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(TPA) Mango

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Earlier this year I won a giveaway from Vaporham Lincoln and got Revolution, a canteloupe, mango, and cream, juice. Haven't seen any other clone attempts so I thought I would try to make one.

I thank u/ID10-t for this recipe he gave me in the suggest a recipe thread a few months ago. Was a good peach n cream flavour. I added FA White Peach because the fruit flavour I found faded over time. The original had a weird mouthfeel to it, Can't explain it, but adding CAP Marshmallow smoothed it out and I really liked the flavour it added to the mix.

Adapted from FoggyPhoenicia

I felt FoggyPhoenicia recipe needed a thicker more full mouth feel and after a lot of tested settled on Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) at 2%

i would like to try replacing Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) with "Tapioca Pudding - One on One" as this recipe is still missing the subtle tapioca flavor.

Here is what FoggyPhoenicia had to say and i agree, ENJOY!

I find this recipe to be an enjoyable complex vape with distinct layers that play well together.

IMO FA mango is not "ripe" enough so I use it in combination with TFA Mango.
The combination of Sweet and Whipped creams along with the FA Fresh Cream form the base of the sweet and creamy coconut milk. 3% FA coconut might sound like a lot for an FA concentrate but it is needed here because the coconut would be drowned out by the other flavors otherwise.
TFA Rice Crunchies is basically "sticky rice" in this recipe. I think going above 2.5% would ruin the recipe.

The vape I get from this is a sweet mango on the inhale followed by a pleasant creamy rice flavor in the middle and a deliciously sweet coconut milk on the exhale.

My version of the traditional Indian drink "Mango Lassi". Rich milk/yogurt taste combined with mangos, honey , coconut and cardamom.

One of my favourites. Coconut , mango , pineapple cream , papaya and peach. Some sour is needed. EDIT: For some reason I can't add the Mississippi (INAWERA) concentrate at 1.6% which is the pineapple cream.

This is a remix of Karma by Mello Buddah
Karma 2.2


A cool Hawaiian drink on a nice hot day!

Tropical Mix Layer - TPA Mango & TPA Pineapple - These flavours play nice together and bring out a nice tropical mix.

The Berry Layer - CAP Raspberry & CAP Sweet Strawberry - Adding the red berry layer to the bottom of the drink.

Sweetness & Cooling Notes - CAP Super Sweet & TPA Koolada - Just to kick up the sweetness a bit and add some ice to the drink.

This isn't the most subtle recipe, but I very much enjoy the sweetness of this "beverage" vape! Enjoy!

An amazing honeydew vape with tropical fruits holding up and sweetening a lush wet melon flavour.

Depending on what setup your vaping this on, you might get a bitter note. I personally quite like it. But if your after that commercial taste then add more sweetener. About 1 % really dose the trick

This is a very simple recipe. I wanted to create a mango slush.
I used FA Mango to simulate the fruit pulp, the mature part.
TPA Mango instead is the least mature part of the fruit and increases the tropical effect.
Obviously the koolada creates the ice effect and the sugar makes everything much sweeter and more like a slush

[ITA] http://www.mixnvape.co/2017/07/06/county-mango-slush/


Pretty upfront mango with some honeydew and a little cantaloupe to pull it all together.

Adjust Koolada to taste.

--- Forgot to update. I changes TPA Honeydew to JF Honeydew at same %, personally i feel like it is way better, but feel free to mix it with TPA Honeydew/Honeydew II if you like that one better.

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