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(TPA) Greek Yogurt

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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I got inspiration from CheebaSteeba's recipe, Mango Lassi.

A Mango Lassi is a yogurt based mango smoothie. I worked on this for a while and I'm proud to share it.

The breakdown of the recipe:

Yogurt Base:

-Creamy Yogurt (CAP)
-Greek Yogurt (TFA)
-Cream Fresh (FA)


-Philippine Mango (TFA)
-Golden Eye (NR/PUR)*
-Sweet Mango (CAP)
-Mango (FLV)

*Golden Eye (NR/PUR) - This is a sweet, an almost tangy mango all mixed into one. It's a great blender flavor and is very smooth. Works great to help with the top note for the mango. Love this flavor.
-If you don't have Golden Eye, mix it without it. It's still delicious. Then when your at Nic River, pickup a bottle, mix this up with it and see the magic happen.

Mango Enhancer:

-Lime Tahity Distilled (FA)
-EM from Sweetener (TFA)

Low Pass Filter:

-Vanilla Swirl (TFA)


-Honey (FA) 1 drop per 15ml (used original Flavour Art bottle)
*If you don't like honey, then omit this flavor.
-Sweetener (TFA)


MTS Vape Wizard (FA) - 1 Drop per 10ml (used an original Flavour Art bottle)
*This is not a must have but it helps the recipe.

This is my first post on ATF and wanted to make it a good one. A big thank you to Wayne for introducing me to this great art, and everyone I have learned from. I began mixing when Wayne first started his channel and love it to this day.

I mix this anywhere from 60-70 VG. All the ingredients are important in this recipe and make it work.

*Update 2/11/18 : I have tried to remix this recipe using less ingredients, numerous times, and I can't come up with one as good as this version.

Feedback is welcomed. If you mix this recipe and give me a review, in return, I will mix a recipe of yours and give you an honest review. Enjoy!


Twisted Berry Blast. Ever get tired of the same old strawberries and cream? Well, I did. Here's a FA Forest Fruits twist on strawberries and cream.
CAP NY Cheesecake- Base for the whipped cream to lay on
TPA Whipped Cream- Sits on top of the NY Cheesecake to give it a fluffiness
TPA Meringue- Well....just because I like it
TPA Greek Yogurt - Adds a slight tangy aspect and fits well with the sweetness of the FA Forests Fruits
FA Forest Fruits - Well damn! It's just plan ole sweet mixed delicious
Shake n Vape

Taste more like a gogurt that a yogurt.
I had lots of help with this one. From my friend.
Das moose.


There's one word that captivates this vape: balanced. It's sweet, but not too much. It's tangy, but not too much. It has punchy, vibrant fruits and berries - not too many to overwhelm, not too few to not leave you guessing - and it's not harsh. It's really creamy, but not in the heavy cloying custard kind of way. It's also not an innovative flavor profile per se, but it's still unlike anything I've had.

This tastes more like a smoothie that's meant to be drunk than a straight up yogurt meant to be eaten. It's suuppeerrr smooth throughout the vape and really leaves me craving for another drag every time.

The yogurts and butter cream create a suprisingly thick, slightly sweet and perfectly tangy cream base which works well with the strong, dark and tart Harvest Berry, the sort of candylike Kiwi and the Blueberry Extra that bends the berry notes away from the blackcurrant in Harvest Berry and towards realistic forest fruits. EM takes away the chalkiness in the yogurt. I got the idea of using FA Kiwi in this recipe from Killberry Yogurt by MikeC / VHM, that Kiwi has got some SERIOUS secret ingredient potential going on.

Mix this. You won't regret it.
Overnight steep - optimal at 3 days. After that, I don't notice any significant changes.

My personal twist on a traditional Key Lime Pie. It's one of the very first recipes I've created yet I recently went back and revised to make it simpler. I hope you enjoy and of course, any and all feedback is welcomed.

This is my entry for the Mixxed contest round one from beginner blending. I wanted to go against the grain and not do a bakery recipe with the basket ingredients. I combined two yogurts and cinnamon danish swirl to create a cinnamon roll yogurt. I then added strawberry and apple and threw them in a blender with meringue for creamy sweetness (not literally!) to create a strapple cinnamon smoothie. The two fruits are upfront on the inhale and the cinnamon roll yogurt come out on the exhale. Not your conventional smoothie, but a nice sweet fall treat. Enjoy

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

I started this one almost a year ago and I held this back for a few months until this September because I always though it's not ready, but to hell with it. I enjoy it and my friends enjoy it.

I give you BB-8, the recipe that tries very hard to be a mango lassi and tastes like the feeling you get when you watch BB-8 roll around in The Force Awakens.

Coconut/Cream/Yogurt - Lactones/cold cream/yogurt. CAP Creamy yogurt didn't have enough tang to not be Yoplait, so Greek Yogurt is there to support. It's still not very tangy but it's not supposed to be.

Mango/Sweet Mango/Dragon Fruit - percentages from /u/bigted209's "The Mango!". I lieu of INW Mango, I tried INW Dragon Fruit and that filled the top note tropical hole which TPA and CAP mangos leave behind. Nice.

Cardamom - Gotta have that cardamom. /u/CheebaSteeba says it's overpowering even at 0.0something. Someone somewhere said that that could be because of INW Mango. If you're scared of cardamom, omit it or try at ridiculously low percentages. You? You like it at 0.25% or lower.

Sweetener (Kinda optional) - TPA Sweetener is 5% sucralose, 5% maltol, and it does fit in here, because there's nothing fruity/sugary sweet in here otherwise. CAP Sweet Mango is sweet, but it's only that over-ripe thick sweetness. You need a bit of sugar. Maltol can give a bit of jammy sweetness, which doesn't bother me but I could live without it. Can be replaced with your favorite sweetener. I'm guessing CAP Super Sweet at 0.25-0.5 would be perfect.

I like numbers.


Sweet berries are at the forefront with the yogurt adding a creamy feel in the back. Needs a 3 day steep for the yogurt to come through.

Yoghurt with banana and strawberries.


"A creamy Vanilla Yogurt with fresh and tart Blueberries, topped with crispy Granola."

If you're wanting to drop the VBIC and Sweetener, increase Blueberry Extra to 6 and Cheesecake to 4.5

Flavor Notes