is just adapted to my taste buds a bit.

I will probably update notes*** Time crunch

Fraise Blanc- a white chocolate truffle with graham crumbs and strawberry filling. I am feeling this one and can't put it down!!!

White chocolate, VBIC, meringue and marshmallow make up the candy shell. Juicy strawberry, strawberry ripe and creamy yogurt pair well as the filling. Graham cracker topping to accent.

just alil Christmas treat for you guys well here it is I used ooo o's as the oreo cookie and fa cookie as the cookie base, I used fw white chocolate & wf white fudge as the main flavor note in this and added alil wf vanilla extra to give it some sweetness and tfa marshmallow fa condensed milk to fill it all in with some body too it. the last thing I added was some super sweet to help out with oreo cookies


The holiday dessert that nobody actually likes, now in hot vapor form (TM). This recipe started out as a tobacco spice cookie (that's a thing right?) but after sending it in to the brave, brave crash test dummies of the Mixer's Club, they said it tasted like a fruitcake. Let's just run with that.

It's nutty, fruity, spicy, and dark. Although there is some tobacco in here, I feel like it blends into the spice note pretty well.

The fig, orange cream, and apple pop bring the fruit. You've got syrupy and sweet from the fig and apple pop, with a bit of citrus from the orange cream.

The almond goes nutty, and the the cavendish actually backs it up a bit while picking up the spice notes from the shisha punch.

The FA Cookie and the CAP Sugar Cookie were an attempt to blend a decent cookie note. With everything else going on it went sort of cake-ish. GOOD ENOUGH.

The Marshmallow is the secret weapon. All the cool kids have moved on indiscriminate marshmallow additions, and with good reason. This stuff mutes the hell out of your recipe. Without the marshmallow this is a sharp, jagged mess. The marshmallow softens it up considerably and starts to cram all these weird, intense flavors together.

Steeping is going to pretty vital to this one. You've got to give the marshmallow time to start working on the ammonia notes from the fig and cavendish, the sharp orange from the orange cream, and the harshness and dryness of FLV Apple Pop. I'd give it two weeks. This stuff needs to mellow.

This is the worst possible way to approach a seasonal recipe release, enjoy.

just alil something different too have on the table during thanksgiving nice and creamy with alil hint of pumpkin pie in the background it will be good to enjoy with friends and family while laughing and joking also watching your favorite football teams in the morning and afternoon

Happy Thanksgiving everyone maybe next year we can all get along as a community

Just a nice strawberry and guava vape, you can sub other sweeteners for the monk fruit, but if you haven't tried it i suggest you pick up some.

This is a remix of Banana Milk with ID10-T's Holy Trinity of Strawberry added. Banana Milk is my favorite banana cream recipe, so I thought it would make the best base. I tweaked the original Banana Milk recipe a little to remove the sweetener and add a little more realistic banana to it with the FA and HS bananas. Banana Milk is already a pretty high percentage recipe, so I scaled it all down (which is why the percentages are weird) before adding the strawberry. The end result is a sweet strawberry banana smoothie. I think it's pretty good!

Im still working on this at the moment so this isnt the final mix, its my take on the famous stripple i think this is pretty good so far but still needs some tweaking:-

Ice cream base - lb vic / cap vc / fa meringue / tfa marshmallow:

Lb vanilla ice cream has been a god send after i found it having had problems with cap and tfa vbic since i started mixing this stuff is amazing!! Mixed with vanilla custard just to help mold everything together with the meringue for sweetness and the marshmallow for texture its a pretty solid ice cream stone

Stripple part - inw shisha strawb / jf strawberry sweet / fa blackcurrent / inw raspberry:

Shisha strawberry and jf strawberry sweet are the best strawberry combination and provide a sweet syrupy taste that you would find in a strawberry sauce mixed with fa blackcurrent just to make it pop a little bit more and only 0.6% of inw raspberry so that it doesnt over power the whole mix

And biscuit because everyone needs a cone with the ice cream

Flavor Notes

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