(TPA) Honeysuckle (pg)

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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This is just a tropical overload of tropical stuff. It's not funky. It's deff a tropical juicy kinda vibe. The foundation is cherimoya/guanabana and everything else revolves around it. Either adding to the off notes or bringing a wet vibe to the table. It's really delicious.

Perfect for summer and you can add ws23 to it if you like.

I added .5% stevia and 1 drop per 10ml for this recipe. Hope you enjoy. Dunno why i didn't transfer this over to ATF, deff makes the cut.

This was made because of my favorite gatorade which I can't find anymore. Nice and refreshing. WS-23 added as needed for cold.

I was looking for a nice mix with Elderflower as a base, as I didn't find one that suited my needs I created this one with the help of a few experienced Mixers. Hopefully other people will like it as much as I do.


Not my recipe. I just turned it Purple and I like it lol I subbed VT bilbery ripe for INW purple rain

I wish I could tell you more about how I created this but in reality. I coulda added some "blue" to it but I just got purple rain by inawera. I thought to myself, this tastes like it would fit but I wasnt sure. Turns out, it tastes really good.

Sometimes when you're really tired at 12am, u make some good mixes lol

My hibiscus foundation with cream. You can make this is in many ways and still be pretty darn good.

After 2 weeks, this steeps perfectly

You can swap vanilla swirl for cap vanilla whipped cream or fa cream whipped .5-1.0 if you want. Like here


The fun thing about this hibiscus foundation is every yogurt or vanilla that you throw at it, will stick. It's very adaptable. In fact. Just take the foundation and add your creams you prefer, itll still be good

I add LB and Vanilla swirl for a thick vanilla mix here.

This was inspired by the Zen Haus Nirvana. I wanted something that could be used both in a pod and in a dripper. And this was the result. Xiangu, , is a Chinese mythological figure and one of the Eight Immortals in the Taoist pantheon.

I figure if I bring 1 recipe over here. It should be this. One of my favorite creations using one of my favorite flavors. Cap hibiscus and SSA raspberry syrup

After trying a hibiscus drink with cbd, I knew I wanted to create this. It was a syrupy hibiscus and didnt taste like tea at all.

So I grabbed cap hibiscus. Studies say around 2% is perfect for a main show. I wanted to compliment it though. Raspberry syrup brings thickness to this. The honeysuckle helps brighten up the hibiscus getting rid of any odd off notes and gives a slight floral taste. Cactus to make a tropical vibe and add juiciness to the recipe. Strawberry ripe is also there to brighten and bring this hibiscus drink to where I want.

Perfect for beginners who are afraid of florals because this is more tropical than floral and absolutely a joy to vape.

Super sweet to your preference. I prefer .5 to 1% and rewick every 5 hits. 😇

West Hill Brandy - Notes of black currant with a honeysuckle finish, Also tastes like brandy. Found in the wine cellar in the basement of Vigil's Keep in Northern Ferelden.

*Black Currant is Silverline which isn't an option , but that is made by Capella.


Years ago, after trying someone's Honey Pearry remix (Pear, Honeydew, some Strawberry) and tweaking it to my liking, one of the first things I wanted to do was make a mango version. Unfortunately for me, that was before FLV Mango and other great mango flavors even existed, and my attempts were so bad I had to give up and settle for a peach version. I've finally revisited that old desire, and making a juicy, sweet honeydew/pear with a nice mango top note proved easy thanks to the combination of FLV Mango and VT Shisha Mango. The INW Prickly Pear makes it extra juicy while enhancing both the pear and melon aspects.


It's that old Honey Pearry by the Vapor Chef profile - honeydew and pear with a hint of strawberry, with some new twists.

TFA Honeydew is already outrageously juicy, and I've enjoyed recipes that use INW Cactus to make it even juicier. But if you do that, you have to deal with the taste of INW Cactus. Enter the new INW Prickly Pear. It's almost as juicy as Cactus. I don't think it actually tastes like prickly pear fruit, though it might if mixed with something like CAP Sweet Guava. But, I digress. It really tastes like some kind of juicy, sweet apple/melon blend. Which makes it a perfect complement for honeydew/pear. Next, cooling. The Honeydew-Pear pairing was already a fantastic summer juice because it's so juicy and refreshing, but I never thought to add cooling to it back in the day because Koolada/Polar Blast never seemed like it would be a good fit. Add some WS-23, though... wow.

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