(TPA) Grape Juice

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Grapples recipe with a little sweetness and some cactus to fight that weird grapey medicine aftertaste. Fine as a SnV but the grape mellows out some after a couple days


This was mixed at 3% nicotine, 70/30 mixed for 100mil This is my take on an old recipe not sure who the original post came from.
I think this is the best version Ive ever vaped .. just cant get enough

Its a nice summer succulent grape vape. Mix and enjoy.

I was trying to clone Bubble gang Grape Ape and settled on this, it has more of a big league chew kinda feel. This has been my goto mix for 2 years now, Mix it up. I'd love any feedback.

First atempt to clone Roybot Sauce's Flare

Check it out and leave me a comment how close you think i am

Basic no description needed. Forest Fruits with grape juice.
Forest Fruits >> medium complexity fruits
Grape juice >> basic but watered down taste

both combined >> watered down forest furits with grape juice

use ws-23 @ %1 instead polar blast for better results


Rethink of the original neutron star recipe. In the fight for a smoother mouthfeel I had to remove fa forest fruits and replace Inw cactus with ssa cactus as it is more mellow. Without forest fruits the recipe was lacking body and freshness so I decided to add fpv guanabana to give it a fresh mulberry taste. To additionally smooth out sharpness of tfa grape juice I diluted it with inw grapes, even though it is more warm flavor it still contributed well.

Overall profile is a bit tough as at the first puff it is clearly a sweet grape with a hing of cactus, on a second grape can be easily jumped by mulberry with cactus background and vice versa. Somehow flavors can jump each other and that makes me feel that the mix can use some tfa dragonfruit to mash it up together.

Note: ssa cactus can be replaced with inw cactus at around .5-.75%


Grape Slush
Purple syrupy Grape juice combined with sweet berries and an icy finish!

Every time halloween is near i crave for a bit or purple drinks so i revisen my own recipe and tweeked it a bit as it was a quite old one. ( Flavours and Flavour Notes are the same, just changed the percentages to make it better)

TPA Grape juice and FW Grape Soda make the syrupy grape juice with their candy and super sweet profile.

FLV Berry blend contributes making the syrupy juice thicker and richer with notes of blackberry and raspberry, filling the body and background of the vape.

FlV Boysenberry adds a touch dark berry syrupy notes.

Ws-23: adjust to your own preference i suggest 0.5-1% so it doesn’t obliterate the top notes.

A gummy mosh pit.. Grape, peach, raspberry, watermelon,and strawberry gummified. This is a different take on the og skull candy which is one of my favorite adv's..The flv peach gummy really compliments flv grape and tfa grape juice. cap strawberry taffy/wf strawberry gummy/ wf sour ball candy/ fw razzleberry create a slightly tart chewy gummy base while tfa raspberry sweet and la watermelon help round it out and add some complexity. I like the original but the redux is easily my favorite of the two. This one could use a 7-8 day steep for everything to show up but it is pretty good off the shake.


Black Currant touch of grape, a little fun going on in the background with Forest fruit, apricot because I wanted it in there with a touch of cream and sweetening it up with Super Sweet.

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