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(TPA) Dragonfruit

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: fruit

Used in 6812 recipes at an average of 1.991%.


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"A mysterious fruit that empowers those who eat it. The flavor is like a dream... a powerful personal experience, yet difficult to describe to others."

I used Hangsen Aloe Vera here, but INW Aloe works or you can just leave that part out altogether.

This is a tasty bright sweet jammy strawberry forward inhale that moves into a light tart lemon on the exhale ending with a vanilla bakery note. can be a shake and vape but is best 3 - 5 days
This was made for daytime franks MIXIN IN THE KITCHEN TPA episode https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpzG9vsIgaCUzHVrUMHiV_g

dragon fruit just helps to get the strawberry to pop out and helps to blend the lemon and strawberry notes . Also dragon fruit is a great enhancer for strawberry .

Despite all the strawberries out there the combination of TPA strawberry and Strawberry ripe are just hard to beat and if you have those 2 - you can create just about any strawberry you want

Lemonade cookie is a great flavor but will fade so it needs some support - sadly I did not really have any other good TPA lemon flavors for this mix and this just screamed for a bit more lemon and INW lemon cake was just tooo good to leave out. it. INW does lemons really well and this adds those notes and support the bakery with a yellow almost pound cake base

Vanilla swirl is added for some body ad vanilla notes

sweet cereal supports the bakery notes and adds some additional sweetness and texture with a sweetned corn flake note

NOTES: This is pretty sweet mix but if you want it sweet add sweetner FLV sweetness .03% or cap supper sweet .5% to pop put those fruit notes. if you want more of a sour note WF sweet and sour rhubarb at 2.5% could also be added here to support some of those sour notes, as well as VT sour lemon at around 1.50% . A bit of cap sugar cookie to add more texture and butter notes if you want to around 2.5%

The recipe is a strawberry cheesecake with yogurt stone as main cream. For base we have bisquit base together with NY cheesecake and graham grust. I vape it after 1h but if you want keep it for 1 week. Enjoy!

A candy juice with notes of realistic strawberry taste. For me it's a good sweet & tart ADV juice.
I'm gonna try to do 2 more different versions to check if it can be even better.

Inspired by SkiddlzNinja’s “God Milk”, I boosted the strawberry and swapped the TPA Cheesecake Graham Crust for INW Yes We Cheesecake because I’ve fallen in love with it ever since the Cheesecake episode of Noted. It’s a little creamier and less “crusty” than TPA but I think it works great in this recipe.

This recipe owes a lot to the other Peach Ring recipes on ATF. Primarily one that used RF Gummy Candy in it (the creator has since taken it down). All the other Peach Rings I've tried have been lacking compared to it, so I did my best here to recreate it. Give it two days for ideal flavor.

Sweet, juicy vibrant strawberries dipped in a vanilla pouring cream, If you remember those little red and white sweets “campino” and you were fond of them then you will be fond of this recipe too 😊

Strawberries and cream has been done many, many times and this is just my spin on it.. if you find you like it then please rate it accordingly :)

All feedback is appreciated.

Www.chefsflavours.co.uk stock all the concentrates featured in this recipe 👍🏻

I'm almost convinced Juul has a proprietary blend of Mango as I've experimented with a rather large variety of Mango concentrates and combinations. I haven't yet nailed it 1:1 but this is close enough for me. Juul also likely uses 1000mg/ml nicotine solution to achieve a 70/30 mix with a 50mg nic solution as we also know their nicotine derivation is proprietary. I like to mix it 55/45 for maximum flavor and at 30mg because I don't need 50mg. While it's not a 100% dead on clone of Juul's Mango pod, It is close enough for me to be happy with it. Sometimes I throw in a little WS-23 to give it a cooling vibe.

this recipe has served more for my records than a community contribution, but thought I'd share because I enjoy it

FLV Cantaloupe helps round out a juicy and creamy orange texture.

TPA Dragonfruit lends a boost to the fruit.

TPA Sweetener to invite some maltol to the mix.

FLV Mango / CAP Sweet Mango obviously pair to contribute the Mango note.

A gorgeously refreshing Mocktail recipe that will leave your taste buds refreshed and pleasantly massaged with delicate notes of the blackberry being brightened with with a little citrus. The very slight cooling in this profile comes the sorbet base and really helps with the mouthfeel in this decedent yet delicious vape. The Grenadine & the lime together in the "Mojito" part of the FW Blackberry is subtle but helps balance the sweetness in this profile. The Dragon fruit is used low as an enhancer that I think helps the berry a little further to pop forward. This is not a saturation of flavor rather it is a delicate recipe that would be easily enjoyed as an all day vape. I hope you enjoy it :)

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An attempt to clone Plumes of Hazard's Abolish Mint.

This one has a bit more vanilla with the mint, but the cooling and mint flavors are otherwise extremely close.


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