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A cereal base.

Meringue/Bavarian Cream
This is the milky base. The meringue adds fullness and fluffiness, as well as a little sweetness and (to me) a strong toasted note. The Bavarian Cream is richer than just a milk, like Cream Fresh or OOO Milky Under - but I want decadence in this. I use FW Bavarian because I get the pepper notes from the TPA version

Cereal 27/Hazelnut
These are staples for a cereal base. Cereal 27 is the tastiest cereal in my opinion, and besides the high AP content, no off-notes in there. It's a generic cereal, but definitely a darker and toasted grain. The Hazelnut brings a rich nutiness that backs the cereal up beautifully. It also bridges the gap between cereal and creams with its smoothness.

EM/Super Sweet
EM is my sweetener of choice, but cereals are pretty sugary in general so the "sugar on top" sensation that comes from the Super Sweet is useful in this recipe.


this is best after a few days so the Citrus punch can chill out a bit.

This is the second iteration of Boosted's OG Strawberry Milkshake e-liquid

This is not quite right. The first version after 2 weeks, does taste closer. A couple more iterations and we should have it.


Just a really basic blueberry cotton candy flavored recipe very popular with the 20ish crowd here in my home city ........ BASIC af recipe lol

What is $100 Strawberry Custard? Only the BEST custard you've ever dreamed of vaping, made with the BEST flavorings available.

DFS Holy Vanilla at same % as the Black Label is a PERFECT substitute!!

Yes-this is a shake-n-vape strawberry custard. You're welcome!


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On my instagram account @diyordievaping I tried to make Boosted OG: Strawberry Milkshake eliquid.
Follow my insta for more recipes.


I bough a 120 of blood orange early in my mixing liking the real orange. Little did i know what w fun flavor it is to mix.Tried a few mixes always coming out harsh.After watching and learning about mixing This is the recipe that tamed the orange.

For all you adventurous vapers out there, I have brought out da FIRE!!!


This is a remix/clone of Vapetasia's Killa Kustard

It might seem simple, but that's kinda the point. Closest I've gotten to the flavor just by keeping it simple.

Needs a pretty long steep, offnotes present at first. Might double percentages, and then steep for 3 weeks see what happens.

Idk, check it out. It's good.



I love the OG Arnold Palmer Iced tea so decided to give it a hipster twist. The base of this mix are the Lemonade(LA) and Sixx mixx wild strawberry tea. The tea has a green tea base that is just lovely not overly earthy or musky - just a nice solid green tea with backnotes of strawberry and papaya . LA leomonade with a little bit of the lemon Sicily just taste like sweet true lemonade Also I did not want the lemon to be a bully in this mix but to sort of blend in with the other fruits and tea .

Em was added to add a slight note of natural sweetness and soften some of the edges

Pink guava to me is a flavor that can change based on the other fruits / flavors in the mix. In this case it seems to bring out sweet strawberry and papaya which is exactly what I wanted

Dragonfruit was added as an emulsifier and for some more of the "red fruit flavor" notes

Golden syrup for that sweet dark honey type of note

artic mint for a bit of minty coolness for a summer time beverage

is a solid shake and vape but hits its sweet spot at 3 - 5 days
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