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(TPA) Dairy/Milk

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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A simple Corn Pops Cereal.


A damn near dead on REMIXX of "Moo E-Liquids Vanilla Almond Milk". Mix it and see for yourself. Its definitely accurate. If you do decide to give this a shot please leave a review :) Thanks and Enjoy!
Adding sweetener will make this juice even closer to the original.
--- subbing ingredients will change the taste of this recipe ---

This is one of my childhood cereals that I used too eat all the time before elementary school mix up and enjoy

I could never find the right strawberry milk vape, so I made it. Super creamy, with the perfect blend of sweet and natural strawberries.

Sweeten to taste. Shake and vape certified.

I honestly can't remember where I got this recipe. I'm sure I tweaked it to my liking but I've been vaping this for atleast a year. Thanks to the original poster, whoever and wherever you are. Steep at least 1 week



CAP Creamy yogurt / TPA Dairy Milk: this is the cream base with an extra light tartness and a fully white creaminess from the yogurt combined with dairy milk to give a light milk taste.

CAP Vanilla bean ice cream / FW Vanilla bean ice cream / CAP Vanilla whipped cream: CAP VBIC used to boost a little the vanilla profile without exceeding and FW VBIC to give a sweet ice cream base to the ice cream base. CAP Vanilla whipped cream give that extra whipped cream profile to the ice cream.

CAP Blue Raspberry cotton candy: a sweet blue Raspberry touch to emulsionate the fruits and give a an extra airy layer to the creams.

FA Bilberry / INA Blackcurrant / TPA Berry crunch: this is the main purple fruit note: FA is a genuine bilberry flavor and here it act like a base for the INA Blackcurrant which has a wonderful genuine 'Cassis' profile (very concentrated flavor, I started @ 0.3% and then decided to stop @ 0.75% because the risk of obtaining a too much florar profile). TPA Berry crunch give a rounded boost to the berries without being too crunchy @ 1.5%.

FA Blackcurrant: FA blackcurrant is different from the INA version: it is more like a red currant instead of a black one, and in this this recipe is used to give depth and complexity to the berry part.

FA Blackberry: FA Blackberry is an extreme concentrated flavor and here I was searching for an added depth to the other berries 0.05% (3 drops in 60mls) is spot on, just the amount to be noticeable without overpower everything.

A delectable chocolate milkshake with a light shot of rum. A great after dinner pleasure, or before dinner, or heck, any time of day really. I started this after loving an Aussie brand called Botany Bay Bottling Co and their mix "Black Cow". This is a homage to that juice.

The chocolate I settled on here is TFA Double Chocolate - I played with mixes of INW and TFA Milk Chocolate, however none of them gave the result I was looking for. Here, at 6%, the DCC holds its own as the main profile for the mix.

The Rum component is achieved with use of the Butter Rum, and enhanced with the Butter Cream. The rum at 2.2% imparts a solid, but still layered alcohol effect that plays extremely well with the chocolate.
The Butter Cream also affects the thickness of the milk and cream components.

I achieved the milkshake portion of the mix through the blend of Sweet Cream, VBIC and Butter Cream. The Dairy Milk at 0.5% adds the slight tartness of a real milkshake, that lends itself nicely to the sweeter dairy components.

I hope you enjoy this recipe like I do :)

This was the first Premiun banana milkshake I had that actually tasted like one. I thought it was amazing at the time. Revisiting it, I decided that the two main flavours were TFA Banana and TFA VBIC, followed by a metric fuck-tonne of sucralose.
Honestly this juice could just be 10% Banana, 4% VBIC and 1% Sucralose. I can't be certain but that would be my guess.
But anyway we can keep the essence of it and tweak/improve it without going overboard with extra flavourings/complications.

TFA Banana is the main note so I used a substantial amount and gave it a little Banana Cream to stop it from being too linear.
TFA VBIC is the main Cream used, smooth and creamy with a vanilla kick. A little TFA Dairy Milk to add to the milkshake and keep it from getting too heavy.
Lastly TFA Cheesecake (GC) just enough to thicken, not enough to turn it to into a malted milk.
And don't forget that Sucralose! Enough to be somewhat sweet, can be dropped a little but it is necessary to capture the essence of the original.

