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(TPA) Dairy/Milk

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1318 recipes at an average of 1.881%.


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Ok so let's talk Milkshake. When in doubt, look at a food recipe and keep it simple.
4% Strawberry ripe for the texture and body of the strawberry
2% Strawberry Shisha to help the Strawberry Ripe pop
2% Vanilla bean ice cream for the nice start of the ice cream
.5% Dairy/Milk to give the dairy factor and help the ice cream.
.8% Vienna Cream to richen up the vbic and give it extra texture.
Steep 2 weeks. This will hold it's flavor over a long period of time.

Slightly vanilla glazed donut dunked in a creamy milk great shake and vape, even better with two day steep

Needs a good week for the creams to come together, but after many renditions this one is perfect in my opinion. The blend between the Cream Cheese Icing and the Banana Cream is what really makes this juice.


Cornflakes Cereal Milk with a Sweet Apple Accompaniment

Not much to say on this one, It just works. - If you don't want to use the FA Fuji - you can pretty much sub it out for most other fruits. Everything else though, if you can include it, or can get hold of it on order it's worth it.

Can be a shake and vape, but this recipe only gets better with time, I left a bottle for 3 weeks and it was in my own inflated opinion truly awesome. It develops into a golden beauty of a specimen.

FA Meringue / FA Caramel - This combo helps give that caramelized/frosted flaked taste and helps boost the sweetness in the apple a little. The Meringue is higher than traditional usage but at high percentages helps give a sweet subtle dairy note.

FA Cream Fresh / TPA Dairy Milk - This is the milky cream note, it's not swimming in milk but it's all softened by it, it fills in the gaps of this overall profile.

FA Fuji / CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl- FA Fuji speaks for its self, one of the best apples around and helps give that apple juice taste in your mouth, then you've taken a scoop of cereal and omnomnomnom. Cinnamon Danish just adds a little extra richness to the flake glaze and a bit of traditional spicing to the apple, just a hint though.

CAP Cereal 27 - In my opinion, this is the KING of the cereal concentrates, tastes exactly like it is supposed to. It's a corn flake.

CAP Super Sweet - If you don't have it, aim for about 1,3-1.5% Sucralose as super sweet is double strength so better bang for your buck.

If you mix this and you like it please rate / review it.

Nice smooth straberry flavor whit creamy taste
after 2 week steeping the creamy flavor comes out much better.

Banana nut bread on top melted chocolate and whipped cream


TFA's peppermint is very strong-hence the low percentage. This needs to age at LEAST a week and It will blend in nicely with the VBIC. The Dbl Choc was added as an afterthought...... just because it seemed like it would work. And it works well!


A sweet vibrant strawberry ice cream flavor that doesn't require a long steep . Very very tasty after just a overnight sit or dare I say a quick warm water bath. I came up with this as a quick mix during a LONG week at work and couldn't be any happier with it......or could I hmmmm I guess it never ends. Notes to come soon.

Bowl of Lucky Charms cereal with milk

Light cinnamon twists just like taco bell offers. Let this recipe age for 1 to 2 weeks. Add 1% CAP super sweet if preferred. Mixed at 80/20.

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