(TPA) Horchata Smooth

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Based off of Muon Gold. First recipe ever. Extreme WIP

I'm no pro mixer so let's just get that out of the way lol. I sit quietly in the background mostly making other people's recipes and not creating a lot.

That being said I couldn't find a horchata recipe and that itch needed scratching so here it is. I think it is quite good and authentic. Nothing too fancy. A nice smooth, creamy, and sweet rice drink with a nice cinnamon note.

I like this recipe sweet but adjust to your taste. I used 2 drops per 30ml of rich cinnamon.

Please give it a try and offer up comments and suggestions.

Coquito is normally made with Bacardi Dark Rum but since I’ve not had a Rum that replicates that taste the closest thing I have to that warmth is FL Bourbon and it worked. Combined eggnog and horchata to create the spicy thick cream base. Coconut Candy adds the coconut notes and the macadamian nut adds a realistic nut note to the blend. Sweet cream and cream fresh create the buttery milk notes and the FA Bavarian cream rounds it all out without adding too many vanilla notes.
Optional : Add 0.5% FW candy cane for the picture authenticity. Enjoy and Merry Christmas Familia.

This is a thick creamy sweet recipe coconut heavy and very creamy. Some people get the peppery notes from TFA VBIC if your one of those people you may want to sub for Cap Vanilla Ice cream. 10- 20 day recommended steep but for the impatient one 3 days will do. I find it to be perfectly sweet with no added sweetener but 1% EM (Cotton Candy) or 0.5% FW sweetener is optional.
I prefer EM in this over super sweet or FW sweetener because it is sweet enough without making it sickly sweet and EM in this mix serves as a blenderizer.
This recipe was uploaded on ELR on 04/17 and it's been real popular on ELR, I figured it was time to share it here.

This is a mexican rice milk with cinnamon and some fresh strawberries smashed up and thrown into the blender.
The base here is TPA Horchata Smooth,which is a really good place to start with.
CAP Graham Cracker has 2 purposes here.To get some thickness and to infuse a touch more cinnamon.The perfect ingredient for this kind of recipe imo
TPA CGA brings some dairy notes and some body as well to the mix
CAP VBIC here as to get some vanilla in there and to thicken up the horchata.
FE Sweet rice is...you guessed right,to get even more rice flavour.you could pump it up to 4 or 5% if you prefer a more ricy taste
Finally the Strawberry mix.Now this one is a classic 2014/15 combo which still works:why change a winning team? But feel free to use your favourite strawberry combo.

This is my papaya chai tea loaded with sweet orange cream and a few cloves of anise were used when the cream base was heated on the stove top..

I used dried papaya and put it in the tea with the rest of the chai tea seasonings. This is a light chai to highlight the sweet creamy papaya and orange.

I serve this with a couple toasted marshmallows to stir in and melt to brighten the papaya and lighten the spices for a wonderful summer night experience.


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