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(TPA) Marshmallow

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive bakery candy cereal custard dessert vanilla

Used in 4517 recipes at an average of 1.667%.


258 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

aka Pretend Prickly Pear

I hadn't used CAP Cantaloupe, TPA Honeydew or TPA Marshmallow since my first flavor order, wanted something nice and fruity, a farewell to summer on these lingering warm October days. Ironically, I enjoy melon vapes more than the actual fruits, at least these two, though I do love me some watermelon.

I've never had the privilege of enjoying any prickly pear fruit, however, based on the descriptions and not being able to call it a fruit I've had, I settled on naming it Morty's Mega Melon Meltdown, aka Pretend Prickly Pear, because "A melon-esque gum vibe" just didn't have that same ring to it.

Cantaloupe is the main note here, blending with honeydew nicely, and the cactus adds a whole extra juiciness and intriguing fruit note. Banana Cream is here for a nice, creamy, tropical supporting note for the melons, Blueberry I honestly threw in initially for the hell of it, I figured it'd sweeten it a bit and blend right in and it definitely does. Marshmallow adds a lovely texture, nice and fluffy, and it's this fluff coupled with the juiciness of the cactus that gives me what I'll call a "natural bubblegum" mouthfeel.

It's great as a SnV, but I think a few days are required for everything to coalesce and for the fullness of the vape to really come through.

Feel free to add a touch of E.M. or Sweetener to your preference!

As always, any suggestions, tips, ideas, reviews, criticisms, etc are most welcome! The more feedback, the tastier the vapor!

If you enjoy this mix, split some off and try adding 1% of CAP menthol for a surprisingly refreshing experience!

Somewhat based on or at least derived from Pillow Talk by enyawreklaw. I made Pillow Talk, but I found the Peppermint too weak and did not like the cream flavor from the Vanilla Bean Gelato. I was looking for a light creamy vanilla with a firm peppermint flavor.

TPA Peppermint is a much stronger and better tasting Peppermint IMHO - I tried different levels and settled on this as the best, but YMMV
CAP Simply Vanilla and TPA Vanilla Swirl provides a very light vanilla creamy note to the recipe
FA Meringue and FA Cream Fresh adds mouthfeel and bolsters the creaminess of the Vanilla Swirl
TPA Marshmallow is used for sweetness and fullness with little to no Marshmallow flavor
EM (Cotton Candy) adds a little more perceived sweetness. One could argue that TPA Marshmallow already provides enough EM, and that may be true and worth further investigation. I don't notice any off flavors with this EM addition

I found steeping this for 7 days minimum works the best to smooth out the peppermint and raise the cream up.

This is just one of my simple All Day Vapes for over a year now, I've played with the ingredients and percentages a bunch but this is def the best of all ratios tested.

I've been vaping tobaccos on and off for a while now.
this profile has got to be one of the oldest profiles on the history of vaping.
My take on a tobacco heavy RY4 made from scratch.

Cubano type is one of the darkest tobaccos I own and my taste on this type of profile is tobacco heavy (It does need a steep though)
Vanilla custard and marshmallow give it a nice creamy vanilla flavor without being overpowering
TFA Hazelnut is kind of a dry nut to help give the recipe some grit
Caramel brings the recipe together adding sweetness and the flavor from traditional RY4s we all love.

LET IT STEEP: TFA cubano type is a horrible flavoring right off the bat, but it matures with time.
At least 15 days, better after a month.

My take on a milk chocolate with flavors that most should have.

One of my greatest pleasures in life is Star Wars. I grew up watching the original trilogy on VHS with my father and even broke my arm after falling while dueling him with those Target/WalMart lightsabers. Star Wars has been one of my greatest influences in my life. If a moisture farmer can go on to be a bad-ass Jedi and save the galaxy, what can I do?

Anyways, my favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back and my favorite scene from that movie is obviously the Vader and Luke fight on Cloud City from the planet, Bespin. When I was a kid, I thought that Cloud City was a real place, (as a childish mind would make you believe) and I always wanted to visit there. Obviously, as I grew up, I learned that Bespin is a planet of fiction and my dreams were ultimately destroyed. However, I learned that in the movie, Cloud City is actually a large painting with the actors digitally placed in the scene. Mind=blown.

I've always loved the colors in the painting and love the atmosphere it brings to the movie. So in preparation for The Last Jedi, I have created a recipe that I believe perfectly captures what I feel when I think of Cloud City.

With this recipe, I set out to make a Toasted Vanilla Marshmallow. Perhaps people are tired of marshmallow vapes or believe that it is a novice profile geared towards those who are just getting into DiY, but this is my recipe so I don't give a fuck.

I set out to create a recipe that gave you a dense, chewy marshmallow with a nice vanilla accent that made you feel warm in the upcoming winter. So I worked on this recipe with some new (to me) concentrates and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Makes me feel like I'm up in the clouds.


TPA Toasted Marshmallow and TPA Marshmallow - These two concentrates combine to give us our marshmallow base. TM is the main note of the recipe and it brings a decent marshmallow flavor with some light toasted notes. One of my biggest gripes with this concentrate is that it almost has no mouthfeel whatsoever, it has SOME, but not enough for what we are trying to achieve. At too high of a %, TM can bring some nutty notes and I didn't want those to be present in the recipe, so I opted to go for 3% as a starting point. Marshmallow does what you'd think it would do: add some more marshmallow flavor and helps in boosting that mouthfeel that we are trying to achieve. With these two concentrates, I had my marshmallow base.

CAP Sugar Cookie - we all know why this one is here: "chewy" texture, sweetness, helps with the bakery aspect of the recipe. Keeping it at a low % gives us what we need without overpowering the entire profile.

