(TPA) Dx Bavarian Cream

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A really nice Tobacco Blend with a shot of Creamy Scotch Whiskey. This is one of my favorite ADV's for a Poker Game with the Guys. Enjoy!!

So I have never ever in my life had this kind of dessert, and to be honest I do not think I ever will because my poor teeth cannot handle it anymore. The butterscotch is the main profile, obviously, with the coconut cream pie and the coconut itself to back each other up which is kind of mutes in a small way. The cheesecake graham crust is there alongside the coconut cream pie. The creams are made up of Dx Bavarian Cream and meringue and they work very well.
This recipe still needs some improvement, but in the meanwhile enjoy it and leave some feedback.

Now admittedly I’ve never eaten Cocoa Puffs cereal myself, least not that I remember but this is what I would want it to taste like if I ever do.... Deliciously Chocolaty!
I’m not getting a lot of “cereal” taste in this which suits me just fine,
as I’m not really a big “Cereal Vapist”, I prefer the milk in the bottom of the bowl, yum 🤤

“Rocky Toony Original”

Mixed 1/23/2021

So, when this recipe came to my mind I was wanting a very heavily creamy blueberry. Well what this recipe gave me was not what I was looking for but it was surprising. After letting it steep for two to three days it came out pretty good for someone who tried too hard with different blueberries lol.. Wayne is the reason why I have dedicated my mixing abilities to try and create a very good blue berry blend nicely with some heavy sweet thick cream.
As for this mix on the inhale I get the nice heavily and soft sweet cream with this juicy and slightly present sweet blueberry and the cream on the exhale.
I really hope someone out there enjoys this recipe who is just getting into mixing or wanting to try something new!
Feedback is very much appreciated!

So, yes, I am Obsessed with trying to get this confection or combination of ingredients down. I have had Wayne's Strawberry Lite Cream and it has literally inspired to do the same thing but with blueberry. It will constantly be a work in progress but until then enjoy and please leave some feedback on what might make it better! Thank You!

Deep / Dark Chocolate Mocha that will have you begging for More!
Mocca Coffee SSA paired with Dark Choco MF is a match made in Heaven ☺️
(The Sweat Cream FLV can be subbed with CAP at 1.5%)
Mixed 2/27/2021


This is a recipe that will bring you to a hot humid summer in Japan, what do you need when it's hot? A good Melon Soda Float! It's a Fanta Melon which is only sold and served in Japan with a nice and soft ice cream float that will cool you down in no time and make that sweet tooth of yours come forth! This soft drink is only served during summer season in Japan and was one of my favorite drinks to get while I was there, I most certainly hope you guys will enjoy this as much as I do, happy vaping!

I also want to take my time in thanking @duncanyoyo1 that helped me out in picking some specific flavors to make it possible, it's like a vending machine, you tell him what your looking for and he knows what to give you!

No thing great is created in an instance, any more than a fig. Tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen as it falls...
A tasty mystical brew crafted into unique aroma, flavor and experience profile into each vape. A new flavor with character and dimension.

*** NOTE: FLV Rich Cinnamon 10% Dilution was used!

Sarsaparilla tastes similiar to Root Beer, but different in nature! The old West was known for Sarsaparilla along with their tonics, elixirs and remedies. What better time for the the song by Bon Jovi to come on “Wanted Dead or Alive” LYRICS: “It's all the same, only the names will change” No need to steep this just shake and vape, but in three days it will be a little thicker and fuller. Mix this, listen to the tune, kick back and vape… Enjoy!!!

deep creamy strong vanilla custard..

if anyone try this recipe,you are free to twick it and make it more good.

this is my 1st recipe of custard.

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