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(TPA) Dairy/Milk

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Another Chocolate Milk looking to expand my ADV juices , getting tired of my others time to swap it up alittle

The Ingredients:
Inw Chocolate Cream -The Base of the profile creamy choclate goodness ...MMmmmMmm
TPA Dairy/Milk - The milk of course
OOO Creamy Milky undertones- to add some edge to the milk and round off the Dairy notes
TPA Malted Milk Conc - add some graininess to the milk

the FM cinnamon is actually VapeWild Cinnamon but AlltheFlavors doesn't give you the ability to label your own so I had to randomly pick one...it pulls out the cinnamon a little in the recipe...this isn't spot on but it's pretty great..I will keep working on it but I went through 10 ml very quick..I know most people on here don't use vapewild so try to replace the cinnamon if you don't have it..

Was watching VICE's "F*CK, THAT'S DELICIOUS" with Action Bronson. They were touring the borough of Queens, NEW YAWK and picked up these awesome Colombian snacks that looked amazing.

It's a crunchy waffle wafer layered with Dulce De Leche in between. There's probably better choice for the waffle cone out there but I'm limited to what I got. Still experimenting with this so subject to change in the future! If you mix it up, leave a comment and let's brainstorm!

INW Biscuit and TFA Graham Cracker Clear are going to be the crunchy, primarily for the texture and dryer mouthfeel + FW Waffle for some waffle flavor. Keeping it low so it's just barely noticeable and doesn't give too much maple flavor some folks get at higher percentages.

JF Dulce De Leche because it's fucking amazing, TFA Dairy Milk + FA Fresh Cream to soften it because I don't want a syrup, more of a creamy spread. Plus they help to smooth out the recipe in general so you're not vaping on straight dry biscuit with dulce de leche on the side.

Thick creamy bananas blended in a decadent rich milky smoothie.

Scrumptious chocolate​ cookies​ and​ graham​ wafer baked to​ perfection.

This​ is​ a​ remix of​ the​ royal​ cookies​ By​ Black​

Pearl.​ I've tried to​ hit the​ flavor profile for​ month​ and​ it's​ very​ close​ to​ the​ original now.​

Imagine taking a deliciously moist piece of lemon cake topped with meringue and dipping it in a glass of milk before each bite. That's what you get with Pounded In Milk.

This is a bowl of frosted flakes cereal doused in milk. The super sweet bumps the sugary note while the meringue and vienna cream layers and accentuates the milk. It is descent SNV but really pops after 3-5 days steep. After a week it will fully mature.

Caramel Candy Milk
(Biscuit/Caramel Candy/Cream/Dairy-Milk/Milk & Honey/Sweetener)

Let it steep for a week. At least a week to knock your sox off! The longer it steeps the tastier it becomes. Follow the recipe to replicate, different vendor ingredients will probably score different taste juice.

Feel free to crank up caramel candy in case you have a hole in your sox. I found it working just right for me at 3%.


i've been trying to create the perfect vanilla pudding and i've gone through a ton of different flavours and combinations.Nothing worked so far.Every pudding flavour or vanilla cream combination was missing something or brought notes to the recipe which would take away from the profile.
Then it hit me,the solution to all my problems.The revelation..CAP Fucking Sugar cookie!
The combination with TPA VBIC gives me the pudding flavour i've been looking for.It sits under the VBIC and gives it some thickness and some distinct sweetness.It also lends some texture to the pudding,which sells it even more.JF Bavarian Cream is just there to close the gap in between those two flavours.TPA Diary/Milk obviously adds some more of a dairy note .
You can add some sweetener if you like but i like it just how it is.
Enjoy and let me know what you think


This Vanilla Chai Latte needs no introduction...

Chai Tea (Cap): The go-to for the main profile. Does it pretty well without having any kind of off notes. Does need some help becoming a latte of course.

Dairy Milk (TFA): the milk, in the latte.

Graham Cracker v2 (Cap): used to give the profile more of a sweet brown sugar effect. Can not sub for v1, as v1 has much more body to it.

Super Sweet (Cap): optional, but preferred in this recipe.

Toasted Marshmallow (TFA): this is what makes the mix in my opinion, this is used to add some froth to the latte. Does a great job at that in this recipe, it’s delicious.

Vanilla Custard v1 (Cap): this is simply used for its body in this recipe. At 3% it adds some vanilla to the latte without taking over and turning it into a custard.

Needs at least 3 days to steep for the flavors to settle down.

This recipe has been an easy ADV for me. Let me know what you all think!

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