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(TPA) Grape Juice

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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A Simple Grape Bubble Gum Enjoy!!!

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This is a simple one, and thankfully it doesn't need to be any more complicated to get a well rounded, sweet, in-your-face full flavor. All we need to achieve vibrant, purple neon goodness is equal parts of both TPA Grape Juice and TPA Grape Candy. Honestly either of these at 5% is enough to get that very artificial purple candy grape flavor that you may be after, but together their forces combined create an absolute banger.

As far as TPA Grape Juice goes, it is certainly an odd one. It has the most mild alcohol vibe to it, much the same aroma I get from cheap Gin. It also has a distinct smell of purple Laffy Taffy, which adds a filmy, almost creamy aspect to the vape and mouthfeel. The grape here is as artificial as it is pronounced, and that benefits us greatly in this mix.

TPA Grape Candy is also fairly unique. I have heard pixie stick, taffy, and many other sugary purple things sold on grocery store shelves being claimed as the intended flavor of this one, though I'll let you be the judge. To me, at least, Grape Juice tastes more like a Jolly Rancher than anything. In the bottle, the concentrate smells of freshly cut grass and shares the same neon purple top note that Grape Juice supplies, combining beautifully.

Here is the fun part; Alterations to this recipe can (and should) include plugging in Vurve's Best Damn Pink Lemonade base, that being 6% LA Lemonade and 0.75% Lemon Sicily. In the summertime I sometimes like to add 0.5% WS23 to this grape base to get a nice, almost Popsicle tone to the whole mix. Throw in 2% FA Fuji or 1% INW Cactus for a refreshing ass flavor. A little FW Blueberry or TPA Pineapple makes a pretty welcome addition to really amplify the tang of the mix. Really anywhere you think a Grape would be good, give this a shot. Add in Guava, Papaya, maybe even some ice creams to get a grape soft serve type horror.

Sweetener is definitely detrimental to this particular combo. If you get inadequate amounts of sweetness from these two flavors, then try turning them up to 5%-6% before reaching for the super sweet. EM will just do it's regular ole' thing of muting the top notes, which is actually an impressive feat here.

Shake and Vape certified, or would it be Shake and Grape?

I have gone through so many variations of grape recipes to finally get here. The Grape Juice & White Grape combo is great - but can easily read as sweet wine, which is useful, but not what I was going for. I did want a darker grape, without using Grape Concorde. I wanted it to read as a slightly sweetened, blended grape drink that is somewhat authentic, and somewhat sweetened & flavoured.

Grape Trinity
FE Grape - lovely mix between authentic, and slightly candy. Works great to add another layer to my grape
FA White - adds a smidge of body, surypy sweetness
TPA Grape Juice - this is mostly the base of the trinity, extremely underated grape

FA Black Currant - was added very low to bring some body, as most grapes can read quite flat - it also adds a bit of purple to the paler grapes.

Sweeten & Cool as you prefer - my suggestions here is for a more commercial feel sweet grape juice. The WS23 I use is a 20% dilution.


A refreshing berry & grape juice. I like my juices cold so adjust the WS-23 (30%) down if 2% is too cold for you. Hope you enjoy this...

Galactus is the sole survivor of the universe that existed prior to the creation of the current universe.

I wanted to make a wine and grapefruit shandy cooler garnished with fresh herbs. None of the grapes worked on their own as a wine so I had to combine INW-Grape and TPA Grape Juice along with a touch of CAP-Blueberry Jam and FA-Brandy to deepen the grapes into a more wine like flavor. The FA-Champagne combined with the FA-Grapefruit and FLV-Yakima Hops form my shandy and add some light carbonation to the mix. The INW-Cactus is there to add some tartness to the grapefruit as well as adding more of the moist mouthfeel. The FA-Zen Garden combines with the FA-White Winter (spearmint) to bring some freshly muddled herbs into the mix.

Simple and delicious. If you like sweet grape flavors. You'll love this.

This is my favourite juice that I have made so far.

It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s pretty sweet.

(TPA) grape juice and (TPA) grape candy go well together to make a fairly synthetic/candy grape flavour. (CAP) jelly candy assists with this. I don’t really know what to say about (TPA) black currant... I suppose it’s kind of like Ribena and helps to round the flavour off nicely, I think. You can take or leave the koolada. That’s really a personal choice. It doesn’t alter the flavour profile, but I think it helps to make the whole thing pop.

You could use this as a shake and vape... I do. But I also usually make a second (bigger) batch to let it steep. I don’t usually touch that bottle until about 2 weeks.

Mix this one up, you will not regret it. As always, enjoy, and let me know how you feel about it.

Peace ✌️

this was one of my favorite sodas as a kid and I wanted too put this in a vape and try it out so I used tfa cola syrup to help with the thickness part of it and tfa champagne to give it that fizziness in the soda and cap grape too help out the bring out that grape soda alil more and also grape juice till fill out the grape soda and give it some depth and with alil koolada in there to make it seem like its sitting in a glass of ice


I was asked by a coworker to formulate a grape lollipop, I brought this to him yesterday and he immediately asked for more. I thought I'd share with those of you looking for a solid grape lollipop.

No thorough notes on this one really as this was done in just a few short revisions but....

FLV grape is an awesome candy grape if you're looking to formulate your own. Also, It's very sweet so it carries the heft of sweetness in the mix.

TFA Grape Juice pumps in the little lacking grape POP so to speak.

CAP Blueberry Jam was a concentrate I hadn't found a use for yet but it serves well in this mix to provide a deeper candy "effect". Think of it as a "texturizer".

FA Meringue isn't used as a sweetener here or even intended for a sugar effect, Instead it's meant to shave off any sharp notes you may perceive from the candy components.

FA Marshmallow is used as an enhancer to serve to thicken up the mix. (Mouthfeel)

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