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(TPA) Greek Yogurt

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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60 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Le petit-déjeuner, french for the breakfast, is what I made for my darling wife when she asked me for something different, although it had to be another strawberry vape.
The profile is a piece of toast, slightly brown and crisp with a tiny bit of butter and a delightful layer of sweet strawberry jam.
As Breakfast from Solub Arome can be a bit too burnt tasting on it's own, it is tempered here by the yogurt, that's the secret in this recipe.
My wifie is a sweetie, so I added a ton of sweetener, that's how she likes it.
Of course you can lower the Super Sweet or use CAP Super Sweet instead.
You can shake and vape this one, but a few days of rest practically always improves the overall flavor and the combination's potential can be attained.

Let me know if you like it, I know she does... ;)
Have yourselves a good morning, don't forget the coffee and enjoy,

P.S.: If you like Jam Monster Strawberry, you might like this one too...


I am very happy to be able to share this recipe with all of you. While this is not an original recipe created by me, it is one of my favorites. A big shout out to Beaufort Batches on ELR for allowing me to share this recipe on ATF.

The profile is basically described as kettle corn tossed in a glaze made of strawberry gelatin, marshmallows, yogurt, brown sugar and half and half cream and sprinkled with crushed up crunch berries.

What I get out of this is an experience very true to the profile description. The use of the kettle corn, biscuit, and AP provide a very nice authentic popcorn note, and all of the other flavors combine beautifully to mimic the glaze.

This is one of many excellent recipes created by Beaufort Batches and I highly suggest mixing this one up. It is definitely the best popcorn vape I've tried so far. If you decide to give this one a try please drop by ELR and show BB some love with a rating or comment. Hope you all enjoy this one!

For Week 7 - Feeling Heroic? The Year of Mixing Challenge:

As we grew up, we grew to love to hate Snape. He always seemed to do everything he could to stifle Harry, get in his way, embarrass him, or humiliate hit. He seemed to be one of the coldest people in the Magical Universe. Later in the series our suspicions were correct!!!! Snape is now working with Voldemort again! He sat idly by as Charity was killed during the Meeting at Malfoy Manor. How is this man a hero?! Well, as we find out in the last moments of his life, his whole reason for being; to keep Harry alive until the end. He was asked to Protect Harry, guide him, help him along, all while acting as if he hated him. He was asked by Dumbledore to play 007 with the Dark Lord. He played his part until the end as one of the most critical pieces in the chess game.

What did Snape love more than anything? Lily Potter. He fell in love with her as a child and that love only grew stronger with time. In his own way, he loved Harry, though he hated him at the same time. He loved him because he reminded him of Lily, and hated him for the same reason, as well as being reminded of James. So what does Snape eat when he breaks down and wants to remember Lily? He eats an Indian (Lily's favorite food) sweet yogurt dessert called Shrikhand. It is a thick, yet creamy yogurt dessert dressed with saffron, pistachio, and spiced with cardamom.

Dumbledore: "After all this time?"
Snape: "Always."

All these quick and easy recipes are my kind of jam.
I've discovered over these last couple of years I've been mixing that simple recipes help me by avoiding vapers tongue.


I got this idea from all the times and days I spent at the hospital and had lunches with pops and it was a very good but sweet cheesecake and had a bite of tartness to it and had a hint of granny smith apples on top of it with some caramel spread on top of it


I haven't done a yogurt in awhile so this was an attempt of my favorite flavored snack. Its creamy, fruity and tasty indeed.


This is the second version of Kiberry Yogurt that is more in line with the original tastes. (V1 IS WAYYYY Better)


Someone I know asked me to mix her up a strawberry banana smoothie and here it is. This I must say has me hooked. I have a hard time vaping anything with strawberry and i havent put it down.

Fage yogurt with honey. Don’t leave out the Oba Oba, it makes the FA Yogurt not taste like stinky, old cheese and feet. Despite this stellar description mentioning old cheese and feet, this really is a wonderful vape, IMO.

Another remix with the yogurt base from Arcadia.

As TPAs Greek Yogurt reminds me so much of Rocket Woman¹, here's my homage to it.

Using two thirds of the holy trinity of spaceberry² garnished with the crushed intestines of 27 extraterrestrial cereals and sprinkled with Sicilian rocket fuel, this is what Barbarella would have vaped, if vaping would have been a thing in the future from the past.

¹ A Rocket Man clone concentrate from the German company Twisted Vaping.
² https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/60mhgw/feeling_berry_blue_need_an_fotw_to_cheer_you_up/df7m9pz/?st=j95fht71&sh=533f2c6d

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