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(TPA) Marshmallow

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive bakery candy cereal custard dessert vanilla

Used in 5522 recipes at an average of 1.625%.


298 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A sweet Cinnamon Roll drenched in cream cheese frosting! Enjoy!

mango chew sweets, good as a snv better after a steep

Have you ever had those Mentos Now peppermints? It tastes damn near exactly like those.

I really like the INW mints, Mix Mint was the best fit in this recipe for the potent mint flavor that you get in peppermints. The anise is what really gives it that little push into the authentic peppermint flavor though, you can omit it and the juice will be really close but not quite there. I tried increasing the anise by 0.1% as well but found that it made the juice less enjoyable though I couldn't actually notice a significant change in flavor. Pretty standard after that: marshmallow for body, cactus for juicy, menthol and WS-23 for that ice cold.

A sweet chewy cherry taffy.

Yumberry is an amazing compliment to cherry. It makes it taste more like cherry candy.

Cherry taffy and black cherry jelly bean are the main flavor.

Marshmellow enhances the mouth feel of the taffy.

Raspberry adds a hint of tartness to the cherry.

Em boosts the candy aspect.

I'm horrible at flavor notes!

Pineapple-peach Ice cream. Sweet fruity inhale with a vanilla ice cream exhale. Kanzi inspired the base for this one and it came out a treat. Good as a SNV but better after a couple days steep. Enjoy

this is my first public recipe i want to thank the folks of diyordie Noted.
i have been mixing for 2 years now and most of that has been other mixers recipes. I have been going deeper into the rabbit hole as of late and working on
a more deeper mixers approach. watching and learning and making notes and trying to get better and make juice that don't suck lol.

my friend really likes the concept of this juice but found there was a moderate thought hit from the original retail mix. so i gave it a shot and decided to make him something.
after a few different attempts i ended up with this. I find it to be a lot more satisfying and very smooth.

Smooth,fruity vape .a combnation of cereals-fruits and creams,balanced and yummy.enjoy!


I normally don't release a recipe so quick, but I mixed this up yesterday on a whim and god damn did it come out perfect. I'm going for a melon mint gum. I didn't want an actual bubblegum flavor, more of an orbit or trident style gum. So I went with RF Taffy base and TPA Marshmallow to get the actual gum portion. Everything else fell into place right where it needed to be. Summer is right around the corner and I see this in my regular rotation so give this one a try if this sounds like something you might enjoy. Shake and vape approved.


If this isn' t a near perfect clone of Milk and Honey, I'll eat my hat, or at least eat my wooly cap!

The thing is, I bought Milk and Honey for the first time last weekend as I remembered reading all the hype about it back in the day, I was always curious as to why there were so many Milk and Honey graveyards on the net; abondoned, aborted lonely recipes scattered on ELR and Reddit, many left for dead , some in unmarked graves never to see the light of day again. It had a curious hold over some mixers, like the fever-struck knights in Monty Pyton's, the Holy Grail. And while the chase is sometimes better than the catch, I hope you nevertheless enjoy and tweak this recipe to death; that is if Milk Honey is your bag.

Flavour Notes

M& H has a sweet and nutty banana note so TFA banana Nut Bread was used at 1.5%. TPA peanut butter is at 0.5%, any higher and it overpowers. Next is the ginger. And there's DEFINITELY some, so CAP Gingerbread is at 0.5% for a hint of ginger as it's very strong.

Next is the cinnamon note which 0.5% CAP Graham Cracker V2 supplies. Graham Cracker Clear is at 1.5% to provide that sweet malty cracker bite. You could always crank this up to 2% or 3% but the 4% figure I 've seen online is a bit OTT.

Finally M& H has an off-note that tastes like being force-fed a rubber glove by an S& M maniac . CAP Curro takes care of that at 0.5%. It's cinnmon sweetness adds to the recipe. Personally, i would leave this out as it's the one negative i have about the juice, it's far nicer without it and only muddies this mix. Finally there's the cream, which is the cardboard-like CAP VBIC at around 2.5 %. You could use 2% TFA Vanilla Swirl (which blends better) either but I think CAP is the cream used.


2 % TPA Marshmallow( they might use CAP)
FA Honey: let's keep it real shall we! 0.14%
Flavorah Sweetness: I didn't want to waste any of my FA Meringue stash.

The mix was made on Saturday but has blended more with no big changes. I shaked and Vaped this cause i'm impatient.

Milk and Honey certainly is a pleasant vape but me thinks it's a botched fried ice cream job concocted by some very stoned students.

This mix is dedicated to the memory of all those recipes that died in service of a noble cause: DIY mixing. May God have mercy on their souls.

EDIT: raise CAP VBIC to 2.5% but tastes way better with Vanilla Swirl.

*Important: TPA Cinnamon is 1% of a 10% dilution, so 0.10% TPA Cinnamon**

If you are craving a great Dubble Bubble recipe then give this one a try. This will bring back those childhood memories but with this recipe you wont run out of flavor after 30 seconds.

This recipe mainly comes from a post by HIC on the VU forums, however, the original recipe was not even close to an authentic Dubble Bubble flavor. HIC did quite a bit of research in regards to finding the flavor components that make up Dubble Bubble, so I can not take credit for most of this recipe.

In order for the recipe to taste more accurate, I had to alter the ratios of the 4 main components of DB being: Orange, wintergreen, vanillin, and cinnamon. The original recipe used FA Orange but I felt that SC Orange was a better fit due to it being a bit sweeter and candylike. If you dont have SC Orange then FA orange at 1.25% is a suitable substitute. I also ended up adding a touch of TPA Marshmallow for mouthfeel, and a small amount of LA Bubble Gum to help fill in the gaps between the main flavor components. CAP Super Sweet at 0.5 provides an authentic level of sweetness, however it's entirely optional. Also, you may even want to drop the cinnamon a bit more as it comes off as slightly harsh as an SnV, however I think 0.1% is where it needs to be to supply that accurate level of cinnamon flavor.

This recipe seems to be best when vaped after 3 days up to 2 weeks due to the amount of vanillin which will eventually mute and throw things out of proportion a bit.

As stated before I would wait at least 3 days to vape this recipe in order to let the cinnamon die down a bit. After that, this becomes quite smooth and all of the flavors homogenize nicely.

Hope you enjoy this neat recipe!

Flavor Notes

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