(TPA) Lemon (water Soluble)

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A sweet and tart blend of citrus flavours. The main notes are lime and mandarin with support from mango, orange and lemon. It is bright and refreshing yet just tips to the edge of tart instead of sweet.

A nice refreshing profile. Pretty straightforward and simple formula. Nice floral green tea with a splash of cream and a touch of lemon. Super chilled with the ws-23 without the menthol like taste of ice flavors. This is an awesome recipe that’s perfect for a warm day!

Simple cobbler recipe. Heavy on my favorite berry, boysenberry. Slight cookie crust comes thru with a little brightening from the lemon. The Bavarian cream ties it together and softens it all up!

I wanted a refreshing soda profile. Grape can be a little cough syrup-like, so I went with a grape juice. The fizz pop gives it that soda taste and feel especially after a few days steep. I wanted a little acidity in there like real soda has, hence the added lemon. Soda is extra sweet so the super sweet is also in there.

Inspired by a hot toddy with ginger in, i ended up adding lots of cream to take the edge of the ginger which is quite strong. Essentially you have ginger and lemon with some molasses (from the Black Honey). The French Vanilla 'seasons' the Black Honey while adding a little more to the dynamic.

A thick, rich, sweet, smooth, full bodied mouthfull of lemon meringue cheesecake perfection without the crust, because why have anything but the best part of the cheesecake in the recipe.

To be honest I'm not even sure how or why I chose the ingredients I did for this. I sat in front of my mixing station one day, looked at my flavors and figured these would make what I wanted and they did, and spot on at that. The only tweaks I made were with the %s on the CAP Lemon Meringue Pie by upping it slightly from the original amount and the same goes for the CAP NY Cheesecake. And to make a note on the V2 selection. There is no shortness of body in this recipe, nor are there any strange off notes due to the use of the V2s. To be completely honest these two V2 purchases were made when I first started mixing and never used until now or anywhere else in my mixing. They did the trick perfectly here though without a doubt.

I hope you guys enjoy this one!

Another dinner lady clone... I’ve tried so many and none were spot on so I started a recipe of my own. I’ve reworked it a few times it’s getting closer. Hope you enjoy

Very simple sweet tea with a distinct peach note. The honeysuckle rounds out the black tea for a lighter floral tea flavor.

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TPA Strawberry Lemonade was not listed at the time of posting this so I have selected STRAWBERRY LEMONADE - PURILUM

Oh the Sweet Agony!
Raspberry & Lemon collide to become one in this tantalisingly tasty tragedy.

"Keep it simple, stupid"

Inspired by the limited edition V Energy Drink - Tortured Orchard and by Benjamin Horan (Ben's Juice) for his efforts in the Blue V as well as the July mixing challenge, and challenged by DiY Downunder to use only 3 ingredients. I have blended together what I think is the best 3 possible ingredients to form an amazingly close replica of this limited edition drink. Sour lemon with a hint of sweet on the inhale with a soft raspberry note, then a strong almost sherbert like exhale with a trailing raspberry lemon aftertaste.

If you have not tasted the New V - Tortured Orchard, Go and get yourself a can and try it then mix this up and tell me what you think. If I could add a fourth ingredient it would definitely be that Guarana Aspect but only in a small amount and in the form of maybe (VapeTrain - Mother Energy) or (Pure Flavour - Guarana) I personally have not tried these but it is where I would start my investigation.


https://www.facebook.com/groups/diydownunder interested in participating in the challenge then join DIY down under and check it out.

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After a day looking into various recipe Idea's I came across this dessert and I thought I would make it into a vape.. I never thought Lemon and Strawberry would work together.. This is great combination of rounded out flavors after only 5 days steep time..
Please Enjoy..

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