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(TPA) Dx Banana Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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If you like bubblegum flavors then look no further than MB American Bubblegum. It is a perfect pink bubblegum flavor. I combine it with FA marshmallow to add a little sticky sweetness that I think it needs for authenticity.

CAP Sweet Guava is a huge punch of tropical fruit flavor that fits surprisingly well in to a bubblegum recipe. I’ve paired it with Golden Pineapple and Banana Cream (DX) here to really give this recipe the full island treatment.

Bubblegum needs a good amount of sweetener too it. I suggest adding more sweetener than you normally would.

Watch the video here:


FLV Chocolate Deutsch and FA Caramel make a nice Chocolate note for mutes like myself.

FA Vienna Cream is great for ice creams where you don't want any vanilla.

TFA DX Banana Cream is the creamier than the LA Banana Cream and it's perfect for a banana ice cream.

I sweeten with CAP Super Sweet at 0.5%

Watch the Video Here:

This recipe is from Ejuice for Beginners DIY Made Easy Ep. 005: 5 Simple 2 Ingredient Recipes watch the video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/o5rfb_het8I

This recipe is from Ejuice for Beginners DIY Made Easy Ep. 002: How to Use and E-Liquid Calculator watch the video on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-sS2B1Kkf8

Added 0.5% cap super sweet and that’s perfect for my taste! Add/don’t add whatever you prefer. Notes to follow but for now, a great representation of my all time favourite desert....The Banoffee Pie with a delicious toffee drizzle and a dollop of whipped cream. 🔥💯

A decadent banana cream pie with a rich,sticky toffee sauce drizzled on top,finished with dusted pecans.As close to the real thing as your ever gonna get!!!


Lickity Split is the name of one of my local ice cream shops, I used to love getting banana splits there when I was a kid. I've all but given up on chocolate but wanted to work on the rest of the profile. I've had all these flavors for awhile, but haven't really tried using any of them outside of the coconuts and custard before. I thought the custard would help thicken up the mouth feel without changing the profile flavoring too much. I kind of like this better right off the shake tbh, the banana seems to settle in a little too much after a week or so for my taste. Others may like it that way though idk :)

Continuously tweaking this. Any suggestions to balance this out are welcome.


Sweet and thick inhale, with a nice fluffy banana cream finish. The name says it all! It's Grandmaw's Nanner Puddin! Definitely needs at least a 3 day steep, great flavor even at max VG. Hope you guys enjoy! Check out my other recipes!

Reminiscent of the classic cereal (honey bunches of oats) with some ice cold milk.

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