(TPA) Grape Candy

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This is a recipe i created for my girlfriend. This version is very good and got nice feedback from friend. Enjoy it

Grapples recipe with a little sweetness and some cactus to fight that weird grapey medicine aftertaste. Fine as a SnV but the grape mellows out some after a couple days


This was mixed at 3% nicotine, 70/30 mixed for 100mil This is my take on an old recipe not sure who the original post came from.
I think this is the best version Ive ever vaped .. just cant get enough

I was trying to clone Bubble gang Grape Ape and settled on this, it has more of a big league chew kinda feel. This has been my goto mix for 2 years now, Mix it up. I'd love any feedback.

This is my spin on a jam monster PB&J just how i like it.
the Tahitian vanilla cream blends so well with the English toffee to create this lush creamy nutty type flavor that works perfectly with DX peanut butter.

This is the best grape juice you’ve ever had. You won’t mix it and I don’t care. Straight up though, it seriously doesn’t get any better than this. Straight up purple grape juice box. Say Welch’s. It’s against the law. Get lost why don’t you.

My attempt at Cloning Twelve Monkeys Hakuna Matata succulent Apples with juicy Grapes ...like your picking apples from an orchard in the Fall

Pbnj cookie

This has been an adv for me for a few months now I just can’t get enough of it. Here is my breakdown of what I used and why.

Inw Biscuit: I really love the baked to golden perfect tone biscuit brings. It really helps sell my cookie , and fill in well with FA Cookie.

FA Cookie: Cookie is the other half of my cookie. I love the baked texture and flavor it adds. It really is a nicely done cookie.

TPA Peanut Butter: of course this would be in a pbj mix it’s the king if peanut butter. It isn’t super dry , and really does have a nice authentic taste. Never tastes greasy to me either.

Flv Peanut Butter: this is a added layer to tpa pb. This brings in that slight earthy note I tend to pick up from pb. It really sells it and steeps very well.

TPA Grape candy/ TPA grape juice/ INW grapes : I layered these grapes quiet a few times using them. They gave me a really bright and candied grape. I was close to hitting what I wanted, but none of them sold me on jam.

Cap Blueberry jam: that’s where the bb jam came in. I used it at such a tiny % that it didn’t add any blueberry notes, but it did step up my jam game. It played off the grapes so nice, and gave me such a nice jammy note.

Lastly I added some super sweet. I used 30 drops. I tried this mix without it, and it just needs the sweetener to bring it all together. Jam is sweet that’s why it’s so good.

I’m always working on my recipes, and trying to improve if you try this please drop a review and let me know what you think.

Grape Hard Candy Lemonade

Grapey purple syrup served on a bubbly super sweetened lemonade.
Super sugary sweet, purply and fresh.

Super straight forward and simple recipe i wanted to post for halloween. ( yes, purple party drinks remind me of halloween)

Ps: Nothing scares more a vaper than the amount of sweetener in this recipe.

I wanted something else besides another candy for some sweetness. This is no doubt the stringy bubble gum we used to chew playing baseball as a kid!

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