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(TPA) Key Lime

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1123 recipes at an average of 2.532%.


61 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A tasty coconut mojito I developed for r/mixersclub that never made it to the group for critiques.


This is a classic take on mountain dew Baja blast I made this along time on elr and it turned out amazing guys mix it up if your looking for a good soda in the summertime mix it up at 70/30 That's where its best at guys

A tropical candy mix.
Several fruits backed with jelly candy and taffy notes that create a sweet treat to vape.

I've been stuck on this one as have just been through the South Pacific islands, and wanted something to lounge around the beach vaping that wasn't a bakery or custard/cream.

A great summer vape.

as you might noticed, i am creating a lot of crazy stuff lately.
I found good inspiration with food pairings and give opposite flavors a chance to play together.

here, i made a interesting recipe for you which includes tartness, fruits, limes, tea and guava
the tartness of cranberry has distinct floral note that blends well with lemon tea and bergamot.
Guava is used here not only to give a juicy mouthfeel but also adding floral notes to the cranberry.
Key Lime is added to boost the high notes, lime zest adds sharpness.

it needs to sit 3-4 days, but after that it will be a taste you might not expect.


My Version of Elements Pink Lemonade, not as sweet but more tart.

Credit to Micah from ELR, his Recipe was the Base for this :)


Key Lime Cream with light graham cracker, heavy on the cream. Named for Key Largo, one of the Florida Keys.


I do not claim that i made this recipe, i shared it because its simply good and pretty close the the real juice. All the credits go to the original creator.

For the people that never had placid: This juice is a nice blend of honeysuckle, pear and strawberry with hints of lime.


Take a trip to the Florida Keys with a delicious slice of this creamy decadent pie...from the graham cracker crust to the meringue topping your taste buds will thank you for mixing this up


A rich but tart Key Lime Pie. It's a bit heavier on the custard and pie crust than some other variants might be, but that's what I was going for.

TFA Key Lime - This is the main note. A tart and not too sweet key lime that hits you right up front.

TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust/Pie Crust - The CGC helps to cut through the tartness of the key lime and paired with pie crust creates a nice pie base.

FA Meringue - This is there to give us that whipped meringue that you often find on the real thing. 1% is all you need to achieve this.

TFA Custard - This gives you the body of the recipe. Pretty straight forward.

My personal twist on a traditional Key Lime Pie. It's one of the very first recipes I've created yet I recently went back and revised to make it simpler. I hope you enjoy and of course, any and all feedback is welcomed.

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