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(TPA) Frosted Donut

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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This is a chocolate doughnut with Raspberry Jam

Made on Live Mixing: Dealers Choice

this used too be one of my favorite donuts growing up as a kid and still a favorite too this day and its very tasty give it a mix and enjoy guys

Optional flavor 0.50% NicVape Old Fashioned Donut to bump up donut flavor and add a light "donut grease note" (If you don't have this flavor, you may want to bump the WF Donut 1% or add your favorite donut flavor to bump that note up a hair

I was going for an apple spiced donut and that's pretty much what it tastes like to me. My dad (who vapes higher wattage) says it tastes like Apple Jacks... so IDK. Either way, I think it's good.

A simple banana recipe. This is not a doughnut flavour, although I’ve used doughnut profiles. The banana profile pushes to the front and the other flavours just play a supporting role.

This juice tastes better after about 2 weeks of steeping, but it’s not too bad on the shake ‘n’ vape side of things.

Please mix it up and leave some feedback. ✌️

A simple cinnamon roll i made based on the description of a famous e-liquid


I know this is far from a groundbreaking recipe, but it is totally delicious and I have not been able to put it down.
All the credit for the strawberry flavoring goes to ID10T for creating his "Holy Trinity Strawberry combination"
Although it is a simple recipe, it has the perfect balance of flavorings IMO

FA Zeppola gives the fried donut flavor and contributes to the doughiness of the donut
TPA Frosted Donut also contributes to the donut, as well as adding a powdered sugar feel to the mix
FA Meringue and Cap Vanilla whipped cream create a nice light fluffy cream
FA Red Touch Strawberry, INW Shisha Strawberry and JF Strawberry sweet combination created by Dave (ID10T) is just a dam tasty strawberry combination that really nails the strawberry profile
CAP Super sweet at .25% just helps keep these amazing flavors on your pallet.
This has easily become an ADV for me
Recommend a minimum of 7 days to start to taste the donut. As a shake and vape, you will be able to enjoy the strawberry combination, the donut and creams just take a little longer to really come thru to complete the donut.

this is another take on Wayne's take on his amazing pebble cream bronuts but its done in my own way and its actually pretty damn good guys mix it up and give it a shot

A rich cinnamon roll drizzled with cream cheese icing, using common flavors that you probably already have all (or at least most) of. FW Cake (Yellow) can be substituted for CAP Yellow Cake or CAP Vanilla Cupcake without a huge effect on the recipe if you have concerns about using this flavor.

Some donut type of flavor, just experimenting around with stuff.


So I see alot of different kinds of Strawberry dessert recipes out there, and I thought I'd give it a shot with this creation. And since alot of them tend to be some of your typical Strawberry Cream/Yogurt/Donut/Milk recipes, I thought of combining a couple different ones, and went along with it. So my thought on this one, was to have a Strawberry/Dragonfruit/Coconut frosted donut, that was dipped into milk. Now why would you dip your donut into milk? Cause the Tin-Man has a sheet metal cock, that's why.

TPA Dairy Milk - I used Dairy Milk in this to provide that milky flavor, without taking away from the rest of the recipe. And at 2%, I think it did it's justice.

INW Coconut - I wanted to use Coconut because it's something a little out of the ordinary, and thought it could blend in with the recipe to add some accents/diversity to the overall taste. I wouldn't go anymore than 0.5% on this, otherwise it just tastes like coconut.

TPA Dragonfruit / INW Shisha Strawberry - I went with this combo, and it provided me with the type of artificial sweetness that I wanted, without it being too overpowering. That was why I went with more Dragonfruit than Strawberry on this concept. I wanted to try a different combination than what's currently out there, and I think that at these percentages, you get what you're looking for, without being all you get.

TPA Frosted Donut / TFA Vanilla Swirl / FA Apple Pie - Now I went a little different with this combination as well for the same reasons as mentioned before. I wanted a different combination than usual, and it seems to do it's job quite well. The Vanilla Swirl acted well as the frosting on this recipe, without getting that eggy feeling with what CAP's Vanilla Custard would provide. Frosted Donut was the obvious choice for me in this recipe, as I wanted that donut feel. The Apple Pie acts as an accent to the Frosted Donut, giving it a little bit of deep fried/crusted affect to the Donut, without taking away from the Donut taste.

CAP Super Sweet - For a sweet dessert, of course it needed a little bit of Sweetener in it as well. You should put in no more than 2-3 Drops per 15ml, and that helps with the frosted feeling that you'd get when biting into a frosted donut. Anymore, and it'll be sweetness overload.

This recipe is about 95% done, in that I feel like there can still be some tweaks I can do to provide the overall experience. But this is a very solid shake and vape recipe for if you want a dessert, but don't want to wait the 1 to 2 + weeks of steeping. Although this is a flavor that will get better overtime.

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