(TPA) Lemon Lime

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Looper by ANML clone/remix. This is how ANML describes this profile, "Looper by ANML is the newest addition to ANML's growing e-liquid collection, perfected and made by hand in small batches by Phillip Rocke. Looper carries a remarkably accurate flavor of fruity cereal over creamy milk; it has a complex-yet-immediately-familiar taste that flawlessly balances the crispness of a newly-opened box of fruity cereal with the rich, indulgent flavor of fresh milk."
As "Premium" juices go, I'm not too impressed with this. However, I know it's very popular and I wanted to tackle this for a much cheaper option while staying true to the original and possibly making it better. ANML says this is supposed to be a fruity cereal with fresh milk, but this is what I get from this vape. It's very lemony on top with a slight cereal note and a hint of cream. I also get a slight cactus after taste, which sounds weird, but I think it adds to the "fruity cereal" aspect. Here's how I deconstructed it.
The cereal:
I'm not a big fan of cereal flavorings so instead of using those, I chose to use CAP Sugar Cookie. At 3% it adds the slight cereal note I was tasting when combined with the lemon, lemon lime, and cactus, and CAP Sugar Cookie adds the texture I was looking for.
The Fruity note:
I've noticed a lot of recipes I've created using FE Lemon with a textured bakery, like CAP Sugar Cookie, resembles a "fruit Loops" like note. However, I was also getting a slight lime note as well. Using FE Lemon at .25% and just a touch of TPA Lemon Lime at .1% seemed to be spot on. But as I mentioned before I was also getting a slight cactus note on the end. With the addition of INW Cactus at .25% it made everything come together as it should, a "fruit Loops" cereal.
The Milk:
I don't get much milk from the original but it is there. CAP Sweet Cream at .5% was just what was needed. I also added a touch of CAP Super Sweet to brighten things up a bit.
If you've followed some of my recipes you will notice I use very low flavor percentages. The Boss Reserve clone is a good example at only 4.25% total flavorings. This is another example of low flavor percentages coming out to only 4.35%. But it's packed with flavor. If you enjoy the original Looper, this one is pretty damn close and a hell of a lot cheaper!

Can be a shake and vape but is best after a 3 day steep.
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Espresso Creme
Citrus aroma, passion fruit, cocoa and jasmine.
Vivid combination of dried papaya, black tea, rose, jasmine with caramel and bergamot aftertaste.


This is a remix of my Momma Slap Cheesecake. I took advice from other mixers to pair down my ingredients and also added a few new flavors.
LA caramel - This is used to give a slight dark buttery taste to the crust
TPA VBIC - This is used to balance out the sometimes "dirty socks" aroma that cheesecake can sometimes have and it helps round out the ruff edges of the cheesecake
CAP Vanilla Custard - This is used to add that eggy mouth fill that cheesecakes tend to have
CAP NY Cheesecake - well....base
TPA Graham Cracker - pretty self explanatory
INW Biscuit - This helps to bolster the Graham Cracker by adding texture and cookie-like flavor
TPA Greek Yogurt - I add this in small amounts to give the cheesecake a slight sourness. It seems to balance well with the JF Strawberry Sweet
TPA Lemon/Lime - You may ask yourself why? Well this adds a uniqueness that makes my cheesecake stand out among the rest by adding a slight freshness and "mouth watering" feel to it.
JF Strawberry Sweet - I like this strawberry because it gives a strawberry like syrup instead of just fresh strawberries

Best steeped for a week
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For anyone looking for a nice soothing vape while sick. I added 2 drops of HiLiQ/30ml which is a menthol. Shake n Vape

Smooth coconut/lime gelato. Refreshing, not too heavy.

Add koolada or menthol to taste. Steep 4-5 days.

Flavor Notes