(TPA) Grape Candy

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this candy is from one of the most popular schenes from willy wonka and the chocolate factory when he told all of the kids too lick the wall and one of the flavors was supposed to taste like fuckin dicks or dildos so guys & gals give this one a mix if U wanna know what dicks really taste like. lol


This is a sweet strawberry grape cream flavor based around Snozz Creme (Probably would add 2% FW Sweetener or 1% CAP Super Sweet for True Commercial Experience, Also Cream base seems to differ a touch)
Made on "Live Mixing: The Snozzberries Taste Like Snozzberries"

this is a simple and easy remix of the grape big league chew we all group up loving as a little kid

A cool grape! add sweetener to taste. It's simple and curbs My "grape" cravings We couldn't have 1999 recipes posted so here is #2000 simple but good.

Something to try nice shake and vape. Tell me what you think


This is the 3rd version of this recipe and screams Sour Patch. All the flavors work so well together to create a wonderful cady vape. This profile is not really my style but I love it when I need a break from bakerys. I hope you all enjoy it. Please rate and comment. Thanks

Best way to describe is it is a grape limeade. I didn't have any ice or koolada flavoring but you could easily add some of that into this as well maybe 1-2% whatever makes the taste buds happy.

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