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(TPA) Fruit Circles

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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30 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Favorite Breakfast Cereal with milk/cream.

Adapted from "The Real Barney Rubble." -E-liquid-recipes.com

Tastes similar to a butter menthol lozenge

This is a dead on fruity pebbles that has been sitting in milk for a few min. It is SNV but will get even better as it steeps.

So just lately I've been craving some old school flavours, Looper was one of my favourites, a lot of people say they get Lemon Pledge from fruit circles but I love it.... something twangy in that lemon that sparkles, berry crunch is just a great flavour in this recipe and unmistakable but I also added some FA Breakfast to give the cereal a boost, this mix in my mech squonk and wasp is just a evening of bliss 👌
Ps you can shake it and vape it but the cereals really come together after a few days.

Sweet fruity (berry, strawberry and lemon) cereals with creamy milk.

Kind of a biscuit base with lemon cream. Not related with the "lemonhead" candy bar.

sweet fruit loops with nice milk, was trying to clone a flavor and came up with this

Inspired by a post by "Froth" on ECF
I have not tried this, I'm sharing this as I mix it, so please no harsh comments if it's terrible. ;)
When I mixed Froth's idea from the forum it made my day I've been looking for a good earthy pear vape for a while. I added the super sweet, cinnamon, caramel, butterscotch, and the b. ripple.

My first take on a cereal profile. Not bad for a first go. The cream/milky notes still need some work but it's on the right track


Fruit Loops with a twist of dragon fruit in a bed of thick milky cream.

I played around with a bunch of different creams and custards before landing on 2% FA Fresh Cream here. It provides a nice dense mouth feel and a sweet milky base for the cereal to sit in. After a couple weeks, the fruit and cereal flavors still hold strong, making for a nice sweet cereal vape.

Give it a few days for the fruitiness to calm down, after that it just gets thicker. The fruit is fairly intense here, feel free to back it down if preferred, but at these percentages, it really makes for a nice ADV with full flavor every time, even through a steep.

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