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(TPA) Graham Cracker Clear

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Flavor Profile: bakery dessert

Used in 3727 recipes at an average of 1.957%.


188 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

In honor of Detroit and ECC, I proudly present a Gun Free Zone! Sweet potato whiskey pie!

Iv really been enjoying this one for some time now so I guess it's time to pass it on to the community.
Never could get completely pleased with it so I ve been modifying this one for months now. But I ve come to the point of thinking any more changes won't benefit it for the good.
Good as s&v but give it a week and you'll be amazed. Percentages are low compared to some other good strw&creams but be assured no flavor is lacking here. Enjoy.


Best Banana Milk in my opinion ,very sweet and very tasty ,u can Snv but after 3 days it's becoming magical ,really looking feedback on this one,thanks and enjoy

Nonnie's a Nutty Pie
Brief Description:
So my sisters and I call my Italian grandma Nonnie, same as my mom did with her grandma and hers before her. I figured it would be fitting to name this recipe after her since well, my Nonnie is a bit nuts. This recipe is more of a whipped up creamy peanut butter pie with a thin cookie graham crust. Due to the creams, tuck it away a few weeks to "steep".
Cookie Butter (FW) 1.75% / Graham Cracker Clear (TPA) 2%:
I didn't want a generic graham cracker crust. I wanted something to compliment the peanut butter a bit more so went the cookie butter route. This cookie butter smells delicious, however its still a bit lacking so I couldn't use it outright. It needs the graham cracker to fill in a bit on the spices and crunch.
Peanut Butter (FW) 2% / Peanut Butter Cup (FW) 3.25%:
Have you ever had Justin's salted peanut butter or their peanut butter cups? Well that's what I am reminded of when I taste these. The Peanut Butter flavor has a nice roasted and lightly salted taste to it, where as the pb cup is sweet, creamy, and has a hint of milk chocolate to it. I would have used the PB Cup only but it was too sweet and needed a roasted nut to balance it out more and act as the grated flecks of peanut on top of the pie in the picture.
Italian Cream (HS) 1% / Bavarian Cream (TPA) 2% / Vanilla Custard (CAP) 2%:
So I made several versions of this using different combinations of creams. I avoided cheesecake cause I recently made a cheesecake recipe and I want to branch out and work on improving my cream skills a bit more. I have never actually used Italian Cream in any recipes of my own before so I decided since my Nonnie is Italian, it was fitting. To be honest, I have no clue why this combo of creams is working so damn well but it is. I don't get any weird off notes even with only a week and a half of steeping but I am digging it a lot.
As its steeping, I am noticing the creams are taking over the mix a lot more but they are blending nicely with the PB. At shake and vape its definitely a lot more PB than I am looking for so I am happy its mellowing out as it steeps. The crust is present but not overwhelmingly so to turn this into a full on bakery flavor. I decided to not add any whipped cream topping to this mix because when I did, it came out tasting like peanut butter lucky charms if that's even a thing. I recommend giving it at least 2 weeks to steep. To all you peanut butter fans out there, hope you enjoy!

remix of Joker from the vape suicide line from lizard juice, (Florida ejuice company I'm sure you've never heard of)
apricot cheesecake

this needs a LONG steep, 21 days + for best results


Foreword: This is a continuation in my efforts to create the BEST Peanut butter Cream/Custard.

Review step 1: I mixed this, shook it, filled my RDTA and ran out the door for a weekend that I knew was going to blow... Detox. Yes folks, I too am an addict. I needed to go get right and I achieved that goal. Now as I push forward one day at a time, I am slowly finding my mixing legs again.
I'm pleased to say that I don't think I will be making changes on this one. Unless it doesn't steep that well, then I think I might go back and tweak a couple components.

Give this a shot and see if you think it's up to snuff for a weekend in a locked unit. ;)

Finally a guilt free Cinnamon bun. Jim gaffigan has the funniest bit about cinnabon.

It's NOT Wayne's Rose Milk yup it's Mr.G's Rose Milk , i never try Wayne's Rose Milk so i dont really know how it's taste .i wanted to make some Rose milk i just adapt sweet strawberry 4% from his website so that's how it's all start i was working on it for a few months and i got this recipe where i wanted it is so creamy so rose and so strawberry i hope u will enjoy it as i do .all feedback appreciated.sorry for my english im still learning.Steeping time is 2 weeks it's not bad as SNV but after 2 weeks its far better.

The Nanaimo bar. Chocolate, coconut and almond base, with a layer of custard and a chocolate ganache topping.

This needs some aging to really blend into what I believe to be a good representation. 14 days? Maybe more, maybe less. I forgot about the mix for a month, but was pleasantly surprised how itturned out.

The Mitch Buchannon vape.
A fruity / fresh / biscuit combinaison mixed with one of the best tobacco out there. Very simple and tasty. SNV

Flavor Notes

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