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Still need to work on the "tea" aspect, but it's getting there and it's tasty the way it is.

Pear and Bergamot Bubble milk tea

This is an adaptation of my Dewwy Boba recipe

In this version we are sticking to the Bubble milk base and substituting the Cherry Blossom for Bergamot and the honeydew we are exchanging for pear.

I wanted to attempt the recipe with an Earl grey tea base with a soft creamy pear as top note.

This worked out wonderfully.

Blueberry and Orange Bubble milk tea

This is an adaptation of my Dewwy Boba recipe

In this version we are sticking to the Bubble milk base and substituting the Cherry Blossom for honeysucle to create a syrupy floral to support the blueberry.

JF blueberry berry is juicy and is the perfect contrast to the vibrant and crisp FA Orange.

I have added a hint of fa billberry just to give the blueberry some depth

I love all of them... Yet to crown a winner.

Honeydewwy Bubble milk tea

Note: MF Honeydew = RAW honeydew*

I was playing around with RAW honeydew (I highly recommend it) and somehow triggered a memory of a peach&mango bubble tea I had a few years back during a visit to Frankfurt, Germany.

Its been 7 years and I hope my memory doesnt fail me with this intepretation. This is a first strike recipe and I don't really see any need to do more work on it. I really enjoy it and it hit the spot for me.

Cream layer
The top layer is going to be very light so i have a rare opportunity to really play with a good cream layer.

TFA Sweet cream - sweet and velvety
TFA Vanilla swirl - this will take away some of the weight but has the exact vanilla tone I am looking for
FA fresh cream - nondescript and used to undo the lightening effect of the swirl

Tea layer
FA black tea - strong and dark, exactly right for the profile although a tad bit earthy. I really love how the black tea lingers on your pallette, that is a quality I deem desirable for this specific profile.

TFA Green tea - breaks that earthyness and just give body and depth to the tea layer. While i wasnt specifically going for a matcha profile, I think it did a wonderful job and compliment the profile beautifully.

TFA Cherry blossom - bubble teas are ofter made with aromatic teas and i didnt feel the standard ceylon or bergamot or would go too well with the honeydew... So I chose cherry blossom, I felt that with the vanilla will help push the tea into the aromatic territory and I am very pleased with the result.

Dewwy layer
The top layer is very light so we are going in low and linear.

RAW Honeydew - light, authentic and creamy, simple and effective.

You can play around with this, chocolate, mango, peach, berries, coconut, hazelnut, almonds.. Even citrus... The possibilities are endless! stay low and you will get great results.

CAP Super sweet - helps mask some of the astringent top notes in the black tea but also helps in carrying the creams and vanilla.

So thats it. I'd love to get feedback on my attempt!

Just 5 flavors are good enough for an easy and nice sweet peach tea!
You can shake n vape it but it's better after 3 days.


Strawberry-Apple Iced Tea. Light & refreshing. Best at 65% VG. Good fresh, but tea becomes stronger after 1-3 days(I prefer it at 3 days).

Flavor selections are kinda self-explanatory! Enjoy!!!

You may not sell this recipe for profit. This recipe isn't intended to be copied over to other websites(such as ELR, etc.). It is solely provided by me to share to individuals at All the flavors.com. Please respect mixers wishes, as they give of their time/recipes freely.


Cold Green tea with a strong hand of blood orange and a touch of whipped cream to smooth it out.

"Pears under Palms" is a creamy pear-coconut milk-green tea-smoothie and my recipe for the 1st Beginner Blendings Mixxed Competition Finals. If you like creamy and fruity vapes, this one is for you. On the inhale you get a slightly sour pear-note which, on the exhale, turns into a creamy smoothie with a sweet green tea and mild coconut undertone. I hope you like it as much as I do.
This round was again pretty hard for me because I created three very different recipes which came out pretty nice IMO. It was a hard decision and I hope I chose the right one to win the comp ;) I'm probably going to release at least one of the other two recipes when the contest is over. Good luck to the other three contestants!

