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Creamy Lemon Vanilla Yogurt Cake or CLVYC is a off the top recipe that I made up in a attempt to create a delicious all day vape on my channel Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews on YouTube. I have found success once again with this Cake it’s absolutely delicious and will only get better with time! Tested on a geek vape Athena rda and it was bliss enjoy!

This is my attempt at a Yoplait style Kiwi Strawberry yogurt.
I started with the Kiwi's and FW Kiwi is a good natural Kiwi and FA Kiwi adds that contrasting candied kiwi flavor. For my strawberry trio I like Cap Sweet Strawberry, Tpa Strawberry (Ripe) and Wf Strawberry Gummy Candy. Now for the difficult part the yogurt, I wanted a full yogurt flavor with a slight sour yogurt taste. I settled on TPA Greek Yogurt with FW Yogurt and then I added WF Buttermilk to help with filling out the yogurt and because it has a sour taste to it. FLV Sweetness works great in this because it helps keep the yogurt creamy and sweet. Give it a few days to steep and allow all the flavors to settle and blend.


Carrot cake, vanilla cheesecake, light graham cracker.
Made on Live Mixing:

This is a clone/remix of TWELVE MONKEYS BONOGURT. Myself and 3 other mixers made 100s of versions over a year and a half to come up with this recipe.

Its all in there from the delicious bright non-descript fruit flavor to the cream yogurt with just the right amount of sharpness fron the Greek yogurt. There's even the phenomenon of getting individual flavors for a puff or 2 then back to the combined flavors just like the original does.

Best after a week but can be a SnV.

Blueberry/blackcurrant lassi. Light, smooth and tangy with a good creaminess from the yogurt.

Please let me know what you think and how it can be improved. I hope you enjoy!

A light milky custard with a discrete but tasty peach accent. Good after 24hr....don't know if it's good after 1 week or more because each time it's gone before that haha! Enjoy

A peach fruit, yogurt with "granola"

Made on Live Mixing

My Nanna passed away 26-4-2015 at 9:44 PM, may God rest her soul, she partly raised me and she (I'm hoping she doesn't mind me telling you all) she was a terrible terrible cook but by god could she make one helluva good orange syrup cake, it's been the 5th Christmas without her and i wanted to make this in memory of her, R.I.P Nanna, not a day goes by that I don't think of you ❤😥

this is an attempt to clone one of my favorite vapes that got it all started for me, Strawberry Kiwi lemonade mix. very good summer time vape.

Shisha strawberry is a clear cut winner here. its bright and one of my favorite strawberry flavors.

FW Kiwi & TFA Kiwi Have both kiwi's so I figured I would throw both of them in to support one another. FW kiwi is a bit more authentic and works well here.

Greek yogurt adds that tart ness to this and brings it all together.

Mix it, vape and fall in love with it.

Sweetener is option but definitely not needed here.

This is SNV, MTL and RDA certified.

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