TPA Bavarian Cream - to me, this concentrate almost has a "dark vanilla" flavor to it, so it is used here to add some vanilla while also adding some toasted aspects to the profile. Keeping it at a low % allows this one to be a SnV as well as not taking over the marshmallow aspect.

TPA VBIC - this is one of my favorite concentrates and I utilize it here just to add some vanilla flavor. 1% was all that was needed to add that flavor without turning this recipe into a weird mess. Can substitute for CAP but I'd suggest bumping up to 1.5%

INW Shisha Vanilla - so this is my first recipe in which I've utilized this concentrate. I can't believe it took me this long to pick this one up because this is such a delicious and versatile flavoring. This goes well with ANY creamy/bakery recipe you are trying to achieve. When I twisted the cap off, I immediately knew this would work well with my marshmallows; it almost smells like a marshmallow just by itself. Enough rambling, this is used to boost the vanilla flavor and I believe is crucial to the recipe.

INW Creme Brulee - this is a weird flavoring and a potent one too. Initially I had solo'd this flavor at 2% and tasted something similar to a burnt clearomizer coil from back in the day. Yuck. At 1%, I got a light custard with some burnt sugar on the exhale. Yum. At .5%, I got a slightly "burnt" flavor with some light vanilla. Honestly in this recipe I don't use it for its "egginess" or vanilla components, but more for its burnt sugar aspects. When vaping this recipe without the flavoring, I felt that it wasn't "toasted enough" and almost released it as-is, but when I received this concentrate it literally completed the recipe. You can leave this flavoring out as I know there are folks out there who just CAN NOT use this flavoring, but I would highly suggest mixing with it. You won't regret it.

Sweetener is weird on this one. Some days I like it with .25% just to make it I guess more authentic, but honestly I think it is even better without any. The sweetener masks some of those toasted notes that I have implemented into the mix and I find myself vaping this recipe without sweetener nine times out of ten.

So there we have it, folks. I've been working on this recipe for almost two months now and have just recently deemed it worthy of posting to the website because of the addition of the Creme Brulee. This is a fantastic SnV, if you can hold off until 5 days, the creamy concentrates meld into the marshmallow base a bit more and its like you are taking a bite out of those golden clouds from Cloud City. But hey, I can't even make it that far half of the time.

I think this recipe is perfect as-is, I've worked on it for a long time and am pleased with where it is right now. But if you think you can make it better, I'll be more than happy to vape your adaptation.

I hope you guys enjoy this recipe as much as I do, may the force be with you. Always.

(B)adly (R)eductive (S)tarburst (T)est

Pink, Yellow, and Orange all at once. Decent balance of sweet, tart, waxy, and thick.

Nothing exotic and pretty damn cheap to put together as well.

Released as part of MixLife #31 about SImple Recipes. Check it out on the youtube. It's the truth.

FW Starburst Type is the same thing as their star candy and will probably have at least 4 more names before they feel like they won't get sued. It's pretty spot on to the taste of a mouthfull of starbursts. It does tend to be a bit citrus heavy and sharp, and it basically has no body to it. TPA Strawberry cranks up the pink a bit, and the maltol helps round the edges off the lemon and orange from FW Starburst. TPA Vanilla Swirl is life, basically. Lends some thickness and waxiness to the body of the starburst, along with contributing a really, really slight creamish vibe. Also, it helps all of the brutal force muting going on here. TPA Marshmallow is basically there to further enhance mouthfeel, sweeten, and join in on the force muting beatdown.

You want sweetener? Knock yourself out. Profile should take it pretty well. I'm cool with the sweetness level already but some people just can't be helped.

Fine-ish off a shake but it really benefits from giving it a couple days to let some the citrus mellow out and the mix develop some texture.

A strawberry chewy candy born of an otherworldly realm.

This recipe uses JF Pink Burst as its base. Its the first time I've used the flavor in a mix. Nothing too out of the ordinary in regards to flavors other than that.


JF Pink Burst @ 3.0%: PB is only decent on its own in regards to its strawberry notes. It is definitely useful for the chewy candy texture it brings to the table, though. Adding a small amount of JF Juicy Lemon adds a tiny bit of sweetness/wetness to the candy profile so we don't have to use sweetener. CAP Jelly Candy is a flavor I add to any candy type profile I'm going for, regardless of whether I'm specifically looking for "jelly candy" or not.

JF Sweet Strawberry @ 2.0%: This is a candy recipe, so I didn't want to choose a fresh strawberry flavor. Sweet Strawberry is perfect for this, as its candy-like on its own, and brings its own sweetness into the fold.

TPA Marshmallow @ 1.0%: Using this for more added sweetness and for a bit of body.


Jolly Ranchers Apple Watermelon Gummies were the inspiration behind this recipe. Damn tasty as a S&V.

// Key Lime Pie //

This is one of my favourite recipes since I started mixing. The profile is simple and the flavors well balanced (from my point of view) and the first time I tried this version had the same feeling you get from a strawberry milk or cheesecake, that refreshing sensation of something well balanced, with a very distinctive flavor that doesn't require too much thinking, just vaping and enjoying.

The combination of Sugar Cookie and Graham Cracker Clear creates a buttery textured base, not too fluffy or flaky thanks to the "pie" in the Lemon Meringue and the Key Lime Pie, which adds the kind of bakery you find in a FA Apple Pie (for reference). The star of the recipe is the mix of the two Key Lime and the Lemon Meringue, with a touch of Strawberry Ripe to bring those flavors forward and the NY Cheesecake to give body and bond all together. Finally, the topping is that sugary cream feeling from the mix of Lemon Meringue and Marshmallow.

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to play with it and give your most honest opinion and suggestions!!

(English is not my mother tongue; please excuse any errors on my part)

Flavor Notes

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