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A english fave an a american fave combined ! For a simple recipe im loving this at the moment !
Great combo an loads of flavor wihout over doing any %s A sweet blackcurrant rancher with a touch of strawberry
Have made loads of versions of this with different fruits an this is defo my favorite
Few notes

Play nicely together these 2 without taking to much of the front note loving the JF version which is a bit more sweety/candy style an works well with the more subtle cap version ! i didnt want a INW sickly kinda strawberry wanted it to just an add to the Blackcurrant an support it

Love this version super tasty soon as i tasted it i instantly had a ribena mix in mind ! Nice an full an has a bit of depth to it

Great to pair with fruits ive used similar recipe with watermelon, apple an bluberry an it gives a good base that is easy to work with ! Tried many different %s but 5 is my fave ! 6+ an it can almost become harsh an slightly chemical

Helps to smooth the FW candy with the strawberry an blackcurrant an pulls a bit of sweetness out !
As its a sweet i like 1% sweetener but you guys try what works for you


One of my favourite recipes. From sadpandavape on reddit/ELR

Recipe breakdown:

Butterscotch ripple - This flavor is awesome. Light butterscotch flavor that feels like a mix of VBIC and Butterscotch regular. blends perfect in this recipe and gives it the fullness it needs.

Double Ry4 - Fantastic staple of tobacco flavors. At this % it gives the perfect hint of tobacco and the caramel aspect of double ry4 melds fantastic with the other creams.

Fuji Apple - Do I need to explain this gem of a flavor?

Vanilla Custard - Gives the missing vanilla twinge we felt it was missing. CAP Custard has this intangible fullness and vanilla/caramel punch that puts this recipe over the top.

Ethyl Maltol - Helps the Tobacco and apple not be too dry. Can be made without easily.




I had an idea for this recipe and I started crafting it. With help of RageIsALotOfWork we ended up perfecting it as a 100% shake and vape recipients.
But this recipie became really y harsh really quick. So playing around with it, I added EM to round off the edges.
I can now say that there is zero harshness and I'm willing to release it.

This was inspired from the basic basket flavors for the New mixers Competition from Diy or Die.... i did some looking around for a bakery pastry recipe that incorporated those flavors and came across this, and it actually worked well...i was looking for that apple Strawberry melody accompanied with a cinnamon and pastery warm note.... along with the sweet

Req @ least 2 to 3 day steep


Pretty Simple. Melon base with Strawberry and Optional EM to boost it up. Able to sub out pretty much anything with your preferences. I talk more about it in my podcast: mixlr.com/cloudstate/showreel
Overnight Steep

Typical Puerto Rican Icee guys with a simple variation that is pretty common in the island. Creamy & sour passion icee rounded with tones of vanilla ice cream and top off with just a hint of cinnamon. Koolada can be added to your taste. This is my first shot at this recipe. I will update you guys as I see any progress. Any feedbacks are more than welcome guys...

Mix: 80 VG/ 20 PG
Nic: 3ml
Steep: 5 Days


I derived part of this from EF vapes on Youtube but still had to change everything due to the fructose in FW Yellow cake and the sucralose that he added also. I subbed the sucralose for Tfa french vanilla creme and TFA marshmallow. JF yellow cake to replace the FW yellow cake but still need EM to blend and sweeten all the creams. This is an awesome recipe that from the moment you mix it you CAN VAPE IT! And you wont stop until the bottle is finished, Enjoy this awesome recipe and know that it will NOT kill your coils or wicks. Keep in mind I vape max VG around 90 watts so if you need to turn down everything by 20% that's totally fine. ID10-T this ones for you my friend, Thank you for the Miami Vice I will vape that on my deathbed some day.

A very tasty variation on one of my more popular recipes. Replacing coconut with German flavors toffee, if you do not have this flavoring I highly recommend it. Its a great toffee flavor with that little alcohol kick. Steep time on this one is going to be 2 weeks minimum of course you can go longer need to give it the creams time.


I would give this 3 stars but some people really like it. Pretty basic. Could stand more supporting Apples like Antoine from INW.


This is a version of my sweet blueberry lemonade that has a more natural or "tart" taste to it. Replacing the more sweet CAP Lemon Sicily with its more natural FA counterpart and adding a touch of FA Bilberry to help flesh the blueberry out. Replaced TFA Sweetener with Ethyl Maltol to cut the "sugar on the tongue" taste of the sucralose while still brightening the berries. EM is more optional in this version than the TFA Sweetener in the original. 2 Drops Koolada per 30ml or to taste. Overnight steep to help the FA Lemon Sicily and Bilberry settle in.

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