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This is a mix I made up for #DAYTIMEFRANKREVIEWS - Sunday mixin in the kitchen show . The Irish cream, and coffee combine to create the main profile for this mix. The meringue, whip cream and coconut add some fluffy mouth feel and create a sweet top note. The hazelnut, brown sugar and are the base notes. The vodka gives you that slight dryness on the exhale similar to what to the finish of a dry martini cocktail.

As with actual vodka this does not add a flavor to your profile - it add a dryness and extends the length of the finish on your exhale - which is a nice contrast to the sweet creaminess on the front end.


Smooth creamy vape with a hint of hazelnut and vanilla. If you don't have Beignets, feel free to sub with INW Biscuit at 1-1.5%.

Berry pastry with subtle nutty notes. Ok as a shake and vape (i typically bath the liquid bottle in hot water before vaping) Best after a weeks steep. Constructive criticism welcome. Easy on coils.

I've been vaping tobaccos on and off for a while now.
this profile has got to be one of the oldest profiles on the history of vaping.
My take on a tobacco heavy RY4 made from scratch.

Cubano type is one of the darkest tobaccos I own and my taste on this type of profile is tobacco heavy (It does need a steep though)
Vanilla custard and marshmallow give it a nice creamy vanilla flavor without being overpowering
TFA Hazelnut is kind of a dry nut to help give the recipe some grit
Caramel brings the recipe together adding sweetness and the flavor from traditional RY4s we all love.

LET IT STEEP: TFA cubano type is a horrible flavoring right off the bat, but it matures with time.
At least 15 days, better after a month.

My Grandpa used to smoke these god awful non filters called Raleigh cigarettes, they were some sort or very dark and nutty ciggies.
So I started my search:

I used Cubano Type because thats the darkest tobacco I own and it works well
The toasted almond and the Hazelnut give me the the nutty accents
INW DNB is there to give me that ashy taste

you can add a little AP to give it some grit and body

you can add some spearmint/menthol to make it a little fresher

Cookies filled with orange cream, hazelnuts and coconut. Needs good steeping.

Cookies with a little fat cream . There is also toasted almonds and hazelnuts.

A mild tobacco with plenty of nuts and creams. Inspired by "Bust-a-Nut" by Alisa.

A fluffy moist vanilla cake.

Steeping is a must. The Cake batter, Bavarian cream and vanilla swirls need about a week to develop. Sweeten as desired.

A result of playing around with the FW Ripple, and the Pistachio, which are in themselves two extremely underrated flavours!

A nice bit of layering going on here, with the sweet pistachio and hazelnut on the inhale, with the lingering sweetness of the ripple on the exhale.
Basically a nice caramel ice-cream doused in nuts. Yum.

Some credit to Wayne Walker, as this was a result of my making the Pistachio RY4 recipe, and realising that no matter what, tobacco flavours don't sit well with me, but that some of the flavours therein are great in combination.


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