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(TPA) Greek Yogurt

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the sugar cookie, cake batter and biscuit make up the flakey pastry and the blueberry jam and greek yogurt make up the jam part of this recipe topped with a light dusting of whipped cream and maybe powdered sugar really good

S(trawberry) P(apaya) Y(ogurt)

Arcadia reminded me on how much I love TPAs Greek Yogurt.

This is the yogurt base from Arcadia mixed with a sweet creamy papaya and a hint of strawberry.


My version of the traditional Indian drink "Mango Lassi". Rich milk/yogurt taste combined with mangos, honey , coconut and cardamom.

A creamy and fruity mix. A little sour/lemon taste from Greek yogurt and lemon sicily.

This was the first recipe I wanted to make when I got into mixing a couple years ago and it's seen many iterations since then. This one is the current version and I'm pretty happy with it which is why I chose it as my first official upload on here. This flavor is good as a shake and vape but really seems to shine after 3 days. The Shisha Strawberry percentage may seem a tad high but it does good work in combination with all the other fruits in the mix. The TPA Graham Crust/Graham Cracker Clear and FA Almond are the closest I've been able to get to a granola so far. I truly hate TPA Oatmeal Cookie and Rice Crunchies so this is what I'm using until I find something that works better.


"YALT" Yet Another Lemon Tart! This is my second version of Lemon Tart Cracked! I found that the first version did not steep as well using the tpa lemon/lime and fa lemon sicily. It had a very strong lemon/lime zest to it making it bitter and harsh. This version still has a bit of a throat hit on the first few hits but smoothes out after a bit. And a few days steep it gets even better. I believe fe lemon is the correct lemon to use for this mix as it doesn't have a lot of the zest.
Inhale you get a slight zest from the lemon and on the exhale a nice tart and creamy lemon with a crisp "graham cracker-like" crust without having to use graham cracker. The fa apple pie and cap cereal 27 does this nicely. The tpa greek yogurt adds a very slight tanginess that sits well with the fa meringue, and who doesn't love meringue. Just a touch of sweetener to liven it up a little and you have a great adv for the hot weather to come.
You can also add .5% tpa vanilla bean gelato to add a eggy note to the recipe if you're looking to get a bit more of a custard flavor, but I prefer it without the VBG.
Good as a shake and vape but only gets better with a few days steep. Please comment, mix, and or rate, it makes us all better mixers.
PS I have a pg sensitivity so all my recipes are maxvg. I haven't tried this with adding pg, so if anyone mixes this with adding pg please let me know your thoughts. Enjoy :)

So grape..... I think alot of us have played with grape and know it can suck at times. Alot of people I've talked to alot of people, friends, mixers and the biggest things I hear is it taste muted or it just not satisfying. That's a feeling I wanted to try and solve and take it out of the box and this recipe is the product of that. Flavor notes below thanks for looking hope you enjoy.

Grape- TFA Grape juice, this is a great grape juice but it has its flaws. In my opinion its too linear by itself and its on the weak side so you have to go a little
higher on it to get what you need.
INW Black Currant&FW Blueberry, these two are used here to help bring up the grape juice and make it more rounded and full.
TFA Greek Yogurt, now this isn't used necessarily to make a grape yogurt but it has that tart or tang note that just helps bring out the grape and gives it
canvas to sit on.
FA Fresh Cream, this is here to help create that canvas with the Greek yogurt.
Cap Super Sweet, I just like a sweeter grape and I think it helps the profile but leave it out if you don't like sweetener

So this is a recipe I've been playing with for the last month or so... Personally I'm not huge on many yogurt flavors I've tried in the past, they are either way to strong on the fruit and the yogurt is no existent or the fruit gets hidden behind the yogurt which who ever wants that to happen right? Well luckily for us its DIY for a reason we can create recipes that suit our needs or wants, notes are down below. Feel free to leave any feedback or general comments or let me know what you would change for your personal preference.

