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Mr Churro, fried doughnut, caramel, creamy, one of my personal favourite mixes, its just amazing!!

Crazy sugar cookie with caramel. Just try it!
Sugar cookie as main profile with caramel sugar back end.


"Blue balls" was obviously taken so here we have "Lack-a-nookie".

After vaping Smurf Soup for so long I decided to revisit the blueberry profile....

FW Blueberry
Smurf Soup was formulated with TFA Blueberry Wild, Also a weaker flavor, But it had a very bright and slightly tangy vibe to it. I wanted something deeper and more syrupy.

FLV Blueberry Muffin
No muffin notes with this one, Inaccurate name. Used for deeper ripe notes but it also provides a level of salivation when you vape it. Quite strange, But very pleasant.

FA Bilberry
Deep dark berry. Yum. 'Nuff said.

TFA Dulce De Leche
Sweet milk with berries? Yes please!

TFA Marshmallow
Sweetness, Mouthfeel, Fills the gap between cream and fruits.

FA Vienna Cream
Richness, Creaminess, A nice hint of vanilla to contrast the blueberry.


Creamy Root beer float. Inspired by Kalamazoo's very own WMU Broncos and their amazing year in the FBS. Kalamazoo is known for its craft brews and Root beer is no exception as I can remember having a hard Rootbeer at a brewery awhile back and it was absolutely delicious. This is pretty good as a shake and vape but really comes together after 3 days. I added the butterscotch ripple and dulche de leche to add some depth to the root beer float. The rest is just part of a Ice cream base i've been working on. Give it ago and let me know if ya like it I know I do and im not really a fan of root beer but its very tasty and a nice break from the norm for me.


Thick pastry cream atop a buttery graham shell covered in bananas, white chocolate shavings and drizzled with caramel sauce. What could be better?


TFA Banana Cream & JF Bavarian Cream:

These 2 flavorings complement one another so perfectly. With these 2 flavors, I was able to bring out the bananas perfectly, as well as develop an incredibly rich and thick pastry cream that is unmatched by any other concentrate I tried previously for this mix. I only needed 4% Banana Cream here. JF Bavarian Cream at 2.5% also made the Banana Cream a fluffy airy delight. Any more of either ingredient, and you throw everything out of balance.

FA Soho:

I have to admit, I had never tried FA Soho before this competition, and actually had to wait on this flavor's delivery before I could begin to formulate this particularly magical mix. This flavoring has a wonderful dessert RY4 scent that immediately piqued my interest. Delicate caramel, vanilla and light tobacco are its' features. Nice. I only used 2% here, as I only wanted to highlight the caramel/vanilla aspect. I've seen this flavoring used from 5-6%(considered "high" for Flavour Arts flavorings), but in this mix anything higher gave it a weird almost purple grape-like aftertaste. Bananas and grape? No thank you.

FW Graham Cracker:

I truly love this flavoring. It's so on point and realistic. This was the ONLY choice for my flakey, buttery graham base! Flavor West's Graham Cracker has all but erased any memory of TFA's version from my mind.

TFA Dulce De Leche:

In every recipe I make, there's that ONE flavor that just enhances every aspect of each mix, making it totally unique. Dulce De Leche was that ingredient that just made everything pop! It adds so many things to a recipe and I'm surprised it's not used more frequently by DIYers. The gifts TFA's Dulce De Leche gave me in this mix were:

Creaminess(to enhance the pastry cream), buttery caramel(that caramel drizzle), and a hint of nuttiness(?) I can pick up that takes an ordinary graham crust from 'average' to 'outstanding'. I tried JF's version of DDL, but holy crapola--nothing "works" quite like TFAs version! TFAs Dulce De Leche is also a true "bridge" between flavorings in every sense of the word. And without this bridge, this mix would've been a confusing mess of flavors & sensations.

FW White Chocolate:

The flavoring I couldn't live without. Flavor West hit this flavoring out of the park. It's creamy. And thick. So much thicker feeling than TFAs version which is partly why I chose FW over TFA here. I also chose this version due to its' nearly imperceptible hint of wafer. I could use that wafer to enhance my graham slightly(not that it needed enhancing, but it WAS a nice feature)!

TFA Sweetener:

I used the sweetener here at 1.5%, which for my recipes, I consider a bit high. But white chocolate is sweet. Even more so than milk chocolate. Sweetener was added solely to make the white chocolate shavings taste authentic.

I am a caramel lover, but never found a commercial juice that really satisfied me. So this is the final recipe after making a few different batches. Setup: Recoil RDA, dual coil build flat clapton wire @ 0,13 ohm's, 70 watt. Very nice creamy caramel taste, but you really need to let it steep for about 3 weeks to let the Dulce de leche settle down en blend in with the other flavours. If it is to sweet for you reduce the sweetener to half a percent, i personally got a sweet tooth lol


This recipie is a malty strawberry vanilla shake. It's super sweet and delicious, this was my ADV for such a long time.

Dulce de Leche + Marshmallow + merengue is going to create a super sweet malty foundation.
Malted Milk + pie crust and VBIC will help with mouth feel and will add a touch of Graham flavor (if you are one of those who get a peppery taste out of TFA VBIC you can substitute for CAP or FW)
Classic strawberry + strawberry ripe combo will make your mouth explode.


My moms best dessert. Coconut custard dessert sitting on sweet caramel.

Chocolate ripe pear creme. Steep for 7 days.

Strawberry vapes have always been my favorite. This takes my favorite elements from Mothers milk, Unicorn milk and Boosted and combines them into my ultimate favorite recipe.
If you want it sweeter, I recommend TFA sweetener. Start at .25% & work up from there. Butterscotch and DDL sweeten it enough for me but everyone has different tastes.
Needs at least one week steep but gets even better with time.The malt comes out more the longer you let it steep. Don't like ddl, use strawberries and cream instead. Don't have FW butterscotch, use TFA or FA caramel. Want more strawberry, up it to 8%. No noticable difference using Cap vbic so if you don't like TFA VBIC it's okay to sub. HIGHLY RECOMMEND using FW vbic. Good strawberry variations that I've tried: 3.5% each Cap sweet strawberry and TFA strawberry ripe; Wayne's my dude 4% Cap sweet strawberry, 3% TFA strawberry, just TFA strawberry ripe 7% or TFA strawberry ripe 5% with 2% JF sweet strawberry (my new favorite combo)

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 70 / 100 Solo: 4.0% Mix: 2.0% Steep: 5 days Difficulty: 30 / 100


This one is fairly accurate to the reference with notes that are creamy, heavy dairy, dark sweetness, and mild cocoa note. It has a moderate concentration level shining in the 2-3% range.

Recommended Usage

Stand alone: 1%-2%

In a mix: 0.5%-1.5%


Mild, creamy

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