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(TPA) Honey Circles Cereal

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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I know this is a busy recipe and trust me I tried to simplify it but I just did not get my intended result with less ingredients.

To me the picture represents a healthy version of a rice crispy treat. To make the HoneyO's part I chose a combination of TFA honey circles because it has an delicate honey and Cheerio note, and accented the wheat notes with some FA Breakfast cereal. The picture has what looks like nuts cranberries and some other berry. For theruit note I used a combination of FLV cranberry and FLV boysenberry and pushed the red berry note with a little FA Raspberry. Cap toasted almond and Kinako Soy for the nut in lieu of peanuts because i find that peanut butter extracts can easily overpower and add a cream note that I was trying to avoid. Please note that it is important to use Cap Toasted almond because TFA version would be a bit too dry for this and a little more bitter. I used marzipan as an accent to the almond and as a sweetening agent for the cereal. Vanilla swirl and meringue stand in as the marshmallow and honey for two reason. First off Honey to me has a terrible outer vapor odor that I do not enjoy and would be hard to balance in a short amount of time without a long steep and because in an actual cereal treat you wouldn’t actually taste the marshmallow but rather it’s used to keep the cereal together with its sugary goodness. FLV Sweet dough provides some brown sugar, caramel and gooey notes in the recipe, and acts as a binder between the cereal and the creams.

Sweetener Recommendation: Brown Sugar instead of any other sweetener because it simply works in this. But If you have an extreme sweet tooth throw in some FW sweetener 1% lol

Honey nut bunches of oats cereal in honey milk
Would add in some more cream for a more milky flavor


Bird Food: (Berry, Cheesecake, Granola) 70/30 Berry inhale, Cheesecake, Granola exhale.
"That's the last song you'll ever sing.
Held him down, broke his neck,
Taught him a lesson he wouldn't forget. But in my dreams, began to creep, that old familiar tweet tweet tweet."

No substitutions, this is my take on Berry, Cheesecake, Granola

Thank you and enjoy!

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