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(TPA) Key Lime

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1134 recipes at an average of 2.527%.


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I had a blackberry, cucumber and lime water and it intrigued me to try and make it into an e-liquid. I think it turned out great please rate and review if you mix it.

In collaboration with Labworks. This is a beautiful full bodied green tea with hints of peach and apple. Enjoy.

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Please comment, mix, and or rate,....it makes us all better mixers. Enjoy :)

I tried a key lime pie gelato not long ago and the flavor was amazing. I said mane i can vape this all day, so i made it lol. This is my first original recipe!! Give it a try and give me your feedback. I love been an all day vape for me for weeks!!!

Here's my take on a Green Slushie, it is my ADV of the year, just can't get enough of it. Must have vaped more than a liter by now...
Enjoy and comment.

// Key Lime Pie //

This is one of my favourite recipes since I started mixing. The profile is simple and the flavors well balanced (from my point of view) and the first time I tried this version had the same feeling you get from a strawberry milk or cheesecake, that refreshing sensation of something well balanced, with a very distinctive flavor that doesn't require too much thinking, just vaping and enjoying.

The combination of Sugar Cookie and Graham Cracker Clear creates a buttery textured base, not too fluffy or flaky thanks to the "pie" in the Lemon Meringue and the Key Lime Pie, which adds the kind of bakery you find in a FA Apple Pie (for reference). The star of the recipe is the mix of the two Key Lime and the Lemon Meringue, with a touch of Strawberry Ripe to bring those flavors forward and the NY Cheesecake to give body and bond all together. Finally, the topping is that sugary cream feeling from the mix of Lemon Meringue and Marshmallow.

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to play with it and give your most honest opinion and suggestions!!

(English is not my mother tongue; please excuse any errors on my part)

No-fuss, zesty and sweet lime juice. Comparable to a margarita mix with some fresh lime squeezed on top.
Shake and vape.

TPA Key Lime - Tangy, top notes of the lime. Slight sweetness. On its own can be quite harsh, but marshmallow rounds it off to leave the zesty notes without the sharp throat hit.
FA Lime Tahity CP - A deeper key lime flavour. Plays well off the top notes of the key lime, adding a backdrop of syrup/juice.
Marshmallow - Rounds out the harsh notes of the key lime, adds some inherent sweetness and "smooth" balance to the mix.
Koolada - At 0.5% adds a coolness, reminiscent of a cold lime juice.


This is a play on a Pineapple Sorbet that adds some smooth topicality as well as a thick ICE
One of the recipes that you can increase for more flavor
Full flavor notes here: https://diyordievaping.com/2017/09/04/nu-sorbet-iced/

Refreshing and vivid summer vape , With a nice fizzy feel.

This is a wonderful summer vape. A friend of mine wants me to clone "Naked, Sweet Sour". After looking at the bottle & listening to her description, I came up with this recipe. She tasted it & said it has a little more Lime flavor in it from the original but is very good. Tastes like a lemon drop candy to me. Although not a identical clone, Very delicious! Pairs well with any citric drink. Enjoy <3

Key Lime Pudding! Sticky pudding mouthfeel with bright lime flavor and a hint of vanilla.

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