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(TPA) Greek Yogurt

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 833 recipes at an average of 3.318%.


60 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

It was Yogurt Week on SaturDIY'ing with Fresh03 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mITQhwx2Iuc

TPA Greek Yogurt/OOO Creamy Milky Undertone make the very smooth but tart Icelandic Skyr yogurt.

WF Saskatoon Berry is just wonderful and incredibly tasty, don't use it over 1%.

INW Rasberry/FLV Red Raspberry make for an authentic raspberry helping the saskatoon berry and the tartness in the mix.

FA Meringue is here to round the mix and give it a little more body.

Enjoy this tasty smooth yogurt, be queer & vape on!


Just relax and enjoy a strawberry cream!

some notes
-The yogurt isn't tsopani style! Its more like a cream smoothie!
-succulent strawberry from osd is one of the best strawberries mix out there for sure!both with fairy floss from vta and a little raspberry from fa makes a perfect combo
-Hazelnut from fw and berries with creams!you guys need to try this!
-marshmallow doent effect much on first day- after 2-3 days is starting to work and its here to make some cuts
-super sweet is optional but a touch is always fine!


A quick easy mango recipe for your pod or juul. To be used with salt nic, pod, MTL, Juul device.

Update: Shout out wadeyloops. I did post a DL (direct lung) version on FB chat. Thanks for posting it on ATF comments.
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FA mango .75
Tpa Greek 1
Flv mango 2.5
Tpa marshmallow .5
Flv Sweetness .15 or super sweet you can use EM or cotton candy if you prefer to blend and remove sharpness of the mangos.

75vg/25vg 1 to 3 day steep time.

A multi-layered lemon parfait.

This needs just a couple days to settle in and the lemon is miraculously still present @ 70+ days.

Movin' to the country,

Gonna eat a lot of peaches

This is a Peachy Blueberry Smoothie.

The main focus here is the Peaches, which is delicious on the inhale, the smoothie is made with TPA Greek Yogurt and VT Orange Juice. The Hangsen Blueberry, is tasted on the exhale.
Delicious as a shake n Vape.

LOOKING for a group to learn about mixing your own juice check out these groups and YouTube channels


This is my take on Chobani, Flip, Perfect Peach Cobbler.
Product description:
Perfectly peachy ChobaniĀ® Greek Yogurt nestled beneath a cobbler-like layer of oatmeal pastry pieces and frosted cinnamon crunch.

So, this is pretty straight forward, the yogurt base, TPA Greek Yogurt and OOO Vanilla Custard Cheesecake, I took from a yogurt base Fresh03 did. If you don't have OOO Vanilla Custard Cheesecake, you can order direct from OOO or on Amazon, or DIY Vapor Supply has it. I highly recommend this flavor concentrate.
The peaches used for the yogurt base, FA White Peach and Cap Yellow Peach. These 2 together work very well with the yogurt.
Then for the yummy Flip cobbler pieces and crunch I went with, WF Oatmeal and Cream Cookie SC and FLV Cinnamon Crunch.
This may become one of my new all day vapes, especially for summer.

Pomberry Jam Blast is a dark musty vape, I removed the whip cream to allow more of a cream flavor dairy note, added cream fresh to help the greek yogurt shine. Feedback is encouraged.


FA Forrest Mix- amazing standalone, Dark berry mix.
TPA Greek yogurt- sour (not sweet) creamy yogurt base (can bump up to 5% with no issues)
FW Blueberry- addon, needed more berry, (you can remove FW Blueberry and bump Forrest mix to 5.5)
FA Bilberry- adds to the depth of the berry mix
TPA Cheesecake (graham Crust) - Used in place of granola

OPTIONAL: 1 to 1.5% TPA Strawberry (ripe)

Just busted out this bottle from my steeping cupboard, steeped since Apr 9th. I'm really enjoying vaping this in the sunshine! I'm more of a creamy dessert type vaper and this juice gives a nice creamy yogurt flavor while also providing some bright summertime citrus notes as well. added a drop of super sweet just to give the flavors a bit more of a "pop" and yeah, simple and tasty stuff! If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on improvements or changes please let me know, always looking to learn from others!

Probably best to steep this one for at least a week.

This is a cucumber yogurt recipe
Made on "Live Mixing: Cucumber Vapes"

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