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(TPA) Dulce De Leche

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Attempt at a doughnut fried treat with dulce de leche topping

Imagine if you mixed Brandy, Triple Sec, Blackcurrant syrup and then threw in a splash of Bourbon for good measure. This is what it would taste like. Take a walk on the darker side of life and give this a try. This gives you a delicious stiff drink without that pesky hangover the next day.

I used the Bergamot and Blood Orange to create a Triple Sec profile. It may not be exact but it was the ratio that I was happy with. If you do not like the taste of orange zest you may want to notch the Bergamot back a bit. The Dulce De Leche adds depth and sweetness to the fruits as well as mouth feel which is also why I added a splash of Sweet Cream. IMO a good hard liquor coats your mouth and lingers on the tongue. I am trying to recreate that texture. The Oak Wood is simply to add that "top shelf" cask aged taste to the Bourbon. If you do not have the Oak Wood you could get by without it but it really does pair well with the other flavors that I have used here. This tastes best after 24 hours and its optimal window is 1-2 weeks. After that the warm boozy notes tend to fade and the creamy caramels start to take over too much. So if you want to let it steep try cutting the Sweet Cream and Dulce De Leche in half.

This does not really need extra sweetener but I did try it with some Sugar Daddy Vanilla at 0.4% and it worked nicely. The photo was found on Google images.

Attempt at a doughnut fried treat with dulce de leche topping with chocolate

Attempt at a hot glazed doughnut with a Caramel topping

Cinnamon custard with dulce de leche topping on the surface of it


Creamy pineapple cheesecake with dulce de leche and brown sugar topping

Attempt at a doughnut fried treat with dulce de leche topping

This is a recipe from a friend that is now my all-day every-day flavour.
Everyone that tastes it becomes addicted and currently I have to make this liquid for all my colleagues.



When I first started vaping I fell hard for a liquid by Cape Fear. Their THALIAN liquid was just so damn good. I have not had it for quite a while and got to thinking I should make something similar to scratch that itch and I love this one just as much as theirs. I am not going to call this a clone or even a remix because I haven’t had theirs in so long that I don’t know how close it is if even at all. I just know I really enjoy that profile so here is my offering.

TFA Dulce De LECHE....the flavor here is the result from reducing milk and sugar to a caramel consistency. The result is as you can imagine a sweet creamy yet unique caramel flavor. This in this recipe is what requires the steep. This one starts off strong but when it subsides the left over flavor is unlike any other.

The strawberry combo in this recipe for me brings a freshish strawberry with a little syrup.

The rest of the ingredients here are pretty self explanatory

Super sweet is as always optional. It’s just the way I prefer this recipe.

I used double apple a bit more than green since green has such a bite to it but I think it will end up tasting like a green apple. And then added Cavendish which I just love and vanilla bacco which is nice and finally some dulche de leche to smooth it out plus sweetener which I'm not sure is necessary for this recipe but I know the person I'm making it for likes sweet plus I think it kinda acts like salt in that it brings out flavors. I've single tested cavendish at 3 and that is a good spot for it.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 70 / 100 Solo: 4.0% Mix: 2.0% Steep: 5 days Difficulty: 30 / 100


This one is fairly accurate to the reference with notes that are creamy, heavy dairy, dark sweetness, and mild cocoa note. It has a moderate concentration level shining in the 2-3% range.

Recommended Usage

Stand alone: 1%-2%

In a mix: 0.5%-1.5%


Mild, creamy

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