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(TPA) Graham Cracker Clear

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Flavor Profile: bakery dessert

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This is my banana cream pie recipe.

This was a tricky one, I've been working on it on and off for about a year and could never seem to get it where I wanted it. After trying out tons of bananas, my first hit was with TFA Banana Cream. If this flavor was stronger, my banana quest would be over, but it took many failed attempts with crap banana flavorings to get it right. Finally, recently I picked up LA Banana Cream. While I think TFA is better overall, LA adds what TFA is missing on its own.

I wanted to focus on the filling of the pie with this recipe more than the crust, so I added some heavy hitter creams like FLV Cream and CAP Vanilla Custard. Had I stopped here the pie would have been a lot thicker, like a custard or pudding. That's where the CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream comes in, to help lighten up the creams and create more of a cream pie feel.
Lastly was the crust. I wanted a light graham crust to keep the focus on the filling. So I went with TFA Graham Cracker clear, INW Biscuit, and a touch of FA Almond to create a nice bright crust.

\\NOTE: FA Honey - 2 drops/30ml
\\Steep Time - 7-10 days.

When it came to cereal you had two types of parents when you were growing up; the kind that let you get Fruity Pebbles and Captain Crunch, or the kind that made you eat cardboard cereal. Luckily when I was a kid I found the magic of Cracklin Oat Bran (after much argument with my mom). It was by far my favorite cereal when I was a kid (when I couldn't sneak Lucky Charms). I wanted to try and relive that experience here and the recipe you see is the result.

TFA Graham Cracker Clear/CAP Sugar Cookie - I originally toyed around with using a combination of CAP Cereal 27 and TFA Graham Cracker Clear (Thanks MrBurgandy), but due to Cereal 27 tasting similar to "Life" cereal RF Oatmeal Cookie was kind of creating an off note with it. Thus we arrive to TFA Graham Cracker Clear and CAP Sugar Cookie. TFA Graham Cracker Clear provides the main note of the cereal base, with CAP Sugar Cookie to back it up, and it works much better with RF Oatmeal Cookie.

RF Oatmeal Cookie - I fell in love in this flavor when I started working on Ruby's Oatz, and though I do have many other recipes I'm working on, I have always wanted to come back to this flavor since I enjoyed it so much. Their isn't much of a cookie base with this flavor, but it has great oatmeal and brown sugar notes and is the heart of this recipe.

FA Honey - Cracklin Oat Bran always had a light honey note to me, and FA Honey is a great flavor, but quite strong. I would suggest only using 2 drops/30ml, but you might even be able to get away with 1 drop/30ml. I personally like the slightly boosted honey flavor in comparison to the actual cereal so it works quite well here.

FA Cream Fresh - This is basically the milk for our cereal, it provides some nice creamy notes to it without overwhelming anything else.

FA Meringue - FA Meringue is usually used for a frosting, and it works quite well here. Crackin Oat Bran didn't have frosting per say, but they definitely used something sweet to hold those little oat rectangles together so this flavor works well in this situation.

I have been a fan of making and working on bakery/desert type recipes for a long time, and this one is a welcome addition to the fold. I hope you enjoy it!

This was the first recipe I wanted to make when I got into mixing a couple years ago and it's seen many iterations since then. This one is the current version and I'm pretty happy with it which is why I chose it as my first official upload on here. This flavor is good as a shake and vape but really seems to shine after 3 days. The Shisha Strawberry percentage may seem a tad high but it does good work in combination with all the other fruits in the mix. The TPA Graham Crust/Graham Cracker Clear and FA Almond are the closest I've been able to get to a granola so far. I truly hate TPA Oatmeal Cookie and Rice Crunchies so this is what I'm using until I find something that works better.

This is a nice light coconut cream pie flavor. Perfect for a nice light dessert vape. This could Definetely be used as a Stone to add fruits to as well. I simply love it just as is.
FLV Coconut - Brings that Authentic cocunut flavor and really make it taste top notch.
TFA Coconut Candy - This adds a nice cocunut sweetness to the recipe bringing it to more of that dessert type flavor.
Graham Cracker Clear and inw biscuit -combine to bring the flaky Crust of a pie to the recipe.
Vanilla Swirl TFA - brings a solid vanilla flavor that works well in various bakery recipes.
Shisha vanilla - this Adds a nice light sweet Vanilla flavor to add to the goodness of vanilla Swirl.
TFA Butter- just brings a little buttery note to the flaky Crust to make it feel like a true bakery pie fresh out of the oven.
FA Cream Fresh adds that nice dairy note as well as the whipped cream topping that you experience in a real Cocunut cream pie.
Cap Supersweet- this is optional, but I think it just gives the recipe a much needed sweetness to make it that much better. Mixed at 70/30. Steep 7 days for best results .

Another strawberry cream and my latest ADV. Purilum NY cheesecake makes this a little more interesting. I know the percentages are a bit high, but it's works. Hope you enjoy.

Lemon Meringue Pie to start. Juicy Lemon for a smooth lemon flavor. Lemon Sicily for a tart lemon pop on the exhale. Graham Cracker Clear with a little Biscuit for a more flaky graham crust. Let it breathe an hour after a very quick hot water bath and shake. Great right of the start, but after a few days the flavor levels form better.

The base for my original Grape Ice Cream Cone recipe. Use what you will, this is a solid ice cream cone base! Sub your own fruits for more fun. Recommended use at 11.8% for intended use, but use less if you have weak fruits!

I've tried for a while to stop peanut butter from fading after time. Flavorah peanut butter has come to the rescue! Tfa peanut butters taste is near perfection in taste, but it needs help to stay the star. See what you think. Feel free to leave the super sweet out, but I like Sucralose... Please note this recipe is subject to commercial release.

This is a nice take on a lemon meringue ice cream pie with a little bit more tart. Has that perfect balance in flavor. Light and Fluffy with a nice pie crust taste. This was an attempt at something a bit different. I Find it absolutely great. mixed at 60/40Pg. This flavor really comes together after a 5 day steep. Try it out. I would love your Feedback. super sweet Optional. I think the Blackcurrant adds a nice subltle unique taste to the recipe.

Imagine a s'mores sandwiched in between 2 rice krispie treats.

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