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(TPA) Key Lime

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1167 recipes at an average of 2.532%.


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This is a simple recipe for mtl or pod devices.

Freshly baked lime cookies

My vaping style completely changed to mtl.
So after a few years of mixing, i changed my mixing style to mix simple recipes specifically for mtl/pod devices.

The % of flavors is much higher than normal recipes.
But This works great in mtl/pod devices. The flavor is nice and bold.
Mix at 50/50 with desired nic strength.


A cool fizzy lemon lime soda drink.

This recipe used ID10-T' s 3-2-1 Cranberry Sprite as a template to make a 7 Up vape I've been after for a while. I made it during the "cold wave" that hit Europe last February but due to the weather, I wasn't inspired to vape or publish it. Now however, we're experiencing a "heat wave" and this cool refreshing mix goes down beautifully in the scorching sun. So mix this up, get out in the sun, slap on factor 30 and chill.

4% CAP Lemon Lime is livened up with 1.5% CAP Juicy Lemon and 0.5% TFA Key Lime. I needed a sweetener but it was muting the flavour somewhat. However, 0.5% TFA Honeysuckle came in handy and sweetens this up as well as blending everything. 2% VTA Fizzy Sherbet adds the fizz.

Use cooling agent of your choice. 0.35% FA Polar Blast also works great. Nice as a S& V but blends better after an overnight's steep.

A nice piece of store bought key lime pie like you find in the freezer section of your local grocery store. Tart and lightly sweet. Pucker up buttercup. You are about to take a ride to dimple city.


Breath of fresh tropical fruits. Mix this up. Great off a shake.

Looked in a cookbook came up with this. Still ongoing changes nice start though.

Do to the flu I cant taste shit but I didn't want to vape straight menthol, so I developed this little recipe.
I can't really tell if its absolute garbage but I'm fairly confident on my mixing skills
IF YOU ARE NOT SICK LOWER THE MENTHOL DOWN TO 0.75 - 1 (adjust to taste)

The koolada might be overkill but as I said, I cant taste anything and it helps with my congestion so you could drop that as well.


This has been my fruit ADV for the better part of the year so I've been refraining from sharing it until it was just right. I've put it through 9-10 iterations and this is where I'm at but this isn't even its final form. Originally, I wanted the profile to be a very sweet-guava laden candy. As a candy, it was delicious but I found that at the percentages required to get there, about 1 in 5 people (myself included) would get a bit of a soapy note, so in an effort to eliminate that it has become a fruity, tropical drink.

CAP Sweet Guava: This is the star of the show, love me or hate me for using such an easy fruit as the main profile, Sweet Guava is sweet, tart, and fairly complex as far as a fruit flavor goes. An interesting fruit that not too many people in the states have even eaten, it keeps me and many others coming back again and again for more.

INW Pineapple: This is hands down the best pineapple in 9/10 scenarios in my opinion. It's very fresh, and ripe tasting but does not border on rotten tasting as many ripe fruit flavorings do. Very authentic and far from a syrup, at 1.5% works very well and accentuates further the sweet/tangy thing that the guava has going on.

TFA Key Lime: A very solid lime flavor, adds a citrus note to really bring the tangyness of this juice to the forefront. Works well here but could be subbed for whatever lime you like. I personally find myself subbing this out occasionally for LA Banana Cream at 3% for a creamier, banana-laden vape (which is delicious). One of my all-time favorite versions of graffiti though, is using FLV Mango here instead of the lime at 2% for a sweeter, in your face, tropical punch.

FA Passion: Adds more depth and texture to the vape. Passion at this percentage doesn't carry much but its texture, if you turn it up to 1% you get a bit of a peach type note in the flavor but I like it where its at. If you take this up to 1.5% you get the candy ish flavor I mentioned in the intro, but the soapiness starts to come through. Try it where its at, play around with the percent if you want to later.

INW Cactus: The juiciness booster that makes authentic fruit flavors just really pop and become addicting in my opinion. If you don't have cactus in your arsenal here, TFA Dragonfruit works well at 1.5% but you really should always have a bottle of cactus on hand.

Mix it up and let me know what you think! This is what I believe to be my best creation in a year and a half of mixing!

Update 4/25/18: Adding 1% of TFA Apricot takes this recipe to a whole new level!

This is a light Lemon Whipped Cream recipe great for those who want a bit of citrus with a very light, creamy, subtle flavor.
Made for "(TFA) Lemon" Flavor Book Entry


Usually you leave sugar or gingerbread cookies for santa, but I wanted to switch it up a bit.
Lime sugar paste on top of a nice fluffy cookie
For my foundation I used the AP FA Cookie and de TFA Lemonade cookie which helps boost up the citrus from the lime.
FA meringue+sweetener create the sugar paste
adding a bit of AP helps with the grittiness grom the cookie.


this remix goes as a shoutout too wayne walker and I used alil lower % of lemon meringue pie and I used v1 and I added a few other things tell me whatcha think of it this way wayne give it a mix and tell me whatcha think

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