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Hello everyone! So the idea I had for this recipe is taking the foundation of how the tres leches cake is, you know with how milk and moist the cake is? Well this is basically taking that recipe and making it into a blueberry tres leches if you will.
So far there is two versions of this recipe, version 1 only substitutes the marshmallow for DX Sweet Cream at 2.5%.
If there is any good or bad feedback please I would love the help LOL.

Bubblegum, a bright pink bubblegum at that. This is a pinkier than pink bubblegum.
Excellent summer vape with a floral hint, grapes and a small touch of raspberry (WF Boysenberry Raspberry is really like a tart raspberry to me). The TPA marshmallow works as the sweetener here and brings a touch more mouthfeel to the recipe.
The flavour stays in your mouth long after vaping and the Ws-23 really adds a punch. The way the flavour hangs about it's going to suck if you hate it. 😁

Summer is here and so is the season for sherbet. One of the hardest profiles to nail and I think I found the holy trinity for Rainbow Sherbet.
Enjoy the Fruity, Creamy, Smooth, Refreshing Rainbow Sherbet this mix doesn't just give an impression, it gives you an accurate Rainbow Sherbet where you taste every flavor in it. Each fruit is fruity as well as creamy with that cream finish on the exhale.

  • Starting Percentage Super Sweet .5%
  • Keep (INW) Raspberry percentage as increasing it will overpower mix
  • As Orange Cream steeps it becomes more present and thickens out
  • Vanilla Swirl emulsifies all the fruits to become one in the mix as it would taste eating the sherbet itself
  • Add WS-23 or Cooling Agent to your liking!
  • V1 Stay tuned

Profile: Apple-Raspberry whipped cookie

Fluffy, sweet/tart vape with a cookie accent.

  • Super Sweet starting percentage .5% up to 1%
  • VG ratio 65-70%

Profile: Strawberry/Dragon fruit and cream vape.

  • A more candied but with a slightly natural edge to the strawberries and cream archetype with a twist.
  • Dragon fruit into the mix separates it from the rest of the strawberries and cream by adding a tartness that is not normally found in a strawberry while also adding an intense boost to strawberry flavor and freshness.
  • Starting percentage of super sweet is .5% up to 1%.
  • V1 stay tuned for any tweaks!

Profile: A light, buttery/airy cream puff that lifts you up into the clouds like you're flying on Goku's Nimbus. Amazing Mouthfeel!

  • Starting percentage for super sweet is .5 although i do recommend .75% for an accurate sweetness level on the cream puff.
    Substitute (TFA) Vanilla Swirl for (CAP) VBIC if you're a pepper taster
    Shake & Vape Approved Your next ADV!

  • Nailed this on the first shot, if you try to balance the percentages you either lose accuracy, saturation or mouth-feel or you cause massive harshness.

  • VG Percentage 60-70 is ideal.

  • This ADV is hard to put down once you start vaping.


Profile: Pineapple, Blueberry, Dragonfruit smoothie.

Inhale: Pineapple, Blueberry, then dragon fruit starts to come through. Exhale: Fruit Blended into smoothie.

  • MUST STEEP atleast 7 days or will have slight harshness.
  • Mix comes together overtime, 10-14 Days the recipe really comes into its own

This is an adaptation of my Hazelnut Cream recipe. I wanted to try some other flavors in it so I replaced the bavarian cream and vbic with vienna cream and vanilla bean gelato instead. I also added a hint of sugar cookie to mellow the strong coffee flavor from Up (coffee) and so I could lower the amount of sweetener. Oh and this is great as a shake & vape btw, steeping helps but it's still excellent right after mixing.

Great Graham Cracker forward e-juice. Steep time just a few days. Can shake and vape also.


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