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(TPA) Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Flavor

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct

Used in 87 recipes at an average of 1.45%.


10 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

IMPORTANT!: This recipe uses a flavor that is not currently recognized by the site, and thus is not listed below. The flavor in question is Moon Sugar by Mr. Good Vape, and it can be gotten at Liquid Barn's website. This recipe calls for 8% Moon Sugar in addition to the other ingredients listed below.

This began as an attempt to recreate and enhance a flavor called Brewski that was made by someone at the local vape shop where I live, back in the glory days before the new laws and regulations prevented such vape shops from mixing their juices in-house. It was a wonderfully decadent dessert flavor consisting of Banana, Graham Cracker, and Sugar Cookie.

My first draft of this recipe was fairly simple, Banana and Moon Sugar, both used at the starting percentages recommended by Liquid Barn (7 and 15% respectively). The Moon Sugar on its own contains the necessary notes of graham cracker and sugar cookie, while also adding a touch of butterscotch, making it a prime choice for recreating and enhancing the Brewski flavor I loved so much.

The addition of Kings Custard was actually just a happy accident. I had run out of Moon Sugar midway through a mix, and so I chose Kings Custard as a substitute to fill in the remaining space. I found that it actually improved the flavor, especially after giving it some time to steep, so from then on I continued to use an approximately 50/50 mix of Moon Sugar and King's Custard.

For quite a long while I considered the flavor to be finished. It was already a wonderful dessert flavor that was a favorite among me and my friends. But over time I began to desire something more. Delicious as this flavor was, it still felt somewhat bland, and so began my most recent venture to further enhance it.

And that's where the Gold Rum and the Bourbon Vanilla came in. I found the Gold Rum to be an extremely strong flavor, and for quite a while I feared that it would simply be too overpowering and unsuitable for this mix, but after many attempts and a couple instances of deciding on a whim to try mixing old and new drafts of this juice, I believe I have finally perfected this recipe! At this low concentration the rum adds a warm savoriness without being overpowering, and the bourbon vanilla helps to further highlight the sweetness and creaminess of the dessert flavors. The result is a wonderfully savory custard flavor with just the right amount of sweetness and a faint alcohol bite. Pure decadent bliss!

A rich banana bread pudding lightly drizzled in a bourbon sauce and then topped off with sweet vanilla cream.

A very balanced recipe where all the ingredients compliment each other perfectly. It took a bit of tweaking but in the end I made something I truely love to vape.
This is one of my ADV that I just can’t put down.

A tobacco mix,in which the tobacco flavours were chosen for their special characteristics.Hondurian Ligero(SM) because it is smooth and slightly sweet.Cured tobacco (flv) for the woody nutty notes-Kentucky blend (flv) for the nutty-slightly leather-caramel notes and to enhance the sweet notes of hondurian ligero and cured tobacco.Aged bourbon cream (RF) and madagascar bourbon vanilla(TPA),combine well to give deep,darker creamy note that blends well with the kentucky bourbon and smoothens the final mix
The mix needs to steep for 5-7 days,for the creams and bourbon to come in place


Obviously,a creamy tobacco mix.I hope you mix and enjoy this!

A creamier,smoother version of my cigarillo doce recipe https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/74961#cigarillo_doce_by_nks. This mild version is still pretty tobaccoish but less "in your face" than the original

A scrumptious sugary doughnut stuffed with thick & creamy custard, drenched with sticky icing...

This recipe was inspired by St. Louie Butter Cake and all honors go to @MrBurgundy for his awe inspiring base for this reincarnation.

FA Zeppola and yellow cake combined creates an impressive doughnut base for this indulgent treat. The yellow cake adds some needed body to make this a fantastically fresh tasting, crispy fried doughnut.

The creamy custard filling is provided with compliments of my trusty custard combo of INW Cuastrd and Creme Brulee. These soulmates are the most perfect custard companions and their pairing here celebrates their combined brilliance....

The vanilla layer is boosted with a touch of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, which I discovered recently to be a contender to dethrone the other bourbon vanillas around... A faboulsy dark and rich vanilla flavour without adding any sweetness to the mix.

The icing is proved by a marvelous combo of LA CCI and FLV Frosting which, when combined, makes for an orgasmic, lip smacking, lick-your-fingers, sweet and sticky enrobement.

The powdered sugar works it way through the doughnut base and sits beautifully atop the icing as a sort of tactile base enhancer. It’s pure magic...

Give this baby 2 weeks to come together.

Prepare yourself for oral bliss...

Sometimes life doesn't go the way you planned...
but remember the unicorn puke at the end of the rainbow sherbet
looming in the distance..

straight tobacco-cigarillo taste with a touch of vanilla and nuts.good company for your morning coffee or late night drink.enjoy!

like fresh tobacco with spicy notes and.a light sweet aftertaste.needs 3 weeks steeping

A smooth glass of Blueberry Vanilla Milk.

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