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Gummy bears for Adam, enjoy.

Words words words words gotta have 10 words

Swedish Fish!!!! Adjust the sweetener to your taste. Thanks for trying!

Go buy a bag of the Sour Patch kids candy, pick one of every flavor out of the bag, throw them in your mouth and chew until the juicy fruit flavor coated in sour goodness bursts from each little candy. Bottle that experience up, throw it in the tank and vape the flavor away.

A sweet blend of tropical fruits. Peach, mango and pineapple infused white gummy. After vaping this, pop a white gummy in your mouth. Its the real deal!

This is simple. It's one of my go-to's when I want a good candy.

Tis the season for cranberry sauce. Sweet, cool, full of cranberry flavor with that jelly taste. If you're looking for a holiday flavor this year, give this a try. Can be vaped fresh, but tastes great after several days to a week steep.

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This has been a little project of mine for a while, my first ever rendition was super close, but then I tinkered too much and it fell apart. Recently I went back and rewrote it, and I think I nailed it. Vaping this is like shoving a handful of lifesaver gummies into your mouth, it's sweet and fruity. It needs a couple days for the FW Hard Candy to settle in, as well as the CAP Sweet Tangerine to die down. Vaping it at lower wattage can bring out the cherry and pineapple as well as the tangerine a bit, I feel like it changes every puff into a new flavor. Higher wattage you can taste everything pretty well, its a very fruity mix. The watermelon isn't so prominent in the recipe, but it gives a nice sweetness. Meringue was just to sweeten it up without Sucralose or EM.


"WST" - A Watermelon Strawberry Taffy - This recipe is tasty as a shake and vape. Give it time and it will turn into a gooey gummy mess of taffy watermelons and strawberries.

I was trying to clone Chubby Watermelon. I have the correct watermelon, but gave up because this is so much better. Nice ADV that doesn't overload your senses.

Needs about an overnight to steep and its ready to go, on the shake the gummy candy stands out too much. I really like the little bit of the sour aftertaste. You can play around with the sweetener I found 1.5 to be the point where it doesn't leave a sweet diet soda taste in your mouth and brings out the candy aspects. Added the Marshmallow in my 3rd version to round everything out and keep it smooth.

Tried alot of batches with TFA bubblegum and Loranns bubblegum and none of them tasted like chubby, this is as close as I have got. I actually like this a lot better than Chubby, the addition of sour makes it a nice run around town vape.

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