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(TPA) Graham Cracker Clear

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Flavor Profile: bakery dessert

Used in 3495 recipes at an average of 1.965%.


180 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Looked in a cookbook came up with this. Still ongoing changes nice start though.

My banana runts recipie became my ADV. I ran out one day. I decided to fill the remaining half of the tank with my Carrie's Strawberry Gram Jam. They worked so well together, so Stereotype was born. A smooth Strawberry banana candy. Banana being the star.


This remix is to mimic the New Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble the shit is delicious and this remix does the job as well. It does need a good steep at least 7 days. I used Darren Cole's aka dazcole Lemon Tart Remix as my base then just removed the lemons and replaced them with the proper berry concentrates.

It tastes very similar to unicorn milk by cutwood. The graham cracker clear tames the strawberry some so it's not sickeningly sweet.

Yet another Apple Pie. I used a combination of apples. I used Liquid Amber, Butter Cream, Salted Caramel, Super Sweet, and the Cinnamon, (from Caps Cinnamon Danish Swirl ) to make the sauce. Biscuit, C.D.S., Graham cracker clear, and Zeppola to make the pie crust. Enjoy Y'all

Quick note on a small change that made a big difference (huge thanks to mlnikon for the help with this one): ADDED 0.5% FA FUJI APPLE this really brightens the pear notes and makes it much more vibrant and delicious!

So I have dicked around with this Graham Mother Clone for a while now and decided this is my final version, imo it tastes quite nice. I was never able to get it spot on to the actual juice which is probably because Im still somewhat new to mixing and recipe creation. That being said, i have really enjoyed vaping this recipe and wanted to share it with everyone here! I will add a bunch of flavor notes in the future when i get the time, i really like to add as much info as possible and dont have time to do that right now. I really hope you all enjoy this as much as i have. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve this recipe please let me know, because like i said i am still rather new and am always open to advice and constructive criticism.

Note: You can sub super sweet with a different sweetener or exclude or increase the percentage depending on your tastes. I think the actual premium juice might be using a higher percentage of sweetener than my recipe but i like to keep it low/not overly sweet.

Definition of cornerstone: an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based.

This recipe is a Cheesecake with Graham Cracker Crust and Strawberry Topping. Not that original as it's been done time and time again and will probably done a few thousand times more... But I think it's gonna be worth your effort to mix this up 😊

The name comes from using 3 stones(bases) in combination with each other so I have to give credit to Wayne Walker (Enyawreklaw) for my ideas in developing this recipe.

Starting from the ground up...
1) Graham Cracker Crust (FA Cookie/TPA Graham Cracker Clear/FW Graham Cracker/TPA Acetyl Pyrazine) Wayne's Graham Cracker that he just talked about in the S'mores video. This combo will give you a nice thick crunchy layer of grahammy goodness for our next layer to sit on.

2) The Cheesecake (CAP NY Cheesecake/CAP Sweet Cream) This combo is Wayne's Cheese Stone that he has talked about time and time again which gives you a nice thick and creamy cheesecake body.

3) Strawberry Topping (CAP Sweet Strawberry/FA Strawberry/TPA Strawberry Ripe) This is my lil tweak on Wayne's Strawberry Stone. This will give you a nice sweet almost syrupy strawberry topping. This combo seems to work pretty well for me as I cannot taste strawberry too good.

Last but not least, CAP Super Sweet. Wayne puts it on everything and so do I...👊

That's it! Feel free to sub your sweetener if choice (or not) if preferred as well as any of your favorite stones, and build yourself a tasty vape! 👍👍

Blend of turkish tobaccos with notes of vanilla and nuts over a rich creamy base.

// INW Arabic Tobacco = INW Arabesque (waiting for ATF to add that flavor)

Thanks to @Fear for encouraging me to try mixing with tobaccos again.

I thought it was time to Revisit this and get a butterscotch version going. I think it’s oretty good but as always things can and will be improved!

As before we want to start off strong on the custard side of things. So we will be using a French vanilla premium custard and vanillin convo to achieve that. This time around I wanted to use something I’m currently messing around with. “Flavour arts custard premium” personally I don’t really like how eggy this stuff is as a stand-alone custard. Don’t get me wrong it’s good just not what I’m after. But in this recipe it works well and I feel it has more of s rich side that is needed to compliment the butterscotch. TFA french vanilla is used to add that top layer of vanilla and the vanillin is borderline overkill but I like it. Sooo....

Now we get to the cake batter graham cracker combo. And why I use it in my custard’s.....using graham cracker clear and cake batter together adds another ultra rich layer to the original sweet vanilla that can be almost boring after a while in most mixes that I feel should deliver every single time.

My choices for butterscotch were simple for me personally but that is because these are two that I like. If you can think of another from another brand that is similar to butterscotch ripple then please let me know in the comments.

Possible alterations. We could add a little dolce de leche for a more caramel edge at maybe 0.20% and I’d like me your not to fond of the choice of vanilla custard then switch it back to Capella version 1 instead. Now that I think of it I may try a little toasted marshmallow for that extra lip smacking sweetness but we will see.

I hope you crazy geniouses like this as much as I do and well. If you don’t then Stick a dick in your ear and Fuck what you heard!

A crispy cookie with a strawberry jam centre, like nana used to make.

The cookie: FA Cookie and TPA GCC - Adds the cookie base you quickly inhale to get to the gooey strawberry centre. I wanted a crispy cookie rather than a fluffy sugar cookie.

The filling: FA Red Touch, INW Shisha Strawberry & JF Strawberry Sweet. Used the holy trinity of strawberries from ID10-T's Strawberry Slurp here which makes for a delicious strawberry jam filling.

The powdered sugar: OOO powdered sugar - speaks for itself. But this flavour is pretty great.

Flavor Notes

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