The Berry- FW Blueberry, in my opinion is one of the best blueberries I've tried and it always seems to pair nice with creams and bakeries so I knew this was the
one I wanted to use here because it holds up in a steep and it taste good right away so its a win win.
FA Bilberry, This is just a special flavor its powerful and such a deep flavor that it can really just lift or finish so many flavors but when used with other
blueberries or dark fruits it just seems to make them more present and up front instead of hiding in the back.
FW Blackberry, this is another similar situation where I think its just the best blackberry at least in this profile, you can tell its a blackberry it doesn't
get lost or have a off floral taste to it and when its put against the blueberry combo it holds up and lets you know its there.

The Yogurt- TFA Greek yogurt, Now this is a flavor that some people like and some people would rather go with Capella and personally I like both. I'm sure that

if you use Capella in here you will like it if its your choice of yogurts and I almost did but I decided to layer this one another one because it just has
a nicer tart flavor on the back end of it in my opinion.
Capella Greek Yogurt, AKA the other one. This was my choice at 1% to throw in and layer with the TFA Greek, the reason I did this is because while I
like the flavor and that tangy bite TFA has it can be a bit much after a while specifically if your vaping it all day and what Capella does is comes in
and smooths and rounds out the TFA just enough to knock down that tang just enough so it doesn't get annoying if you vape this all day and it
also just brings more weight and cream to the yogurt

The Extra-Fw Graham Cracker, now this I added just to give the overall recipe a little more mouth feel, weight, texture, and who doesn't love graham cracker.
This is not a must if you just want a regular fruit yogurt feel free to leave it out or sub with TFA Graham Cracker Clear. I didn't go with GGC because I
Felt it just had too much of a GC pie crust flavor which you may like and it works in alot of things but here i didn't want the confusion of is it a
yogurt? Is it a pie? WTF is it? so this one is up to you guys leave it out change it do whatever you think you will like.

Capella Super Sweet, this ones pretty obvious you can leave it out if you like or bump it up I just like my juice with a hint of sweetener in it and
it does kind of help bring everything together in my opinion.

Thanks for looking mix it up, comment, critique, do your thing. This recipe isn't perfect for everyone but I hope some of you enjoy it or use it as a reference when you decide to make a new yogurt or first yogurt even.


This is the penultimate blueberry cream vape.
A remix of Rocketman.

Our blueberry base is sweet and tart. While remaining candyish.
The cream base is brought together by HS ice cream and blooms nicely after 1 week. Though this can be SNV.

FW blueberry.
A strong non fading blueberry. Tastes reminiscent of the original Rocketman while adding much needed body.

Tpa bb wild.
This adds candy to the blueberry mix without taking it over.

Tpa Quince.
Adds a nice tartness and wetness to the vape.

A great supporting cream and light pastry.

Tpa Greek yogurt.
The main body of our cream base. Lightly tart, and nicely textured.
Blends perfectly with our blueberry base.

Tpa GCC.
A hint more Graham. I felt this recipe was lacking in the pastry department.

HS ice cream.
The show stopper of creams.
This adds a thick richness missing from the original while not altering the flavor.

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This is a remix of my Momma Slap Cheesecake. I took advice from other mixers to pair down my ingredients and also added a few new flavors.
LA caramel - This is used to give a slight dark buttery taste to the crust
TPA VBIC - This is used to balance out the sometimes "dirty socks" aroma that cheesecake can sometimes have and it helps round out the ruff edges of the cheesecake
CAP Vanilla Custard - This is used to add that eggy mouth fill that cheesecakes tend to have
CAP NY Cheesecake - well....base
TPA Graham Cracker - pretty self explanatory
INW Biscuit - This helps to bolster the Graham Cracker by adding texture and cookie-like flavor
TPA Greek Yogurt - I add this in small amounts to give the cheesecake a slight sourness. It seems to balance well with the JF Strawberry Sweet
TPA Lemon/Lime - You may ask yourself why? Well this adds a uniqueness that makes my cheesecake stand out among the rest by adding a slight freshness and "mouth watering" feel to it.
JF Strawberry Sweet - I like this strawberry because it gives a strawberry like syrup instead of just fresh strawberries

Best steeped for a week
Please comment or review, That's what makes all mixers better :)

Flavor Notes