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(TPA) Graham Cracker Clear

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Flavor Profile: bakery dessert

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The idea for this recipe came to me like a bolt of lightning! Ran a couple searches to find something similar and couldn't find any so I had a good feeling. After a little work this blood orange marshmallow was the result. Hope you love it!

This is an adaptation of The Real: Strawberry Cheesecake REMIX by [ENYAWREKLAW]

This is a very simple flavor swap that turned out to be my new all day vape. Using TFA Blueberry Extra in place of Strawberry Ripe and TFA Blueberry Candy in place of CAP Sweet Strawberry creates a flavor that tastes like a Blueberry Syrup. I kept them both at the same percentages. The only other substitution is TFA Sweet Cream in place of CAP Sweet Cream. This choice was purely out of convenience as I didnt have the CAP version.

I tested the first batch that I made at the following intervals.

S&V - Tastes good. Nice and sweet but lacks any real depth. A bit too strong on the Blueberry.
2 Days - About the same but a bit more body from the Cheesecake and the Blueberry is a little better.
7 Days - Starting to get that baked flavor. The Blueberry has calmed down a bit but is still sweet and flavorful.
14 Days - About the same as 7 but a little smoother.
30 Days - OK, I am in love! The flavors have all come together as a real Cheesecake. Amazing! The Blueberry is perfectly sweet but not overpowering. I am very happy with the results.

I just opened a bottle that has been steepeng for 8 weeks. I also made a fresh batch 4 weeks ago so that I could compare the two. The difference between them is very subtle. The cheesecake is a tiny bit more pronounced but still not overly cheesy.

A simple mixed berry cheesecake good for all seasons.

My first renditions of this juice were one of my first projects as a new mixer. I started with just the Harvest Berry at 3.5% and the CAP NY Cheesecake by itself at 4%. With just those two flavors it was satisfying to me as a new mixer and I relied on this staple mix for 6 months as I developed my skillset and collected new flavors. The 2 flavor version of this is still something I go back to when I am short on time on mixing day and I just want to get something bottled up.

The Cheesecake base: Equal parts CAP NY Cheesecake and TFA Cheesecake (Graham Crust) gives a perfect balance of cheesy filling and adds a starter base for the graham cracker crust crumble. CAP Sweet Cream finishes our cheesecake base with a little added "cheesy" cream depth to finish the profile. TFA Graham Cracker (Clear) adds some depth the crust base started with TFA Cheesecake (Graham Crust)

The Berries: CAP Harvest Berry is the real star here. A bright mix of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. I get mostly the blackberry and raspberry from it, but others perceive more strawberry. I found that with the bulked version of the cheesecake base that even at 3.5% Harvest Berry just wasn't showing through as much as I wanted, so it's bolstered by it's FA counterpart Forrest Mix. Another berry blend with a very similar profile it's a perfect fit. At 1.25% it's just enough to drive those berry notes to the top, but without getting muddy or perfumey, which is what I got if I started taking Harvest Berry up to the 4% or higher range. If you want a little more variety you can easily sub the Forrest Mix for FW Blueberry, your favorite Strawberry, FA Raspberry, or a splash of citrus like TFA Key Lime, INW Lime, INW/FE Lemon, or FA Lemon Sicily.

Welcome to vanilla heaven!

You want in your face sweet vanilla custard? You got it!

But this is more than just any old vanilla custard. This is just a tribute to my personal holy grail that is ever changing and morphing throughout the steep. Shake and vape you get straight French vanilla. One week in your gonna be getting smooth velvety vanilla cakey goodness that smells so enticingly good your gonna want to pick it up every time you smell it! At four weeks it begins to morph into something in between a potent vanilla custard with a slab of birthday cake mid inhale. At six weeks the magic begins and you get that full on in your face vanilla cakey feel followed by a lingering custard on the exhale. For me this hits everybody aspect of an ADV custard. So if you don't like it. Stick a dick in your ear and Fuck what you heard!

You can sub the capella vanilla custard for v2. Or flavorah vanilla custard but it won't he the same!

A nice creamy coconut cream pie. Came up with this bc my favorite pie is coconut cream pie.

This recipe is dedicated to the great Amber Lynn I hope that this cheesecake is as sweet and sexy as she is

Homemade Vanilla Almonds Cheesecake. This is a recipe that I've been working on for a long time, it started of as an attempt to clone a juice called white lady for a friend but it kind of steered off into it's own direction and now my friend prefers this to the original. Although the Almond is quite high % it is mellowed out nicely with the creams. Perfect with a cup of good coffee.

optional: (1drp ap per 10ml. 1drp saline per 10ml)

Nice cinnamon bun vape. Moist, fluffy center.

A delicious cheesy California grown strawberry topped cheesecake, with a crunchy Graham cracker crust.

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