Attention: For the coconut I used Jungle Flavors (JF) Coconut!!! Unfortunatly I couldn't find it in the flavor list, so I used TPA's as a placeholder!!!!!

FA Pear
I wanted to keep pear as the main profile and FA Pear is a very realistic one IMO. You can probably add a bit TPA Pear to highlight it a bit more, but being limited in the number of flavors to put in I chose not to do so.

FA Fuji Apple & FA Lemon Sicily
I used Fuji and Lemon Sicily to boost the pear and to make it a bit brighter und upfront. Both used at low percentages to not overpower the pear.

FA Whipped Cream & TPA Bavarian Cream & FW Hazelnut
These are obviously the cream components. I added Bavarian Cream to make it a bit sweeter and I found that, after a few days steep, it blended very good with the coconut and gave a coconut-milk like taste. The hazelnut served as enhancer for the creams and again brings everything together.

TPA Green Tea
About 2 % added a nice sweat green tea flavor, creating an overall more interesting vape-experience.

JF Coconut
For the coconut I used Jungle Flavors (JF) Coconut at 0.7%!!! Unfortunatly I couldn't find it in the flavor list, so I put in TPA's as a placeholder which might work as a replacement as well!!!!! JF Coconut is my favorite coconut flavor at the moment. I used it under 1% because in combination with the creams it tends to mute the fruit flavors after a while. It takes about a 2-3 days steep to sit down in the mix and not to be to dominant.

TPA Sweetener
I used just about 1 drop/10 mL to add a bit more sweetness to the mix. Add more if you like but beware that it potentially mutes the fruits as well.

Notes: mixed at 80/30 (VG/PG). Steep: minimum steep over night, best after 3-5 days.

Mango Boba Tea

FA Lemon Sicily, FA Whipped Cream, FA Pear, FW Hazelnut. Hmm... All wonderfully utilitarian concentrates but all helper flavors, not really suited for leading a recipe to the top of the box office. So what do you do when given a basket full of solid supporting actors? Showcase them as such, and cast yourself a leading lady with some exotic sex appeal! In this case, the lovely and talented FLV Mango! And how do you make it a blockbuster? Give her a love interest, of course! Enter: TFA Green Tea, a Lipton tea bag type green tea with a bit of a grassy note that’s a little unfortunate for fruits alone but easily covered up by something creamy.

So the romance between our star, sweet, juicy FLV Mango, and TFA Green Tea takes center stage, but who are these other characters and what are their roles? For all her beauty, FLV Mango has an annoying habit of sitting right on top of the recipe. The hefty weight of CAP Sweet Mango pulls her down, into the tea and beyond, so that the taste of mango permeates the experience. FA Pear also adds a nice pomaceous sweetness that builds a bridge between the mango and tea, but his main task here is to provide a wetter mouthfeel for this beverage-inspired vape. Meanwhile, FA Lemon Sicily enhances the citrusy top notes that are part of what being a mango is all about, speaking up for those high notes partially muted by milky ingredients while the deeper mango tones hold their own. FA Whipped Cream easily makes this a milk tea, with the assistance of a touch of FW Hazelnut to give it the savoriness of milk. Hazelnut also teams up surprisingly well with one final ingredient, CAP Jelly Candy, to give you a textural surprise like those delightfully gummy tapioca pearls. Because it’s just not boba tea without the balls to suck through those fat straws.

This is my first public recipe. Also one of the first shooting from the hip recipes I created. The original was made in November '16.

This is something I whipped up after searching google for candies with jasmine and tea in them. I can't find the actual food recipe I found but my ingredients were used to reflect what I have on hand and what I felt replicated them.

On the exhale it has a nice smooth milky green tea flavor, on the after taste its a milky caramel flavor.

I actually did vape about 10ml of this the few days after making it and it was good then but obviously after 2 months in the cabinet, I can say a steep brings it to life.

I've never done notes before be gentle.

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