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If you love hazelnut and custard, this recipe was meant for you. Based off my 3 day steep custard (which can actually be vaped before three days) the vanilla pudding, cookie, vanilla custard 2 and super sweet make a delicious custard base that you don't have to wait weeks for! Creamy Hazelnut and Dx Hazelnut work like a dream together here and it's already became one of my ADV vapes!

**** NOTICE: Raspberry Malina I couldn't find in the flavor stash here and that's the INW I used ****

Raspberry syrup, nuts, and cream? You asked for it, you got it. It's a blend of sweet delicious ice cream/custard with the right amount of nut sprinkles, and sweety syrupy raspberry, what's not to like? The hazelnut really gives this a different dimension and honestly, I was shocked that it worked out so well. Enjoy!

Mixed this the same day as I mixed the Strawberry Hazed, trying to see if this would work with other fruit flavors, and OH MY Raspberry it did!

Banana and nut mixed in with cookie! How can that be anything but awesome!! So I wanted to go back and use some old school flavors and see what I could come up with and I'm pretty dang happy with the results! Using the two hazelnuts together really worked here, mixed with the butter and vanilla bean ice cream, it's just delicious! I used some Sugar cookie for the cookie note in this recipe and it all just blended together the way I wanted it!

Mango, berry and cereal smoothie with coconut milk. Once blended, its not certain what variety of the ingredients you will taste at what time. A breakfast smoothie to perk the senses.

Dessert tobacco.
Wanted an dessert tobacco for after Thanksgiving festivities.
This is a delicious RY4. Graham cracker, Hazelnut, and Caramel Toffee carry the profile with some notes of tobacco from the Sweet and Smokey/ Ry4 Double.
Great off the shake. Id vape it as it steeps and taste the tobacco developing.
MTL tested. Billet box/Xeta bridge. 26.5 watts

This was created by CountryLivin. I did not create this recipe. Only posting for ease of sharing with fellow mixer.

This is also a recipe pack on BCF: https://www.bullcityflavors.com/crepe-escape-by-countrylivin-discounted-full-recipe/

Who doesn't like creamy nuts? Delicious and different, you get a heavy, nutty flavor nicely brought together with some cream. The taste is quite intense, work in progress.

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