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(TPA) Graham Cracker

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Still looking for the right shortbread will update soon as I find it (ideas welcome)

A simple yet delicious cheescake word word word word done

I'm after one of those ice cream cornets that are thicker and wrapped into shape, not the thin moulded ones if you know what I mean, with a big dollop of raspberry ripple ice cream, not sure I'm all that close to the target but it's bloomin' lovely after about a week, so a shame not to share :)

Recipe for MV 9/16. Autumn leaves/fall type photo

Double Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich,Double Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich


my personal favorite custard recipe and all day vape. Hope you enjoy it!


Because we can never have too many s'mores-flavored treats in our life.Enjoy, and feel free to rate it


Decided to try mixing a milt tart from scratch again, test V1, lets see how it turns out.

This is a smooth buttery chocolate vape. Thick and milky mouthfeel and smooth chocolate exhale. INW milk chocolate brings in the CAP vanilla custard making this smooth and tasty. Cap sweet cream and golden butter brings out the custard making it smooth on the inhale. TPA Graham cracker gives it a hint of Graham to complement the chocolate.

Best after 5 to 7 days steep!


well I have been trying too mix up a good yogurt and Ive been having a good healthy snack from the hospital and this is it boys and I'm trying too start an early diet so wish me luck boys and girls

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