(TPA) Kentucky Bourbon

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Drink recipe: Almond Liqueur (Amaretto) + sour mix { simple syrup, lemon juice, optional citrus soda }

Almond liqueur: Almond Amaretto + Cherry Extract + Kentucky Bourbon (Adds to 'boozy' profile)

Sour mix: A tart citrus punch profile using cactus, lemon sicily and other citrus flavors [ + optional Sour Solution : replace w. WF Sour Ball Candy?]

was attempting a BB vapes XO blind mix and came up with this. its not really anything like what i had hoped, but it still turned out well.


A Blood Orange Sour Bourbon is exactly what I was longing for these hot days. This was the starting point to recreate this as an enjoyable vape.

FW Blood Orange brings the full fruit with the right strong bitterness to it but was on its own a bit overwhelming in providing the Blood Orange as the main note in a reasonable percentage to stand the other flavors. Adding FA Blood Orange in a 2:1 ratio helped in that direction.

For the Sour, I had a look on several bartender blogs and found multiple ratios of Lime or Lemon with straight sugar syrup. The TPA Key Lime with the CAP Super Sweet does the trick in the mix and complements the Blood Orange main note nicely.

The Bourbon was with a mix of TPA Kentucky Bourbon and FLV Bourbon a solid well-known combination to start with. The TPA Toasted Marshmallow added a hint of smoky notes with the advantage of really mellowing all the flavors together and increasing the mouthfeel.


Smooth and silky with an Attitude.
Kinda like a wet dream about Daisy Duke.

Sub jf Cocoa for VSO Cocoa at the same percentage. because VSO Cocoa isnt in the flavor list.

Trying this. Had tried similar, just polishing up percentages. This should work out just fine.

Two weeks later this is a great flavor. I am really enjoying this. Final recipe version below.


Coconut cream, bourbon and bright flowers.

I decided to go with FA Coconut for its non offensive coconut flavor and creaminess and FA Vienna Cream for its light vanilla notes and milkiness. Together you get a light coconut cream base.
WF Bourbon Aged Cream is the canvas. It is used to bridge the light coconut cream with TPA Kentucky Bourbon and adds its own unique abstractness.
The star ("light", if you will) is the 1:2 ratio of FLV Sugar Orchid (AKA vanilla flowers powder) and FA Lavender. They complement each other.

Sweetener is not a must, but FW Sweetener @ 0.25% is used to add a nice separation between the layers of this recipe.

West Hill Brandy - Notes of black currant with a honeysuckle finish, Also tastes like brandy. Found in the wine cellar in the basement of Vigil's Keep in Northern Ferelden.

*Black Currant is Silverline which isn't an option , but that is made by Capella.

Just a classic vanilla bourbon.


On this episode of INTERACTIVE MIXING, you decided the flavors and we mixed it! The first version was pretty close to a finished recipe but we wanted to try to complete it by adding JF Dulce De Leche and increasing the TPA Kentucky Bourbon. Thank you all for participating, you did a great job! To see the entire episode, go to https://youtu.be/awEGIwMN1Lc .

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