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(TPA) Key Lime

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1039 recipes at an average of 2.476%.


60 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

My take on a tangy ginger ale. I haven't made this in a while and actually forgot it's one of my solid classic recipes.

Clone attempt on Element's Pink Lemonade. Very good recipe, could be a little stronger.

Nice refreshing can of coke with a hint of ginger & lime.

I was just experimenting layering a few cherries & limes. Left for 5 days & it's pretty damn yummy 😊. I like cold vapes so the WS-23 (30%) is optional.

Nice refreshing blackcurrant, apple & lime mix. Pear was added to make it nice & juicy. WS-23 was at 30%


I've been lurking in the /r/DIY_Ejuice discord lately and watching folks talking about the 1,2,3 formula for simple recipes. I've been vaping this, or small variations of this for around 2 years pretty consistently. I don't need to spend a long time explaining how 1,2,3 works it's just a simple format for making easy pairings.

FA Raspberry: At 1% it's enough to come through the whole recipe, but without it's very prominent floral note taking over. You could easily use TPA (Sweet) Raspberry with slightly more, or INW Raspberry with half as much.

TPA Key Lime: At 2% it's a bit strong after the shake but it does suffer from some fading as is common in most citrus flavors. You could sub this with another lime fairly easily, but the ranges in potency are much wider in citrus flavors so use cautious judgement in choosing which ones.

FA Pear: at 3% this is really the main body of the flavor. It provides a juicy sweet centerpiece that carries both accompanying flavors easily without being forced out of the picture. I sometimes use an additional .5-1% of INW Pear if I'm really wanting a bit of extra flavor.

And that's it! Quick and easy. If you like bold lime you can vape this fresh, but I usually leave it a day or two to let the lime settle a bit.


This is a simple recipe for mtl or pod devices.

Freshly baked lime cookies

My vaping style completely changed to mtl.
So after a few years of mixing, i changed my mixing style to mix simple recipes specifically for mtl/pod devices.

The % of flavors is much higher than normal recipes.
But This works great in mtl/pod devices. The flavor is nice and bold.
Mix at 50/50 with desired nic strength.

A cool fizzy lemon lime soda drink.

This recipe used ID10-T' s 3-2-1 Cranberry Sprite as a template to make a 7 Up vape I've been after for a while. I made it during the "cold wave" that hit Europe last February but due to the weather, I wasn't inspired to vape or publish it. Now however, we're experiencing a "heat wave" and this cool refreshing mix goes down beautifully in the scorching sun. So mix this up, get out in the sun, slap on factor 30 and chill.

4% CAP Lemon Lime is livened up with 1.5% CAP Juicy Lemon and 0.5% TFA Key Lime. I needed a sweetener but it was muting the flavour somewhat. However, 0.5% TFA Honeysuckle came in handy and sweetens this up as well as blending everything. 2% VTA Fizzy Sherbet adds the fizz.

Use cooling agent of your choice. 0.35% FA Polar Blast also works great. Nice as a S& V but blends better after an overnight's steep.

A nice piece of store bought key lime pie like you find in the freezer section of your local grocery store. Tart and lightly sweet. Pucker up buttercup. You are about to take a ride to dimple city.


Breath of fresh tropical fruits. Mix this up. Great off a shake.

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