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(TPA) Dairy/Milk

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I hope you enjoy my rendition of a classic candy bar, I know there is no coconut flavorings in this recipe but the flavor will be there.

my goal was to make a milk vape that imitates high end coffee creamer, the milk I used was TPA DX Milk ( did not have that option when entering recipe)

Dairy milk & fw vbic make up for the base.
Ooo strawberry & milkshake take it to the soft serve.
Bavarian Cream blends the whole.



This is my recipe for the DIY Mixers Crew milk challenge

Why did I name it Queen Catherine?

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For the January DMC challenge on Milk...Noted did their Flavor talk on Milk this month so i chose a really simple recipe for all you coconut lovers. enjoy

I made this this morning so i didn't allow it to steep prior to show due to some other pressing things this past week , but it is pretty darn good off the shake and i forecast it will be even better after a good week of sitting ....

After considering abit o this recipe and it being mixed by Folkart... I'm am going to follow my initial gut feeling and Folkarts recommendation and delete the FA coco (coconut) he and I both feel it can and will stand on its own without it....

So just lately I've been craving some old school flavours, Looper was one of my favourites, a lot of people say they get Lemon Pledge from fruit circles but I love it.... something twangy in that lemon that sparkles, berry crunch is just a great flavour in this recipe and unmistakable but I also added some FA Breakfast to give the cereal a boost, this mix in my mech squonk and wasp is just a evening of bliss 👌
Ps you can shake it and vape it but the cereals really come together after a few days.

So this is a work in progress but as it is now it is pretty dam good. The Caramel base with Milk is by no means my doing it is from the Remix of "Milk Plus" by the great mixer https://alltheflavors.com/users/ENYAWREKLAW .... I was vaping on it one day and thought man this would be awesome if it was on a sugar cookie but i could not decide if i wanted the cookie with strawberry or apple.. Im sure Apple will be great in conjunction with the caramel so im gonna sub that in on a V2. Im still fairly new to mixing but I am getting this down pretty quick I am struggling with the cream in this so feel free to comment and input your thoughts.

My remix of a popular South African ejuice Blue Milk by TKO.
Its a Bubblegum Milk, almost milkshakey, inbetween flavor.
Which is a clone of a South African drink called Sterri Stumpie. The Bubblegum one.

The Bubblegum is not TPA, its Clyrolinx, a South African concentrate.

Clyrolinx Bubblegum is the secret ingredient here. Unfortunately its an South African concentrate. But im sure they'll ship outside SA.
If u ever had an Wicks Chappie/Bubblegum, that's exactly what Clyrolinx Bubblegum taste like.

Let it steep for 10 days so the bubblegum calms down and the creams kick in

Something was off with my first version so i went back to the drawing board and took my time to redo the hole thing.
I never had a real NY Cheesecake so i can't say anything about the authenticity but i like it the way it is.
The Vanilla Whipped Cream, Vanilla Custard and Marshmallow are helping with the body and mouthfeel, Dairy/Milk helps the dairy/cheese part of the Cheesecake and the Boysenberry helps the Blueberry to pop and be a bit more prominent in the mix.

It does need a 2 weeks steep!
If you like it, please leave a rating.

Moo E liquids Blueberry Milk Remix ......I Love Love Love Blueberries...

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