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A cool Hawaiian drink on a nice hot day!

Tropical Mix Layer - TPA Mango & TPA Pineapple - These flavours play nice together and bring out a nice tropical mix.

The Berry Layer - CAP Raspberry & CAP Sweet Strawberry - Adding the red berry layer to the bottom of the drink.

Sweetness & Cooling Notes - CAP Super Sweet & TPA Koolada - Just to kick up the sweetness a bit and add some ice to the drink.

This isn't the most subtle recipe, but I very much enjoy the sweetness of this "beverage" vape! Enjoy!

An amazing honeydew vape with tropical fruits holding up and sweetening a lush wet melon flavour.

Depending on what setup your vaping this on, you might get a bitter note. I personally quite like it. But if your after that commercial taste then add more sweetener. About 1 % really dose the trick

This is a very simple recipe. I wanted to create a mango slush.
I used FA Mango to simulate the fruit pulp, the mature part.
TPA Mango instead is the least mature part of the fruit and increases the tropical effect.
Obviously the koolada creates the ice effect and the sugar makes everything much sweeter and more like a slush

[ITA] http://www.mixnvape.co/2017/07/06/county-mango-slush/


Pretty upfront mango with some honeydew and a little cantaloupe to pull it all together.

Adjust Koolada to taste.

--- Forgot to update. I changes TPA Honeydew to JF Honeydew at same %, personally i feel like it is way better, but feel free to mix it with TPA Honeydew/Honeydew II if you like that one better.


Colorful, tropical fruity mix. Golden Pine plays first violin. Mango gives a little bit of "flesh". Kiwi is here for tartness. Sweet tangerine gives most of the sweetness to the mix and also brings citrusy note to make sure that it's TROPICAL.

Add 0,5% of INW Cactus to moisten it and/or a touch of koolada to make it cool.

Have a nice day!

Picture this a hot summer day chillin around the swimming pool and some brings out one of those watermelon's cut into a basket full off freshly chopped mixed fruit.


I know, I know, just another iteration of mikes melons! But, the strawberry really tones down the Papaya which I've always thought was a little overpowering in the original... Great shake and vape... I think it's awesome! Give it a shot! Sweetener to liking.

I started this one almost a year ago and I held this back for a few months until this September because I always though it's not ready, but to hell with it. I enjoy it and my friends enjoy it.

I give you BB-8, the recipe that tries very hard to be a mango lassi and tastes like the feeling you get when you watch BB-8 roll around in The Force Awakens.

Coconut/Cream/Yogurt - Lactones/cold cream/yogurt. CAP Creamy yogurt didn't have enough tang to not be Yoplait, so Greek Yogurt is there to support. It's still not very tangy but it's not supposed to be.

Mango/Sweet Mango/Dragon Fruit - percentages from /u/bigted209's "The Mango!". I lieu of INW Mango, I tried INW Dragon Fruit and that filled the top note tropical hole which TPA and CAP mangos leave behind. Nice.

Cardamom - Gotta have that cardamom. /u/CheebaSteeba says it's overpowering even at 0.0something. Someone somewhere said that that could be because of INW Mango. If you're scared of cardamom, omit it or try at ridiculously low percentages. You? You like it at 0.25% or lower.

Sweetener (Kinda optional) - TPA Sweetener is 5% sucralose, 5% maltol, and it does fit in here, because there's nothing fruity/sugary sweet in here otherwise. CAP Sweet Mango is sweet, but it's only that over-ripe thick sweetness. You need a bit of sugar. Maltol can give a bit of jammy sweetness, which doesn't bother me but I could live without it. Can be replaced with your favorite sweetener. I'm guessing CAP Super Sweet at 0.25-0.5 would be perfect.

I like numbers.

Work in progress fresh tropical smoothie, this tastes like tropical fruits blended with milk

6mg Nicotine juice 100 mg (100% VG) @ 6%
PG/VG ratio: 17/84
Flavor total 16.5%

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