The original reminded me of a McDonalds milkshake, pretty straightforward and linear.
I started this cloning process a couple of months ago, trying to make it too complicated, trying endless combinations and in the end it boiled down to two flavourings really. The extra flavourings just round it out, it is very close to 1-1.
Let me know what you think if you mix it!

sweet fruit loops with nice milk, was trying to clone a flavor and came up with this

Adapted from MikeC's killberry yogurt:


This adaptation was done because I didnt have FA yogurt, and didnt like creamy yogurt, so I stuck with flv greek yogurt. After I had made this recipe several times I started to make some minor improvements, and tinkered with it a little bit. Swapped out cap sweet strawberry with JF and RF(SC), added erythritol, and added HS FVIC to accentuate the tpa VBIC. The flv greek yogurt might seem a little high but trust me, it works, and it doesnt bring any off/sour notes.

I havnt tried the original, but this is my favourite recipe of all time and so I had to post it.

  • If you dont have RF SC strawberry just omit it. If you want it to be strawberry forward, instead of a mixed berry note, then up the RF SC strawberry 1%. One of the amazing things about this recipe though is that all the fruits mix together to make something altogether new, so too much strawberry can make it lose what makes it unique.

  • The original uses cap sweet strawberry (and you can too) but I started out using 3% JF strawberry and it was amazing so I didnt bother trying it with cap.

  • HS FVIC isnt essential, definitely try it without if you dont have it.

Heres the original description:

DIY'r mix. I have been trying for months to clone Kilo Kiberry Yogurt. I have come to the conclusion that some of the flavorings may not be available to consumers. I have tried different manufacturers FA,FW,CAP,FLV,TPA etc, to no avail.

I have come to this recipe, which I believe beats Kilo Kiberry Yogurt, and believe me at 120 tries I gave up on Kilo Kiberry Clone. I did come up with this recipe and let me tell you, I believe it is WAY better than Kilo Kiberry Yogurt. This is a very sweet creamy yogurt that you have come to love with Kilo flavors.

Flavor Profiles:

Yogurt (FA) and Creamy Yogurt (CAP) blend so wonderfully together, many people (including myself) do not like CAP creamy yogurt as a standalone, but with FA Yogurt mixed in, they are Amazing together.

Dairy Milk (TFA) - This really takes away any pungent taste to the yogurts and gives them a creamy milky smooth taste, this is a must for these Yogurts to play nice together.

Bilberry (FA) and Boysenberry (FLV) - These two flavors at low percentage (Bilberry a bit higher) gives such a nice sweet flavor, and with the Sweet Strawberry (CAP) following behind it, the flavors help each other so much, blending all the berry flavors just right.

Cotton Candy Circus (TPA) and Marshmallow (FA) - Cotton Candy Circus standalone tends to have a chemical taste with it, but with the marshmallow really brings out the sweet sugar flavor and removes that chemical after taste. With the berry notes, the flavor gives a sweet but mild tart flavor, and the yogurts blended with it give a candy creamy flavor. This is what Kilo kinda has in it, and this actually taste even better. Trust me!

Kiwi (FA) - The Kiwi just helps to kick the berrys up a notch, as you notice in Kilo Kiberry there is not much Kiwi, I believe it is in their flavor to help kick the tart flavour up a notch.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) and Butter Cream (CAP) -This was the hidden ingredient that helped to give a smooth creamy butter flavor not buttery, but creamy. This really tied a lot of the flavors together and helps to keep things smooth.

EM (TFA) - This is just to mellow the flavors down, do not use more than 1%, this also is important because it keeps the after taste of the PG/VG from being a pasty type flavor in your mixes.

Guys! I worked hard and bought tons of flavors to work out the Kilo Kibery, but I just could not get the exact flavour, but I ended up with this and it by FAR kicks Kilo Kiberry butt. I love this MORE than theirs. I wanted to share since I spent sooo much money on Kilo Kiberry and wanted something I could enjoy as much.

Please Make sure you let this steep a couple weeks. You can shake and vape and it is VERY good, but I promise it doesn't come close to as good as it gets after a week. ENJOY!

Flavor Notes