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(TPA) Dairy/Milk

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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My remix of a popular South African ejuice Blue Milk by TKO.
Its a Bubblegum Milk, almost milkshakey, inbetween flavor.
Which is a clone of a South African drink called Sterri Stumpie. The Bubblegum one.

The Bubblegum is not TPA, its Clyrolinx, a South African concentrate.

Clyrolinx Bubblegum is the secret ingredient here. Unfortunately its an South African concentrate. But im sure they'll ship outside SA.
If u ever had an Wicks Chappie/Bubblegum, that's exactly what Clyrolinx Bubblegum taste like.

Let it steep for 10 days so the bubblegum calms down and the creams kick in

Something was off with my first version so i went back to the drawing board and took my time to redo the hole thing.
I never had a real NY Cheesecake so i can't say anything about the authenticity but i like it the way it is.
The Vanilla Whipped Cream, Vanilla Custard and Marshmallow are helping with the body and mouthfeel, Dairy/Milk helps the dairy/cheese part of the Cheesecake and the Boysenberry helps the Blueberry to pop and be a bit more prominent in the mix.

It does need a 2 weeks steep!
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Moo E liquids Blueberry Milk Remix ......I Love Love Love Blueberries...


This is a remix of Bonzai Vapors Milk Plus
Profile is a Creamy Salted Caramel Drenched in Milk
Check out the video here -> http://bit.ly/2yuBKLL


this is my best version of fruity pebbles and cheesecake/graham crust helps with the flakiness of the fruity pebbles and the creams make up a nice creamy dairy for the milk

an interesting combination of pistachio, peach and pecan that blends perfectly in a mild creamy bread pudding base.

Yet another strawberry milkshake.

This one tastes like the strawberry milkshake you get at mcdonalds.

Be warned, coil killer :)


An iced green tea latte based on that coffee shop one. Needs 10 days before it comes good.

Live mixing on the fly. This recipe was mixed on DMC Live 10/15/17. It's a chocolate milk recipe. It need a week steep but has a nice chocolate caramel flavor. Enjoy


This would be a nice cold drink with sitting around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning with your loved ones

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