(TPA) Ethyl Maltol

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Inspired by the Dairy Queen Fruit Smoothie sold here at my local DQ. This is a very authentic mango/pineapple fruit smoothie. Enjoy:)

A sweet, creamy, and complex blueberry juice. Gets way better after 10 days of steeping.

A recipe expired by the Fantastic remix of boss Reserve by folkart.

Ethyl maltol- sweetens the profile and softens the throat hit, that acetylferrocene is notorious for.

Banana Foster - Deep rich ripe banana with hints of caramel and nut. Is flavoring can taste a little thin as a shake and vape. Just need some time to develop.

Bavarian cream + dolce de leche - a simple cream combination with complex results. Steeps out smooth and sweet with a rich thick mouthfeel.

honey - flavourart honey, is to date the only honey flavoring I have tried that isn't complete garbage. Besides being a great accent this flavoring helps ties the recipe together.


I also add 1 drop of vanilla swirl per 10ml.

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These profiles seem to get harder every week. The wild card here is the rose. I'm having flashbacks to the second round of the beginner blending competition LOL

Gooey yummy creamy custard pudding with brown sugar and dulce de leche topping

It's not 100% clone of the original one. The main difference is that is more creamy than the original one.
I love it from the 1st day but is fully steeped after 7 days.

Smooth with a hint of cherry. Vanilla tahity brings out the best flavor here tieing it all together into a mellow tasty vape. Liquid amber to give it a hint of that much sought after exhale aftertaste.


Started as Candy Green Apple, then the idea changed to lime candy, then lime-ade. Now it's landed on this concoction of green candy goodness. :) Enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts.
Also if you're a very seasonal style vaper, save this one for this upcoming spring/summer.

This is my remix of SilverBack Boo Boo.

Its a nice, Light and Sweet Blueberry Grape.

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