(TPA) Graham Cracker Clear

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Made magic with this on the first try just loved the Banana Cream after trying it in Boss Reserve Clone by Folkart I noticed it would probably be better as the top note at 5% in it's own recipe instead of hiding in the background at 1.5% in the other one.

The banana is light and creamy as expected. It's not too much at 5% after a 2 week steep.

The other flavours are just there to make the pie crust taste as well as the signature meringue/whipped cream that would be on top of the pie. Added some crushed nuts to the top as well the Acetyl Pyrazine @ 1% does give it that tasty little kick of flavour layering.

Graham Cracker Clear at a higher than normal 3% but the flavour is poppin. Wouldn't lower it because I find at 1.5 or 2% it's not enough to get that dominant pie crust taste needed to get through the banana and the other flavours in the recipe.

Acetyl Pyrazine @ 1%. Note the specific brand. I find it adds some body and just a very slight nutty, chewy tinge to the pie crust as what would happen when the crust gets a little moist from all that banana cream sitting on top of it in the fridge.

Biscuit @ .25% adds a nice layer of cookieness to the pie crust making the flavours burst even more in your mouth.

Vanilla Swirl, fresh cream, toasted Marshmallow and meringue all combine together to give us our nice light & fluffy, very sweet (but not too sweet) & slightly charred pie Meringueish whipped cream topping flavour that everybody loves.

Super Sweet at .25% gives it that sweet kick and boosts all the flavours while not adding too much sweetness.

I didn't think it would be this good off the rip. I vaped it for an hour and was astonished at how accurate this is to Banana Cream Pie and how it just keeps tasting better and better as I continue to vape it and I'm VERY picky with what I vape. At the moment wouldn't add to or take anything out of the recipe. Don't fix a wheel if it ain't broke type thing. I'm not an expert but I highly recommend this to anyone who likes banana & dessert flavours.

6% Nic. My standard for dripping.

Used 80% VG/20% PG. This means no spitback for drip tanks. Any higher is just a waste imo. For other tanks do what you feel is best but I don't think 80% VG will work very well in non-drip tanks (too thick) though I would recommend you get one as those have the best flavour and consistency anyway.

I would not shake and vape this one. The creams, vanilla and banana need some time to steep. Give it bare minimum 2-4 weeks. It will only get better with time.

Feel free to share this recipe around I really enjoyed making it and please let me know what you think of it if it made you as happy as it made me.

Since I started doing DiY, there's only one premium flavor I've really missed, and that's Blue Dot Vapor's Dots Custard. It is a vanilla custard with an undertone of orange, and just a hint of graham cracker. After some experimenting, I think I've got it. It may not be as sweet as the juice I've ordered hundreds of ml of, but the flavor profile is bang-on. As a custard flavor, this sucker needs a good steep.

Tonight on Tuesday Review's Day fate gave us WF Pistachio Cream! What a dooooozy. I absolutely love this flavor.

It's a delicious creamy pistachio. I think it would work great in creams, puddings, ice creams, RY4s or maybe even a creamy beverage. The cream note has great texture but it's pretty buttery. The pistachio note is a little lighter so if you're looking for a more up front in your face pistachio you may want to add a little something more.

We did a straw poll and the chat decided we should do a cheesecake. I used NY Cheesecake as the base and added a little FW yogurt to push the dairy without pushing the funk. We wanted a little extra nuttiness so I added a little TFA pistachio to supplement the WF. Of course we needed a graham crust! I didn't want to throw a bunch of graham cracker at it though so I just used TFA Graham Cracker Clear. It pairs awesome with the pistachio and the 2 work together to make something that's just on another level.

Sweeten to Taste.

Watch The Replay:

This stuff makes me think of amy from silverback somewhat, smooth vanilla, peanut butter, and malty goodness. yum

A rich and creamy French Vanilla Pie with Graham Cracker crust. I'm in love with TPA French Vanilla Deluxe. It's so thick and creamy with a nice custard taste. Combined with FA Meringue and WF Vanilla Cream Extra, it gives an amazing pie filling.

Please enjoy!! Feedback welcomed!!

This one is really good off the shake. (The Wife Loves it!) If you are looking for a good shake and vape, this one will help you out. I still recommend a week or 2 steep for the magic to happen.

This is another use of the Cheesecake Trinity which always seems to work well. A little Graham Cracker added for good measure.......LOL

The blueberry combination in this one seems to work really well.

Did not use sweetener in this one, but as always it is an option.

If you happen to mix this one up, please let me know what you think in the comments or if you see any way to improve this recipe, I am always happy to learn more.


I'm trying to create a pancakes and maple syrup recipes. This is still a work in progress. Any advice is appreciated

It’s the end of the month and you‘re waiting for your paycheck. The fridge is almost empty, whats left are a frew dry crackers, a blob of peanut butter and strawberry jam. Just enough for a poor man's dinner.

Feel free to add some sweetener...

A recipe attempt at Golden Grams. Mix this up and let me know how it is
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This is a new recipe im working on and right out the gate its good.i think i have just a little tweaking to do but as of right now its a great creamy cheesecake with strawberry glaze.please feel free to comment and give me your opinion ,would love some feedback

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