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Made with a pod in mind but just as good as a sub ohm....Sweet and cool for those summer days ahead of us

So when this recipe came to mind I was not expecting anything special, It is an alcoholic beverage mixed with some fruit, yuck right? well sure enough with a ten day steep it has not done me wrong mix-wise. It has come out the be a nice novice-level mix of ingredients. It has a nice dark ambered rum as the profile, obviously. with a nice slight hint of fruity citrus on the exhale, but mostly the rum. It is no where near the best a person would have but it is a start.

This one started after a friend of mine wanted a menthol that would 'blow his head off', so I made him one, and it did. Once he recovered he said he loved the taste but it was way too strong, could I calm it down a bit? So I did. Then he asked if I could calm it a bit more and it became this, his ADV for well over a year now.
For me it's a nice menthol vape to clear your pipes, I use it as a reset for my taste buds when my flavours start to lessen.

This is an attempt to recreate TV cough drop. My partner likes it, it was their favorite flavor from them.

This is for people who like strong flavors. This will knock your socks off! Can shake and vape if you like.

exotic limonade with a little cool touch // still in progress version

A simple strawberry and mint ADV.

This is a mild and refreshing flavour to vape when you're looking for something that tastes good but you want to give your palette a break.

Can be vaped off the shake but it's better left for a few hours/overnight.

Just made this for pod. The Blueberry candy seems high, but its actually really good, gives that sour note nicely. Kind of reminds me of grape gum with mint.

Simple Peppermint Koolada Recipe

intense, cool, preparing for the summertime



An authentic mint, combined with fruity bubblegum, dark berries, rounded off by a perfectly dosed freshness.
Great mint taste with tasteful fruity nuances. It´s a pretty simple, but delicious recipe. The base of Garden Mint and American Bubblegum is very versatile, feel free to add any other fruit. I already have several versions of it, that will be published soon.

Garden Mint
This is an amazing flavour and in my opinion an absolutely "must have". Usually I’m using this flavour around 2-2.5%, but for this mix, I had to push it up to 5%. Its very authentic and fresh.

American Bubblegum
This flavour complements the Garden Mint in a wonderful way and adds a little bit of sweetness.

Forest Fruits
A well known blend of mixed berries. Slightly sweet and refreshing and not only in this combination a delicious flavour.

Super Sweet and Koolada 10%
As I'm not a big fan of sweeteners, I kept the percentages very low. Just a little bit of sweetness, just a little more freshness. Feel free to play with the percentages of these ingredients, it's up to your taste.

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

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