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This is my reproduction of the Key Lime Woody was eatting in Natural Born Killers, this pie has the perfect tartness and a great crust

This recipe is dedicated to the great Amber Lynn I hope that this cheesecake is as sweet and sexy as she is

My attempt at a cannoli. This recipe has been evolving for some time now, but I think I'm getting closer.


Watermelon and strawberry bubblegum !! Marshmallow is just here for the mouth feel! And everything works great here together , Ethyl maltol to round it off and give it that candy bubblegum flavor that I was looking for here ! My take of Watermelon & strawberry Bubblegum !! Mix it up people !!!!.. shake and vape best after about three days ..

A soft sugar cookie with a lemon cream cheese icing

Every holiday season i join a few cookie swaps and while going through my cookie recipes it dawned on me to make one into an E-Juice, here it is.

I started with Yellow Cake, Sugar Cookie and Vanilla Swirl for the base but found it lacking as a "cookie".
with the addition of Biscuit the base really came together but was missing the smooth/soft mouth feel, Cap Butter Cream solved that nicely.

The lemon cream cheese icing was pretty straight forward with Cream Cheese Icing and Lemon Sicily but felt too one dimensional
after trying more than a few flavors to fix that i settled on Lemon Lime.


Delicious corny goodness - flakes or pops, you decide.

See my Youtube video where I describe this recipe and how it was developed: http://bit.ly/2hkjL3k

Spoon Me

This is my entry for the beginner blending competition it's based on a delicious Strawberry yogurt topped of with a crunchy honey and apple granola with hints of cinnamon.


Tfa Strawberry ripe

I went heavy here to punch the flavour through its not a great Strawberry as a Standalone and acts more of a sweetener imo,but it is noticeable throughout the vape and blends well into the yogurt to form the Base flavour as what is a fantastic yogurt flavour. It won't shout out hey I'm Strawberry but it does add to that yogurt Base.

Capella CDS

Again this is one of the chosen basket flavours so it had to be used. I wanted to use it in a way that doesn't allow it to be it's bakery elements so I went a small percentage here to just allow them cinnamon notes to shine through. It adds some added flavour to the cereal 27 without it overpowering and making it lead towards its bakery pastry flavour. It adds bite and a little spice to the topping without offending.

FA Fuji

Again another basket ingredient this I used for the granola topping it's a strong flavour and works just about wherever you place it. It plays it part well and adds some added flavour to the cereal topping, an extra element. The honey from the FLV milk and honey kind of sweetens it up and combines well to give the apple a twist.

FLV milk and honey

I used this along side the yogurt it takes away some sourness from the Greek yogurt and the honey adds a twist to the apple and the cereal 27 giving both a more glazed effect kind of coating them with extra flavour. The honey works very well into crunchy cereal and apple.

Capella cereal 27

This is a great flavour to use for the crunchy flaky topping it's quite weak so 3% is a good point. It adds enough to the yogurt to replicate that granola topping it's toasted elements work really well especially with the honey unfortunately I could play further with this but the 6 flavours won't allow so this works fine in doing its job of a granola topping.

FLV Greek yogurt

This is an amazing yogurt flavour I was amazed when I found this flavour. It stands very well in what it does its creamy and thick with a slight sour profile you get from a Greek yogurt. It punches through the other flavours you know it's there 2% is a perfect amount. The milk combines very well and turns it more into a creamy yogurt we all enjoy.

Ethyl maltol

Adding just 0.75% is completely necessary it adds some sweetness and brings down the sour note from the yogurt. It also rounds out the recipe.

Mix at 30pg 70 vg
1 week steep


The Apple cinnamion waffle with sweet strawberry sryup drizzled on top !! Multiple fresh Apple's cinnamion waffle with some good sweet strawberry sryup to top it off ! Ripe strawberry and sweet strawberry work great together here at these percentages imo ! And the Fuji works great off the green apple by flavor west here ! With a little Ethyl maltol to sweeten up the waffle ! This all works well for me ! Mix a 70vg 30 pg .. Best after one week.. My apple cinnamon waffle with some strawberry sryup !!!..


A French Apple Tart has a sweet buttery pastry, sweet apple filling, tart apple slices on top, covered with an apricot glaze. I have topped my tart with cinnamon sugar.

THE BASE- CAP Sugar Cookie- Due to the limit of 6 ingredients, I've used just 1 ingredient for the base. Sweet, buttery CAP Sugar Cookie. Does it really need anything else?

THE FILLING - FA Armenia(Apricot) - in a french apple tart, apricot glaze is brushed onto the top of the tart. I chose apricot because it goes so well with strawberry, as i found out after making the strawberry astronaut clone from reddit many months ago. Even though that recipe calls for TFA strawberry and not ripe, the Strawberry ripe and apricot combo is still giving that unusual but delicious taste you get from the two together.

- FA Fuji - I am in Australia and placed an order just days before you announced the competition, and received my order 2 weeks into the comp.Thank god I ordered CDS and Sugar cookie. Unfortunately I didn't order JF Fuji, as i have a 50ml of FA Fuji to get through. So that is my legitimate reason for using FA Fuji. The real life french apple tart calls for a sweet and tart apple to be used. This was not going to happen, due to the 6 flavour limit. This is a tart,sharp apple that i added sweetness to with EM and TFA Strawberry Ripe.

- TFA Strawberry Ripe- This is mainly used as a sweetener to brighten and sweeten the Apple. But it also plays very well with the Apricot, which is why I pushed it up to 5%, to give that combo flavour that they bring together.

THE SUGAR ON TOP - CAP CDS - I kept the % low on this, because I heard it does not play well with Strawberry. So at 1.5% I'm just trying to get a touch of cinnamon flavour out of it. Also my first time playing with this flavour, so I kept it simple.

- FA Meringue- powdered sugar to sprinkle on top, mixed with the CDS to make cinnamon sugar. It may even lend some egginess to the base.

FREE INGREDIENTS - ETHYL MALTOL (10%)- ok so when I was listening to B.Blending last week, the chat got to talking about whether or not TFA Strawb. Ripe has E.M in it. Turns out it doesn't. It only has Maltol. So I added it in to sweeten the pot a little, and make the strawberry more like TFA Strawberry, which does have E.M in it, and is my favourite.(and is the strawberry that goes so well with apricot.)

I did have a lovely photo to go with the recipe, but it was the wrong file type, and i'll be fucked if I know how to fix it. (way to old and nooby)

I just want to say that this competition has pushed the shit out of me as a mixer, and steepened my learning curve. I've learned a lot just by participating, so thanks guys.

Greg Miller

My entry into the Beginner Blending MIXXED competition.

I originally aimed for a CinnApple Danish with strawberry whipped cream, while I was mixing and batching, it hit me that i was getting a more of a cereal note from the original mix. I pushed forward and I think the mixed turned out really well. You get the Cinnamon and apple cereal upfront and then a strawberry milk on the back note. I really hope you enjoy it.

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